50 Reasons to Boycott the Catholic Church

    By Adam Lee | 26 November 2012

    Last month in Ireland, Savita Halappanavar died, and she shouldn’t have. Savita was a 31-year-old married woman, four months pregnant, who went to the hospital with a miscarriage in progress that developed into a blood infection. She could easily have been saved if the already doomed fetus was aborted. Instead, her doctors did nothing, explaining that “this is a Catholic country,” and left her to suffer in agony for days, only intervening once it was too late.

    Savita’s death is just the latest in a long line of tragedies directly attributable to the doctrines and beliefs of the Roman Catholic church. I acknowledge that there are many good, progressive Catholics, but the problem is that the church isn’t a democracy, and those progressives have no voice or vote in its governance. The church is a petrified oligarchy, a dictatorship like the medieval monarchies it once existed alongside, and it’s run by a small circle of conservative, rigidly ideological old men who make all the decisions and choose their own successors.

    This means that, whatever individual Catholics may do, the resources of the church as an institution are bent toward opposing social progress and positive change all over the world. Every dollar you put into the church collection plate, every Sunday service you attend, every hour of time and effort you put into volunteering or working for church organizations, is inevitably a show of support for the institutional church and its abhorrent mission. When you have no voice, there’s only one thing left to do: boycott. Stop supporting the church with your money and your time. For lifelong Catholics, it’s a drastic step, but it’s more than justified by the wealth of reasons showing that the church as an institution is beyond reform, and the only meaningful response is to part ways with it. Here are just a few of those reasons:

    1. Throughout the world, Catholic bishops have engaged in a systematic, organized effort going back decades to cover up for priests who molest children, pressuring the victims to sign confidentiality agreements and quietly assigning the predators to new parishes where they could go on molesting. Tens of thousands of children have been raped and tortured as a result of this conspiracy of silence.

    2. Strike one: “What did the pope know and when did he know it?” The current pope, when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was personally implicated in a case from the 1970s in which at least three sets of parents reported that a priest in his diocese had sexually abused their children. In response, Ratzinger assigned the priest to therapy, without notifying law enforcement, and washed his hands of the matter. That priest was back on duty in just a few short days and went on to molest more children.

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    1. This unholy church should be shut down (with a lot of others) and it's leaders arrested for perverting the course of justice and interfering with police investigations, just to start with.

    2. Catholicism has always been been like islam, its a relic of the middle ages, run by religious maniacs, but the members are terrified of all the crap that is thrown at them from the pulpit. If hell exists, then most religious of their leaders will surely burn there and Amen to that.

      • Yeah. religion is a social construction. In other words it evolves from the terrain,food and climate of a country. Islamic women probably wear the veil to protect them from sand storms – I believe men cover their faces in the desert too. Pork is taboo in very hot countries because it will make you ill. This has woven itself into religion, mostly to the detriment of women.

        The world is ruled by men and religion is more powerful than any social construction on the planet. It ratifies our sense of being more than sophisticated monkeys because we cannot handle the alternative. We create art, write poetry, spit the atom – we cannot possibly just be mammals.

        Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and all the rest evolved through territorial necessity
        and a need in man to believe that he is close to a God.

        It;s time this war mongering, repressive, sanctified form of hatred was stamped out.

        I live in a multi cultural society. That means a place where imams and catholic priests (all men) can say things that are contrary to any modern intelligence. And we cannot criticise or touch them.

        Unbelievable in this modern world! These "men" will set us back decades but if I dare challenge them in their ivory towers then I am deemed the backward one.


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