Pat Robertson Warns: God Will Flood All 50 States If ‘The Gays Keep Getting Married’

Pat Robertson says the South Carolina flooding is to be blamed on gay marriage, and that more states will flood soon too.

By James Schlarmann | 26 August 2017
The Political Garbage Chute

As Hurrican Harvey bears down on the Gulf Coast, televangelist Pat Robertson has an ominous warning for America: Stop letting the gays get married, or else God will flood all fifty states.

Robertson was speaking on his Monday morning podcast, “Wake Up With Jesus,” when a caller asked him if he felt that Hurricane Harvey was in any way a message from God. “Well, you know,” the octogenarian preacher told the caller, “that’s a mighty fine question. We all know that God’s main weapon of choice for the mass culling of the human race is a flood, so yes, I do think God’s hand is at work on the Gulf right now.”

Robertson said that if he lived in the state he’d consider building an ark, like that of Noah, and he’d start putting his and his neighbors pets in the ark, two-by-two.

“I may not have been too sure about the Texas flooding earlier this year,” Robertson told his podcast audience,  “but I know for a fact that God was so angry about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, that he deliberately waited for almost a couple years and then created Hurricane Harvey as a warning to the rest of us.”

Robertson says that the “sin of allowing adults to lovingly commit to sharing their lives” with another member of the same gender is “a direct slap in the face to the God who sent his only begotten son to come to Earth, not ever get laid, and hang out almost exclusively with a group of twelve other men who professed a deep, abiding love for him.”

Mr. Robertson, whose non-profit megachurch has gotten him an estimated $200 million to $1 billion net worth, said that he “just feels awful about all the smiting God will be doing” but that “Americans should have listened” to him when he warned that this kind of thing could happen if “the court made the egregious and and regrettable decision to treat everyone equally under the law.” However, Robertson said that while it might be too late for the Gulf, the rest of the states could save themselves.

One caller asked Robertson why God chose a conservative area like the Gulf, instead of California or Massachusetts to punish for gay marriage.

“The Lord smites in mysterious ways,” Robertson replied.

“Repent,” Robertson shouted into the microphone at his listeners, “and all of this will go away. I promise you that if we all got together and voted out the liberals who are poisoning our youth and our culture with their feelings and so-called ‘desires’ to ‘make life better and more fair’ for everyone, not a single tragedy will befall this great nation.” Robertson added that “if Americans just completely give over to God’s control, elect a suitable Christian and allow that man to craft this country again in God’s will” that “everyone will get richer, there will be peace in the Valley, and literal manna from heaven will drop down for all to feed.”

“Because while 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and there’s a good chance these megastorms are a result of said climate change,” Robertson said, “we know that the unprovable whims of an even more unproven, all powerful force that controls the universe. And so we must pay homage to that power by telling adults they are not allowed to love whomever they want, no matter how much free will God gave you.”

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  1. Dear who are we to urge. We may not like some thing but we ought not be judemenlal. Remember we sin in thoughts words and deeds

  2. 1st premise is flawed: If one believes the Noah Flood Myth, which apparently this un-critically thinking individual does, so far as it serves his purposes, he would remember that the Deity swore off using flood waters as a “culling” method. Conveniently his memory is filtered.
    I don’t interpret the Bible literally nor do I regard myth as fact. I do know that I could not worship a god so capricious as to first endow human beings with a sexual orientation that draw a person to one’s own gender and then slaughter innocents because of it. Like I said, he doesn’t think critically. I find the Robertsons and Olsreens and Bakkers of this world despicable and anything but reflective of the one in whose name the preach.

  3. I know this man can not be that lame, we have had floods, hurricanes , and other major storms since the beginning of time and all these earthly disasters are because of the our atmosphere not because of someone’s sexual preference. He needs to get his head check and start studing about our atmosphere and what makes storms. Someone this lame does not need to preach. FOR REAL!!!


  5. According to the Bible, which he pretends to preach from, God’s promise was to not ever flood the Earth again. Isn’t that what “Christians” say the rainbow is the sign of? Can’t have it both ways.

  6. Jesus came as an Angel to Lot and when the men from the town came by to have their way with the Angels, Lot offered up his daughters instead. However, God blinded the men so that they couldn’t find the door. Yes Jesus visited Lot to save him and his family from the wickedness of the city. In that time the people were all having sex with each other and animals. It was sin city and 7 cities were destroyed by God. There was not one person left in 7 cities that was righteous….Even Lot’s wife turned to look back at the city she longed for and was turned into a pillar of salt.

  7. What a vile old man. Absolute proof that my god is not his. Shut your mouth and pray instead for the victims of these horrific flooding storms.

  8. God has written through Man’s many hands. Been reinterpreted by agenda-driven leaders. Spoken directly to each of us evidenced by our Earthly existence. Choose freedom and rightheartedness. Fear Not Let It Be Bitchin’ In the Kitchen… many can we recall….Let’s Get Together


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