An Arizona Professor Is Being Mobbed By Christian Conservatives For Daring To Show This Slide In Class

By Kerry-Anne | 22 December 2014
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(Image via Christian News)

A biology teacher who describes himself as “an open-minded skeptic” opened a discussion on evolution versus creationism with an image which has sent local Christian Conservatives into a vexatious rage.

Arizona State University lecturer Christofer Bang teaches biology and ecology courses, specializing in evolution and plant biology.  During a recent class, he provoked the ire of pro-creation students and local community members be presenting this slide as an opening gambit in a debate the relative merits of evolution and creationism.

According to reports, Bang began his lecture by showing a slide titled “Evolution vs. Creationism.” The slide featured two cartoons—one depicting Charles Darwin with the words “genetics,” “adaption,” and “natural selection,” along with images of an ape-like creature gradually evolving into a man. The other, a cartoon Jesus creating a man, with the words “zap!” and “magic!”

It just so happens that a creationist in his class took issue, snapped a photo of the slide with his camera phone and speedily dispatched it to creationist noise-makers Campus Reform.

“Quite a few students in the lecture hall were bothered by the picture, and it didn’t contribute to the lecture besides adding spite,” the student said.

Sandy Leander, manager of media relations for ASU’s School of Life Sciences, told Campus Reform that the slide was intended to stimulate discussion about evolution and creation:

“The image you are referring to is on the title page of a [PowerPoint] and sets the stage for a discussion about the extremes of the public discourse on evolution/creationism,” she stated.

Bang is a perfect poster boy for ‘liberal scum’ from the point of view of pitch fork brigades like Campus Reform, because he has a zero tolerance policy for fairy tales.

Christian News Net decided to scour his twitter feed and claimed that because it “features Tweets mocking pro-life groups, Fox News, and various conservative political figures”, then he could not possibly be an open-minded, skeptical thinker.

And well, this entry from his personal blog, where Bang says he tries to cultivate “sound skepticism” in his students – that made them all pretty mad too:

“In my teaching, I try to engage students using examples from familiar surroundings to increase their awareness of nature,” he states. “We are constantly exposed to examples of bad science in media, so by exposing flaws in ‘sciency’ products I try to teach my students sound skepticism and critical thinking.”

Sound skepticism and critical thinking? How very dare he?!

Conservatives at Arizona State University also expressed their displeasure with the professor on Facebook.

“Liberal scum certainly exists on this campus! While I personally support the drawing on the left, I think it’s wrong and unethical for professors to shame those who believe differently,” one person wrote on the Facebook page for College Republicans at ASU.

Another chimed in with this, claiming the Founding Fathers were creationists:

“Never mind the fact that our founding fathers were highly religious and God-fearing. Ignore the fact that all the delegates at the Philadelphia convention believed in creationism, and that the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence describes the unalienable rights endowed to men by their Creator… Instead of ridiculing the absurdity of Christianity, perhaps Professor Bang should learn a little more about the U.S. Constitution, read the Federalist papers, or take a religion class. At the very least he could cite a verse from Genesis in his next presentation.”

Firstly, why so churlish Christians? Last time I checked, albeit sometime ago, miracles a.k.a ‘magic’ featured pretty heavily in the Bible. Water into wine, the resurrection, and so on.  It doesn’t seem out of order for someone to point this out when comparing it to a competing view of the origins of life on earth.

Secondly, on the matter of “offense.”  The very worst case scenario here is the professor is saying: if you pick religion over science, you’re a bit silly.  But what do Christian Conservatives say of those who pick science over religion?  They say that you will burn, eternally, in hell.  If you use birth control, require an abortion, want a relationship with a member of your own gender or transform your gender identity, if you wish to leave your marriage…for any of this, the Conservative Christians bemoaning a cartoon would sanction your permanent, fiery torture at the hands of Satan.

Sounds like these students would do better to pay attention in Professor Bang’s class, because they could benefit from a major dose of that critical thinking.

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  1. I hope his nick name is Big…. Professor Christofer "Big" Bang….

    The US is in trouble if that nonsense doesn't stop soon. Bronze Age people with cell phones, that's what they are.

  2. Here the issue is honest discussion of the issues versus denigration. I'm all for a discussion of the issues. Why all the emotion? If we want an honest discussion of the issues, you don't need to put down the opposing argument.

  3. Obviously this instructor is a wise-ass with a limited understanding of the subjects discussed. I'm not sure whose ire he really wanted to gain, but if his class was biology, he should probably keep to that subject and avoid delving into subject matter outside the purview of his curiculum. I very seriously doubt that whoever mounted the visuals bothered licensing any of the intellectual property for the presentation-a presentation for which the students were paying Bang. This is plagiarist behavior.

    • Professor Bang has a Ph.D. in biology. The origin of species is about biology. He made no theological claims. He was well within his purview to discuss any other group's overstepping its boundary by attempting to make scientific and biological claims, religion not excepted. The Catholic Church has managed to identify this boundary to the satisfaction of both its clergy and the science community. I don't understand why this continues to be an issue for so many Protestants.

      Evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould called this coexisting of domains "non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA)". He went on to say that science and religion each have "a legitimate magisterium, or domain of teaching authority".

      FYI – U.S. intellectual property law allows for free academic use of copyrighted material, permission or release not required.

  4. YOU'RE ALL BEING INDOCTRINATED: The Catholics are most likely the ones to make a big fuss, Not the True Christians who study Science, Physics, and read the bible, Who will clearly see that this man should not be so quickly deemed disdained in the educational community.
    For all we see is a division and debate among true scholars, Scientists and even Professors who stand behind both debates, Should clearly tell you we are not discussing Science here, We are discussing a religion on both hands, Only one is forbidden to be taught or mentioned unless its Muslim, But you can ONLY teach propaganda such as Darwins THEORY of Evolution, Not what the True Followers of Gods Word and what YAH had to say about it.

    So with that being said I highly recommend you watch the Movies below. One is a Detailed Documentary of Ben Stein Discussing this very topic, going from college to college, to even the Smithsonian to find, Creationism is being Suppressed in many ways, on purpose. To Keep kids dumb, Bored and Ill informed and they will be Docile little Obedient Wiling Slaves,
    Expelled Full Movie

    That believe in No God no purpose no meaning just empty bags skin and bone walking around for no real reason, Here for no reason, Just Order Out Of Chaos is their selling point here.
    Well this Science Professor who is now sitting in prison because he was traveling the world teaching schools this, Kent Hovind he will break it all down for you, and even if you dont believe him, Just know, Your still learning a religion either way, only our Tax Dollars are paying for the Lie to be taught, not the truth
    Evolution Is Stupid

    • Expelled…."The general media response to the film has been largely unfavorable. Multiple reviews, including those of USA Today and Scientific American, have described the film as propaganda.[7][13][14] The Chicago Tribune's rating was "1 star (poor)",[15] while The New York Times described it as "a conspiracy-theory rant masquerading as investigative inquiry" and "an unprincipled propaganda piece that insults believers and nonbelievers alike."[7] It received an 8% meta-score from Rotten Tomatoes (later improved to 11% overall) where the film was summarized thus: "Full of patronizing, poorly structured arguments, Expelled is a cynical political stunt in the guise of a documentary." The American Association for the Advancement of Science describes the film as dishonest and divisive propaganda, aimed at introducing religious ideas into public school science classrooms." Wikipedia "Expelled" covers most of the dishonesty going on in Expelled. I know next you are going to attack wikipedia. The information on wiki is also on science and other sites.

      "Kent Hoven"…wiki…He is a controversial figure in the Young Earth creationist movement and his ministry focuses on attempting to convince listeners to deny scientific theories including evolution, geophysics, and cosmology in favor of a literalist interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative found in the Bible. Hovind's views, which combine elements of creation science and conspiracy theory, are dismissed by the scientific community as fringe theory and pseudo-scholarship. Moreover, he has been criticized by Young Earth Creationist organizations like Answers in Genesis for his continued use of discredited arguments that have been abandoned by others in the movement. So someone that other christians dismiss.


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