Catholic Church Thinks It Shouldn’t Have To Pay Fines For Abuse Because Of Religious Freedom

By Wendy Gittleson | 11 March 2015
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Cardinal Timothy Dolan allegedly transferred church funds into a separate trust in order to protect them from clergy abuse lawsuits. (Image: AP Photo / Seth Wenig)

For everyone who warned that the Hobby Lobby case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that a retail store can have a religious exemption when it comes to covering birth control, would become a slippery slope – we’re sliding right to the bottom.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee is claiming a similar defense in its sex abuse cases, but only after they tried hiding the money from their victims first.

The accusations against the Milwaukee Archdiocese are particularly horrific. They involve 45 priests who are accused of molesting almost 200 deaf boys.

According to Think Progress, they first sealed the $55 million in funds from bankruptcy by putting it in a trust for cemeteries and mausoleums. They then tried the religious freedom defense. That worked at first, when a court ruled in 2013 that their religious freedom did shield them from paying victims.

On Monday, though, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overruled the first court. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the victims will see the money, though. It will likely be appealed again.

The church is claiming that because the money is in a fund for cemeteries and mausoleums, they won’t be able to fulfill their obligation of servicing dead people if they are forced to pay for the people whose lives they’ve ruined.

Religious freedom became an issue after the archdiocese claimed that it had a Canonical obligation to “properly maintain in perpetuity” the cemeteries and mausoleums funded through the trust. If victims of sex abuse or other creditors are compensated out of these funds, the archdiocese says, “there will be no funds or, at best, insufficient funds, for the perpetual care of the Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries,” and thus the archdiocese claims that it will be unable to fulfill a religious obligation.

In rejecting this claim that the archdiocese has a religious right to spend the trust’s funds on burial places and only on burial places, the Seventh Circuit offers several reasons why religious freedom cannot trump the rights of the archdiocese’s creditors and those of its clergy’s victims. Perhaps most significantly, the court holds that the archdiocese’s religious liberty claim would fail even under the strictest level of constitutional scrutiny.

Source: Think Progress

The court ruled in a way I think the Supreme Court should have ruled in the Hobby Lobby case. They ruled that churches don’t get to opt out of paying Social Security taxes – that the public’s interest can supersede religious freedom:

Drawing a comparison to a Supreme Court decision holding that religious objectors may not opt out of Social Security taxes, the court notes that federal bankruptcy law, like Social Security, “’serves the public interest by providing a comprehensive … system with a variety of benefits available to all participants’ nationwide.” Just as Social Security “aids those who have reached a certain age or are disabled, the Code aids those who have reached a certain financial condition and who need assistance repaying or recovering a debt.”

The court warns that if this becomes precedent that there’s no telling where it will end. Anyone at anytime can join or create a cult just to “gain economic advantage.” I would argue that the Hobby Lobby ruling could do something very similar. Businesses can use their own religious beliefs, no matter how bizarre, to discriminate or to violate laws.

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  1. I really cannot see how the right to religious freedom can absolve the Catholic Church from its responsibility for the abuses on vulnerable children/people that were not only perpetrated by Priests working for the church but also were protected by the church and therefore directly encouraged the abuses. Does the right to religious freedom extends to the right to abuse vulnerable children/people? Is this just an excuse to run away from their responsibility to the victims? I think the Catholic Church can run but it can not hide forever. The earlier the church accepted responsibility and compensated the victims the better and less stress to the victims, their families and friends. There is no such rights to abuse vulnerable children/people.

  2. Led by Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church is being cleansed of paedos and other sexual criminals.

    The Church has also carried out a financial reform which has increased financial transparency dramatically.

    In practice this means sanctions are being introduced against criminals, with their benefits/rights curbed dramatically.

    Since most members of the clergy are innocent and weren't even aware of these crimes, it is only the criminals that should be paying compensation to the victims. Whether this is feasible (do they have money/other assets?), I don't know. In any case crime needs to be stopped and it is stopped.

    As the Church has an aging population to look after, they could perhaps involve members of the laity, and in co-operation, provide fee based counseling against drug/substance abuse, relationship/marriage counseling, LGBT counseling, life/time management etc.

    I am sure their vast knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

    • The church has used its institutional structure to protect known pedophiles. This means the church, the institutional structure itself, is a criminal organization. The fact that they are raping deaf children rather than extorting money from small business owners doesn't change the fact that this is organized crime.

    • No..not buying that…senior members of the Catholic Church knew what was going on with priests…senior members were involved in it…a corrupt institution that no amount of marriage counselling or drug abuse talks will put right…if they can’t do the time, they shouldn’t do the crime…

    • If you seriously think think Pope Francis is going to sort this issue out when he’s be covering up himself …not a hope in hell.

  3. "Since most members of the clergy are innocent and weren't even aware of these crimes" !!!! The pope himself knows what is happening, he does nothing to stop it therefor he is as guilty as the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. The body of the church is responsible for the acts of it's 'employees' and with that should be made to pay as would be the case in corporate crimes. They show their guilt by the fact of trying to hide behind religious freedom laws and stashing the money away where 'lawfully' it cannot be used for compensating victims. For such a 'loving, caring' community the church shows it's love of money above any compassion for human suffering, And for your information I speak as a survivor of abuse from the caring church.

  4. pope francis has repeatedly promoted clergy who covered abuse to high position in his Vatican empire.
    pope francis tried to protect his pedophile priest friend father grassi from going to prison.
    pope francis says and pretends on thing and does the other.
    if you look at the corruption and money laundering of the Vatican and the Vatican bank it appears that what they are really doing is hiding assets under layers of investments and paper work then they call in some financial "experts" who tell the world things have changed.. but all that has changed is PR firm…
    Last week several main business orgs including the Wall street journal said that pope francis cannot be credible if he does not arrest and hold accountable those who stole and hid money..
    If you watch closely you will see that he and his cronies care more about money paybacks and laundering than about protecting children from rapist priests (who incidentally are still abusing children)..

  5. as a survivor of sexual abuse from 3 priests when I was 13 and who passed me around…it does my heart so much good when I hear that these men are being arrested and the catholic church is going down in flames :)

  6. Luke 12:48

    But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

    They have been given and amassed much.
    Now that it is being demanded of them, they are trying to subvert the requirements of theor god by hiding the much that they have,

    Repugnat, immoral and self-centred little money-grubbers who have obviously NOT been made new creations – 2 Cor 5:17

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

    The whole thing is a crock of mendacity!

  7. Few are aware that the Church was creating child porn movies using amnesia on its victims. This was a big program using mind control technology like MK-Ultra, but not MK-Ultra. It is called the Sandwich-boy Program and it makes sex slaves from young pubescent boys in only a matter of minutes with self erasing amnesia barriers.

  8. The greatest bane of all time, is the invention of religion. That superstition has given rise to the greatest atrocities throughout history, been the causes of so much suffering through wars and other direct abuses.

  9. It sounds like maybe the judges need to be examined and their past cases investigated and which religion do they belong to. We appear to have conflicts of interest.
    No judge in her/his right mind would ever place dead bodies rights higher than living humans.

  10. For one of the wealthiest institution on the planet, I’ve always bristled at tax exemption, now this. I can only handle the GOP at the moment. This attempt to hide behind the cross will be my next focus.
    Just appalling!

  11. If they arrogantly think this –

    Then it is time to force these 'known' liars to prove that their gods exist –

    To just shut up!!!


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