Fox’s Catholic Priest Defends Duggars, Because Of Course He Would (VIDEO)

    By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 8 June 2015
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    Father Jonathan Morris (Fox News)

    Fox News trotted out their resident Catholic priest to defend the Duggars, because if anyone knows about child molestation scandals, it’s a Catholic priest.

    Father Jonathan Morris appeared on Fox News on Sunday and immediately reminded everyone why Catholic priests should never be trusted around children when he jumped to the defense of the Duggars.

    Despite the fact that Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters and his parents covered up his crimes to help him escape prosecution and legal consequences, Morris called for letting the Duggar family keep their reality television show, referring to them as good role models.

    Host Tucker Carlson played the tired old persecution card and asked, “Has the Duggar family been held to higher standards because they ARE Christians, and because their family life has been televised all these years, should the show be pulled off the air?”

    Morris responded by claiming that Jim Bob and Michelle took their child molester son to a professional counselor, which is bullshit because the Duggars actually took their son to see an unlicensed Christian “counselor”/minister at the Advanced Training Institute.

    According to Salon,

    If Duggar did, in fact, seek counseling from an unlicensed Christian minister at an ATI program, he would have been taught that his sexual desires — and his willingness to act upon them — were not his fault. His sisters dressed immodestly as children; his parents allowed him to change their diapers; his parents left him alone with his sisters; and, of course, his friends were “evil” and had a negative influence on him.

    Morris then addressed the current state of 19 Kids and Counting, which was pulled off the air by TLC amid public outrage when the scandal broke, and attempted to defend it still being on the air.

    “Should Josh be on the show? I don’t think so — it would be very inappropriate. Is this family now a bad example because they had one child of nineteen (actually 14) that did something wrong, something very, very, very wrong? I don’t think we can say that this family is sort of a bad example. Think about what’s on television right now. How about the Kardashians? Great examples? How about the real wives of Hollywood or New Jersey?”

    Here’s the video via Fox News.

    Sure, we can argue all day who the better role models are but the Kardashians, nor the Real Housewives are guilty of child molestation and covering it up. Nor are they the ones trying to excuse child molestation by hiding behind their religious beliefs while committing hypocrisy at the highest level.

    That would be the Duggars. And even if Josh Duggar is excluded from the show, it doesn’t matter because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the central figures of the show and they are just as complicit in Josh’s crimes. They allowed him to molest his sisters, failed to properly report the crimes to law enforcement, failed to get Josh any real help beyond prayers and a stay at a sick organization that teaches men and boys to blame their victims, and then let him live under the same roof with his victims. Make no mistake, TLC made the right decision to pull the show off the air and if they have any shred of dignity left, they’ll cancel the show permanently and cancel plans for any and all spin-offs. The Duggars use their celebrity to promote hate and ignorance and that should not be allowed to continue.

    The irony here is that as a Catholic priest, one would think Father Morris would avoid defending anyone who is involved in a child molestation scandal considering that the Catholic Church has been actively covering up for pedophile priests for decades. One wonders what skeletons Father Morris has hidden away in his own closet that makes him feel like he has to support the Duggars.

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    1. You had me until the last line. I found the Duggars morally repugnant before this story came out and their handling of their son's behavior severely lacking. But having one of your kids seriously harm another one of your kids is an undeniably tough situation. They didn't handle it well, but an unfortunate number of parents have found themselves in similar situations and not handled it well either. This is an opportunity to educate, not pile on. And lobbing personal accusations against a Catholic Priest simply because other priests have molested kids is cheap. Sadly, the Duggars have so many defenders, the people choosing to defend them can't all be motivated by covering up their own crimes.


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