Cardinal Burke: Gay couples shouldn’t be invited to family gatherings if children are present

By leftprogressive | 11 October 2014
Daily Kos

‘That particular form of relationship should not be imposed upon family members, and especially upon impressionable children,’ said Cardinal Burke.

If you had any hope that the Catholic Church’s “Synod on the Family” would do any good, this will probably dash it.

Cardinal Raymond Burke was giving an interview to the religious right extremist site Life Site News, when he was asked about an Australian couple who has asked the Synod how to respond to their gay son bringing his partner to a Christmas dinner. Burke replied:

This is a very delicate question, and it’s made even more delicate by the aggressiveness of the homosexual agenda. But one has to approach this in a very calm, serene, reasonable and faith-filled manner. If homosexual relations are intrinsically disordered, which indeed they are — reason teaches us that and also our faith — then, what would it mean to grandchildren to have present at a family gathering a family member who is living [in] a disordered relationship with another person? We wouldn’t, if it were another kind of relationship — something that was profoundly disordered and harmful — we wouldn’t expose our children to that relationship, to the direct experience of it. And neither should we do it in the context of a family member who not only suffers from same-sex attraction, but who has chosen to live out that attraction, to act upon it, committing acts which are always and everywhere wrong, evil.

And so, families have to find a way to stay close to a child in this situation — to a son or grandson, or whatever it may be — in order to try to draw the person away from a relationship which is disordered.

And we know that with time, these relationships leave the person profoundly unhappy. And so it’s important to stay [as] close as one can. But, that particular form of relationship should not be imposed upon family members, and especially upon impressionable children. And I urge parents or grandparents — whoever it may be — to be very, very prudent in this matter and not to scandalize their children or grandchildren.

There’s so much in our society today which is giving the message that any form of sexual relationship, if it somehow pleases you — or you’re attracted to it — is alright, is correct. And we don’t want our children to get that impression, by seeming to condone gravely sinful acts on the part of a family member.

It certainly is a source of great suffering, but striving to do what is right and good always involves suffering. And in this case, it surely will. But that suffering will indeed be redemptive in the end.

Now with regard to parishes, the situation is very similar because the parish is — I believe it was Saint John Paul II who once said — a ‘family of families.’ And so, if you have a parish member who is living in public sin in a homosexual relationship, well, the priest should try to stay close to that individual — or to both the individuals if they’re Catholic — and try to help them to leave the sinful relationship and to begin to lead a chaste life. The pastor [should] encourage them also to pray and to participate in Sunday Mass and other appropriate ways of trying to overcome grave sin in their lives.

Those people [who] are living in that way certainly cannot have any leadership role in the parish, because it would give the impression to parishioners that the way they are living is perfectly alright. Because, [when] we lead in a parish, in a certain way, we are giving witness to a coherent Catholic life. And people who are not coherent with their Catholic faith aren’t given leadership roles. They are not asked, for instance, to be a lector at the Holy Mass — or [to] assume some other leadership position — until they have rectified their situation and gone through a conversion of life and then are ready to give such leadership.

On the one hand, it certainly gives scandal to parishioners with regard to a very essential part of our life, our sexuality, [and] what it means. On the other hand, it’s not good for the two people involved in the disordered relationship because it also gives them the idea that the Church somehow approves of what they’re doing.

Hey, Cardinal Burke, listen here: The only “intrinsic disorder” here is your hatred and bigotry that belongs in the Dark Ages. The only thing that LGBT people suffer from is the efforts of people like you to condemn their lives at every turn, and to fight with every ounce of your strength their dignity, equality and civil rights. The only thing that makes them “profoundly unhappy” are your constant messages of hostility, animosity and condemnation for nothing else than who they are and who they love. Something that actually scandalizes children is the rape and sexual abuse of them, which has been perpetrated, defended and covered up by your church for decades.

Homosexuality is not a mental disorder. The beliefs that the Catholic Church holds about it is. The cure for this disorder is to challenge them, shun them, shame them, ridicule them, mock them, condemn them, and make anyone who is considering holding them too embarrassed to do so. And I’m tired of having the meaning of tolerance dictated to me by the right. Tolerance means that I don’t ban you from saying what you just said. That’s it. I do not owe your sick beliefs one iota of respect. In my mind, they should be shoved to the absolute fringe of society, away from where any half-decent person can give them any consideration at all. They should have no place in mainstream society, in the same category as racism, misogyny and religious prejudice, and they deserve nothing but profound disrespect.

It’s the only way you’ll learn.

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  1. There is no Catholic member whom accepts or believes that the sexual misconduct done by priests is right in any way. What the priests have done is wrong in every respect, they sinned. What they did does not align with the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church condemns such actions that these priests did to these precious children. The church is ensuring that they will face just punishment for their false actions. These priests did not fulfill their role as priests. However, just because they did not live according to the teaching of the Catholic Church, does not mean that the Catholic Church herself believes their behaviour is acceptable, absolutely not. Besides this post is about homosexual relationships, being publicly lived out. As a Catholic, I accept homosexual people and love them, as does Cardinal Burke, but I do not accept their actions or agree with them. A male and female compliment each other, legitimately. The male reproductive parts fit perfectly in the female’s and this is beautiful! Maybe there was a reason for this? To not know ones identity is very confusing, especially for our youth, whom are trying to figure out who they are. If they do not have parents or guardians directing or confirming them on a path to help them discover who they really are they are left in mass confusion, hence why LGBT has now added a numerous amount of other “identities” to claim oneself as, that is just confusing. There is something beautiful when you see a man live out his true masculinity (strong, adventurous, protective, gentle, etc.) or a woman living out her ful femininity (nurturing, strengthening hope, bringing new life, etc). So in short, Catholics love people who are gay, but do not love gay actions lived out. An analogy could be like an alcoholic, we love the person, but not the action.

  2. The Catholic Church does not accept the misconduct and sexual abuse that some priests did. What these priests did was absolutely wrong and is not aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The priests who did such acts will be justly punished. Because the priests did not fulfill there role as priests does not mean that the Catholic Church is in agreement with such actions, rather the Catholic Church is completely opposed. *(as a side note and not to minimize the horrible act these priests did, every other religion in the world has had problems with clergy sexual abuse, especially protestants). Besides this post is about homosexuality being lived out. As a Catholic we love and accept every gay person, including Cardinal Burke, however we do not accept gay relationships lived out. In short we love the person but not the action. When the identity of a person, the very core of ones being, is not confirmed, it becomes very confusing to that person and they search for who they are. LGBT has now turned into numerous other letters and “identities ” it is simply confusing. Especially to our youth who are in the period of their lives trying to figure out who they are. If no one is there to confirm or direct them, it is hard to discover in a culture that says you can identify how ever you want. There is something so beautiful in a man and a woman (just think of someone who lives out his true manhood or her true womanhood). And man and woman compliment each other, literally. The male reproductive parts fit perfectly with in the female’s, so beautiful! Maybe there was a reason?

    • Then why, Madelyn, does the Catholic church deny the guilt of men like George Pell? Why does it deny the guilt of hundreds of other paedophile priests who have been convicted in secular courts? Instead of sending paedophile priests to the police, why does the Catholic church move them from parish to parish, state to state, country to country to avoid having them arrested and investigated? Until the church turns over all of those priests accused told being paedophiles to secular authorities for proper investigation, then it is complicit with, and does not condemn, paedophile priests. Your hypocrisy in this matter is more than evident.

  3. Cardinal Burke is correct and the commentot obviously approves of the gay lifestyle. I noted that Cardinal Burke spoke in a kind and compassionate manner, whereas the commentor was rude and ugly.

  4. I know the Catholic Church is all about Mary , but is that what Jesus would do? Did He not say to love the sinner not the sin? Did he not tell the prostatute to “Go and sin no more. “??by rejecting the sinner how can you teach them a better way? No wonder so many are leaving churches in droves.

  5. I was raised Catholic and knew of it’s darkness by the time I was 6. It is filled with perverse lies, secrets, condemnations, and hatred. I was a terrified child being sexually and physically abused. My mother helped cover it up because it would have been “disrespectful” to a man to say what was really going on. I STILL can’t sleep without my feet wrapped up out of fear of the devil that religion instills in children. I am not gay, but from knowing both types of people I can say LOVE IS BETTER THAN HATE. I’m pretty sure most people’s Gods would agree, wasn’t learning love the point?

  6. Burke’s disgraceful and graceless comments about not inviting gay couples to a family gathering called to mind a situation from the 1950s when my aunt asked advice from her parish priest if she should invite her recently divorced brother to her house. He told her NO and she never welcomed him again at a family gathering.
    Time has shown how cruel that advice was and time, much too much unfortunately, will show how cruel, unchristian and distructive Cardinal Burke’s attitude is.

  7. Wait a minute, an organization that is notorious for molesting children is suddenly concerned about children.

  8. When you try to decide who’s meant to be together based purely on their genitalia: that’s a disorder. How many abusive, dysfunctional, toxic, gender-compliant relationships are allowed to come to this dinner table at the expense of unconditionally loving samesex relationships? What a horrendously cruel and selective God this noxious catholic construct is.

  9. My Grandma was going to be a nun but raped by a priest she became pregnant and told to get out. But she stayed in the catholic church and my dad and uncle were raped by a priest. So you telling people not to let gays into homes with children. I am gay and also a pastor I know what the bible says. Says judge not and you shall be judged. Also it says love one another.

  10. They really prefer kids to be molested or raped by them. They very well know gay men never touch kids, they only want to set the attention on anyone else to take it away from them. And now they cowardly say it is the kids who ask to be touched or raped or whatever, since they are mature enough to decide if they want not consensual sex.
    If there is a hell it is a place desntined for many priests and I wish the all burn for eternity!!!

  11. Love know no creed, no race, no religion, no ethnicity or ethnic heritage, and no gender. So I say to each his own and who is anyone to judge anyone else.

  12. Advising families to keep other family members away from their children for no other reason than who they’ve chosen to build a life with is neither kind nor compassionate. It’s nasty, ugly, and hateful; no matter what “nice” words you say it in.

  13. And i guess having priests around children IS safe?
    The church has covered up hundreds of cases of child sex abuse and yet Gay people are the ones who are judged and accused first!!! It’s no wonder there are so many hate crimes and wars started all because some sodomite in religious robes does one thing and says something else!!


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