Joni Ernst: Repeal Obamacare And Cut Food Stamps And Force People To Rely On The Church For Help

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 18 October 2014
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Republican candidate Joni Ernst.
Republican candidate Joni Ernst.

The Iowa Senate race is one of the closest in the nation so it stands to reason that insulting and attacking a large portion of the population would be a stupid move. But that’s what Republican candidate Joni Ernst has been doing.

During a Q&A session with reporters, Ernst called for repealing Obamacare, abolishing the Department of Education, and slashing food stamps at the Des Moines Conservative Breakfast Club in 2013. Her solution to healthcare and not starving if she succeeds in doing so? Forcing people to rely on the church for help.

We have to take a good, hard look at entitlement programs. We’re looking at Obamacare right now. Once we start with those benefits in January, how are we going to get people off of those? It’s exponentially harder to remove people once they’ve already been on those programs. We have lost a reliance on not only our own families, but so much of what our churches and private organizations used to do. They used to have wonderful food pantries. They used to provide clothing for those that really needed it, but we have gotten away from that. Now we’re at a point where the government will just give away anything. We have to stop that.

You can listen to the audio via Iowa Public Radio by clicking here.

In addition, Ernst claimed that a “whole generation of people rely on the government to provide absolutely everything for them,” which mirrors Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” claim from 2012. “It’s going to take a lot of education to get people out of that. It’s going to be very painful and we know that,” Ernst added.

As you’ll recall, this frivolous claim largely cost Romney the election that year, and it should cost Ernst her own election this year. Sure, families could seek charity, but private organizations and churches are not hospitals and as most of us know, healthcare is costly. That why we have health insurance, which is now more accessible thanks to Obamacare. Telling the poor to seek medical help from a church is inadequate and cruel. Most churches and private charities just do not have the resources to care for so many. People would end up being turned away.

Also, people don’t use food stamps because they want to, they use them because they have no other choice. Again, charities and churches are not equipped to deal with the number of people in this country who are hungry. But the government is. Furthermore, if Ernst really wants to reduce the number of people who seek government aid, the best solution would be to raise the minimum wage in order to lift millions of Americans out of poverty, but Ernst opposes that idea, even though it would mean people could actually afford to purchase their own healthcare and buy their own food without government assistance.

The fact is, Joni Ernst is heartless like her fellow conservatives. They are obsessed with taking healthcare, food, and education away from people, which will only cause more problems rather than solving them. It’s a backwards path that is bad for Americans and for Iowans.

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  1. I was kidnapped by a church when I was 15. They came to the mall where I was hanging out, barged in on my conversation uninvited, and told me I should come to a 'concert.' It being 1985, I couldn't double-check his bull-shit with the Internet.

    When I arrived at the 'concert' there was no music. I was pulled into the churchyard and behind a rather high fence, surrounded by five or six screaming assholes. For the next 45 minutes (?) I don't remember how long, I was trapped as they circled around me and howled at me like stupid baboons that I was going to die and go to hell. They were incensed by my T-Shirt which stated "He Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins" They were eager to tell me I was gonna die.

    My doctor trapped me in his office a year later. He bitched at me that Jesus didn't have long hair blah blah blah I told him, I don't believe in that guy. He flew off the handle, I said I was an agnostic. He said I would be forced to choose a religion.

    The next thing I ever said to anyone was that I was an atheist. I stopped giving assholes the opportunity to talk to me about religion.

    Five years ago my ex-wife, in a rage of perfect arrogance tried to murder me as I began my gender transition. ALL I know about religion is that it's trying to abuse and murder me. The only thing I see coming from inside a church is abuse, and murder.

    Ban this terrorist religion. It's killing our planet.

    • Amen! At the Very Least it’s Child Abuse. Religion is responsible for more evil in the world than all the Dictators that ever existed. It has murdered more people than all the wars ever fought, and has ruined more lives than every Holocaust.

  2. This would essentially be forcing Dogma down the throats of the impoverished!
    We CAN NOT, We MUST NOT Allow this kind of IGNORANCE to Perpetuate, Propagate and INDOCTRINATE…
    (Especially the Nations Children)

    With words like ‘theocracy’ and ‘dumbing-down’ and ‘anti-intellectualism’ running amok daily

    With 100’s of millions of Evangelical dollars being used to garner power and influence policy and politics like puppets on a string. When our nations educational foundation and our children are viewed as Control Mechanisms!

    With the current state of this country representing less than 30% of the registered voting public.

    Curb your Dogma!
    Park your Karma!
    And Set Your Ego Aside…
    Declare War on Ignorance NOW and STOP embracing
    charlatanistic dogmatic fallacies.

    There must be a wake-up call to the rational intelligent people of this nation. There must be a ‘war’ on ignorance, for lack of a better word. And don’t kid yourself, it is a ‘war’.
    Embrace what made us the great nation that we are; leading the world in science, technology and innovation.
    We ARE ALREADY GREAT… now let us lead with our minds, inspire greatness in everyone and from everyone and share true deep compassion from our hearts.

    Please Do Not NORMALIZE the indecent, the disrespectful, the HATE.
    SERIOUSLY “I love the poorly educated” was REAL but you don’t have to Prove him Right because of your bruised EGO!

  3. Repealing Obamacare takes away 26 year olds on parents plans,takes away prexisting condition protection….and other various care for terminally ill.
    Joni how many million do u need to be comfortable.
    Our military is on foodstamps because of low wages.
    Noone should have to return to the days of no food for the poor. Thats just wrong.

  4. Uh, in case you haven’t ever been told or took a Civics class, there is this little thing of Separation of Church and State, ms Ernest. Also, as soon as you lock step with your fellow repubs and vote out the ACA, how do you intend to replace the plan?

  5. “#This woman want to save the government benevolent
    funds {organized to do good things for other people) so she will have a big pay check for herself and other rich people of her kind!”

  6. She needs to be recorded so she can hear just how stupid those ideas are, you think a mother of 3 wants to go to the churches food pantry for groceries that’s just a ridiculous stupid suggestion. She’s an idiot and knows nothing of what she speaks

  7. That’s all they’re capable of getting when they aren’t college educated, not everyone is able to go to college and get that 6 figure income, if we were all making that kind of money there wouldn’t be anyone doing the minimum wage jobs and it’s those minimum wage jobs that keep this country moving and there’s a lot more minimum wage earners than you apparently realize, and someone needs to do the grunt work all of us can’t be chief. I can’t believe you actually made a statement like that, you know nothing of what is and has been going on in our country at all. It’s been happening for 50 if not more years!!!

  8. But the Evangelical churches that I know have said that they do not want to ‘get involved’ with local poor, especially non members.

    Matthew 25:37-40 ESV

    Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

  9. Surely you’re joking.why do you hate the poor? All you repubs are heartless and care only for wealth
    I hope karma visits you soon.

  10. Cold war with North Korea and Russia and a hot war with Iran Iraq.. and she is worried about some poor single mother, being provided free milk by the government so she doesn’t have to steal it…
    Senator , instead of taking away food from struggling proud Americans… How about paying for your own goddamn healthcare… With a 0 deductible. . The salary of a first-year senator is well over $200,000… I think you can afford it….

  11. So a church should provide medical care? I didn’t realize parishioners were doctors. You defile my birth state and the birth state of my entire family . You are an empty barrel along with the other hateful asshole that Iowa has to put up with. I’m sick of people like you and your cronies deciding that people don’t deserve healthcare, food, a living wage, and a decent place to live, while you receive gold star healthcare, a pretty substancial paycheck all on the backs of your constituents. You are a DEPLORABLE at the highest level. You are a stain on Iowa.

  12. This lady is out of her damn mind . Churches beg the people who go there for money. How many times do they pass the collection plate during service? How in the world can they possibly feed and provide healthcare?
    This is a stupid and unrealistic idea. Would churches even want that responsibility?

  13. Whoever Oppresses the Poor to Increase his Own Wealth, or Gives To the Rich, Will Only Come to Poverty.



  14. Wow. You are an idiot of epic proportions. Most traditional churches (not the for-profit centers that make you tithe) can barely pay for their lights and electricity. OPEN YOUR EYES.


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