UK doctor killed himself after his Muslim mother told him to seek a cure for being gay

    By Matt Watts | 5 December 2014
    London Evening Standard

    Came out as gay: Harley Street doctor Nazim Mahmood killed himself when told to ‘seek a cure’

    A Harley Street doctor killed himself by jumping naked from his luxury penthouse apartment after his Muslim mother asked him to seek “a cure” for being gay, an inquest heard.

    Dr Nazim Mahmood, fell four storeys to his death from the balcony of his £700,000 flat in a West Hampstead mansion block on July 30.

    An inquest at St Pancras Coroners’ Court heard Dr Mahmood had told his mother he was gay and was in a 13-year relationship with his fiancée Matthew Ogston just days before his death.

    The court heard Dr Mahmood had kept his sexuality secret from his Muslim family in Birmingham fearing they would refuse to accept it on religious and cultural grounds.

    But having returned to the family home to celebrate Eid, the 34-year-old revealed his sexuality after his mother asked him if he was gay, the court heard.

    Mr Ogston, who lived at the penthouse flat with Dr Mahmood, told the inquest yesterday: “She had suggested to him he needed to see a psychiatrist to see if he could be cured. Together I think they agreed they would get through it.

    “Telling someone they needed to be cured would not be the easiest thing to take.”

    The court heard Dr Mahmood, who had never suffered from depression or any other mental illness, had taken drugs mephedrone and ketamine shortly before his death.

    Dr Mahmood was a GP who also ran Face Clinic London – a chain of medical clinics providing wrinkle treatments such as Botox and chemical peels.

    Mr Ogston wept in court as he told of his love for Dr Mahmood, describing him as his “soulmate”, and insisted his fiancé had given no indication of any intention to kill himself.

    Mr Ogston added: “He always wanted to help other people, always put other people first and wanted to care for people. He was quite simply the most amazing man I’ll ever meet in my whole life.”

    Coroner Mary Hassell ruled that Dr Mahmood took his own life.

    She said: “It seems incredible that a young man with so much going for him could have taken his own life. But what I’ve heard is that he had one great sadness which was the difficulty his family had in accepting his sexuality.

    “It seems desperately sad that in 2014 a person should feel that they can’t be accepted because of the way that they live and I can only feel the deepest sympathy for Nazim that he felt so sad and desperate about this that he took his life.”

    Dr Mahmood graduated from the University of Birmingham medical school in 2003 and moved to London a year later.

    He worked in a number of teaching Hospitals in different specialities including, accident and emergency, HIV medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatrics, before completing his specialist training as a GP.

    In 2009 he founded Face Clinic London with a colleague, Dr Anita Kapoor, with clinics in Soho, West Hampstead and Harley Street.

    Dr Mahmood fell from the penthouse in Fawley Street, just off busy shopping street West End Lane, at about 5.35pm in front of traumatised children and shoppers.

    He was left lying on the pavement for almost four hours covered only by a thin red blanket.

    Scotland Yard later apologised for there not being a tent available to cover his body.

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    1. a very sad story… and what a monstrous mother that sends her son into death! She should be arrested and trailed for causing this killing…

    2. Is it some wonder that religion is killing love and life !! It’s 2014 plz don’t be another Nazim, gay means happy/ness ,so be one be gay if u want to , be honest and brave it’s your only life !!


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