Catholic Archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women ‘not obeying men’

Braulio Rodriguez told his congregation in Toledo, Spain, that wives could also escape being physically abused by not asking their husbands for a divorce

By Ian Sparks | 6 January 2016
The Mirror

Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez Plaza (Image via Wikimedia)

An archbishop caused fury in Spain by saying domestic violence happens because “women do not obey men”.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toledo, Braulio Rodriguez, told his congregation that wives could avoid being hit by doing what they are told.

Women could also escape being physically abused by not asking their husbands for a divorce , Rodriguez said.

He told churchgoers in his sermon: “The majority of cases of domestic violence happen because the woman’s partner does not accept them, or rejects them for not accepting their demands.

“Or often the macho reaction comes about because she asked for a separation.”

He also said many relationship problems occurred because the couple were not in a ‘true marriage’, and he criticised the practice of ‘quickie divorces’.

He said: “I don’t think our political leaders are worried about divorce figures when they have fought so hard to implement the so-called quick divorce.”

He made the comments during a mass held in Toledo Cathedral on December 27, and they were later published in the Our Father parish bulletin.

Thousands of furious Spanish women have now taken to social media to slam the cleric.

One wrote: “The archbishop of Toledo has linked domestic violence to couples not being in a ‘proper marriage’. So says the celibate man who believes in a ghost.”

Another added: “He should be locked up for inciting violence. This idiot should keep his medieval views to himself.”

In 2015, 56 women were killed in Spain because of domestic violence.

More than one million cases of domestic violence have been dealt with by the Spanish courts since 2007, with judges handing down prison sentences to 148,000 men.

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  1. Man – woman, male – female, Transvestite – Transexual, Rangi Papa, Neandathol Robot, Religious – Athiest, Rich Poor, Them – us, the good the bad, the odds the evens. These are the manifestations and fundamentals of our existence and the principals of evolution. What will it be like tomorrow or will tomorrow never come. What will life be like in a thousand years, a millennium perhaps. These are the cards we are dealt with and unless we learn to co exist peacefully then its good night nurse. However, there is always hope. The male of the species is hell-bent on self destruction so its up to female of the species to beat some sense into him.

  2. This article and comments are the most hate filled antisemitic thing I’ve ever read in my life the ignorance of the comments and the made up story are totally ridiculous…I am Catholic and have never heard anything like this in any Catholic Church this is totally made up ..
    I guess all of these so called Christians commenting on here forget that their wouldn’t be Christian religion if it weren’t for the catholic church it … all other Christian religion came from the catholic religion
    They branched off because they wanted divorces and couldn’t follow the rules of the church …the catholic church helps more people around the world than anyone else
    It’s is pure it doesn’t change with the wind blowing it is what what it’s always been the pure teachings of god. Catholic Church their not radicals like many other Christian religions…
    You can’t just go on a weekend retreat and come back a preacher it’s the priest entire life is surrendered to the church…not weekend warrior’s..
    Yes their have been issues with some abuse and it’s shameful….
    However all religions have had their share of preachers taking advantage of both kids and vulnerable women…I’ve seen countless stories in America’s paper’s it’s not just a Catholic issue but needs to.keep.being addressed and halted.
    By the comments on here sounds like most people commenting are members of the KKK or other hare groups and some have just been brainwashed by their own churches who spread his hatred.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • ‘The Catholic Church helps more people around the world than anyone else ‘ Jury is out on that one . A bit of evidence would be nice . If they sold up all the Vatican art & property they could feed the starving forever. Good luck with that They talk the talk but no walk the walk !!!

      • Totally agree with that one, but wtf obeying your other half so you don’t get abused ! Grow up Bishop your talking through a area that just blows wind !
        I seriously cannot believe in this day and age you’re STUPID enough to believe that twadle!
        No wonder King Henry the 8 made another religion Church of England

  3. Women suffer abuse from men who hate themselves or they hate women, possibly both. These abusers have no self control and they need meds to balance them out. Maybe a little weed is all they need to chill the f-ck out. Men and women who abuse are immature and insecure.

    • The bible is clear…wives obey your husbands …its not to be less than. Its a model.for the true church of jesus christ..its more about honoring your husband as being the head …the judgement maker, the protector
      .the provider ….not a weakness..or less value ..this is taken out or context with a catholic twist …god is against abuse btw ..many scripture tells us ….many ….so once again this is a model for the marriage continental bride groom ..which is jesus christ the head of the church. So taken out of context . And Carnely. ..translated. woman are the weaker vessel too be adorned, honored, and loved the same way christ loves the church …its avout the ordinances of God in a model family

      .and resemblance toward christ and the church. Wake up people

  4. It is obvious the priest is not a student of the bible but is a victim of false doctrines. Using the bible as his guide and studying it with a view to learning will remove doctrines from the forefront allowing himself to be led by Holy Spirit. No longer will he make statements that have no spiritual basis and he will also learn that being a pedophile is morally despicable from both the bible's viewpoint and that of man. May he ponder over these things as he whiles away his time while incarcerated.

  5. Sir, You perpetuate evil. May you be forgiven by all you disserve. May Jesus and Mary forgive you for your ignorance. Please save your victims from your malevelance. May god enter your soul with light and kindness.

  6. Progressive catholics? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. He's not coming back to say, oh I made a mistake and you fallible human beings know more than I do so I'm going to change what I said earlier.
    The hard choices are, do we want to follow man or do we want to follow God? He gave us freedom of choice. We can choose to follow or not and that's every person's personal choice. This bishop is fallible and made some extremely unfortunate statements but that doesn't mean the Church agrees.
    People are outraged and I get that as I work with abused people and am Catholic and proud of it. This bishop isn't the only person to say stupid things. There are ministers, preachers, teachers, police officers, doctors, etc etc who say stupid things as well because we are all fallible and capable of forming opinions but it doesn't mean our opinions are solid facts. That would be like saying if someone calls me a hot fudge Sunday I'm going to turn into one. That's ridiculous and irrational. We don't have to agree with this bishop and we certainly don't have to condemn an entire religion that has done much more good if anyone really wants to research it, than the not so good.

  7. Start entering their offices and arrest these people for 'Hate' crimes, crimes against humanity,
    and just plain lying!!!

    I always punished my children severely for lying!!

  8. He should be ashamed of himself. What happens when it’s a man that is being abused, it’s not all about a woman obeying their partner. I was abused by my ex partner and I say relationships work both ways. Men are at the same level as woman and should be treat equal!!!! So do u make your woman obey u or would u hurt them until they do?????

    You make me sick !!!!

  9. This is ridiculous… Of course a priest would know it is wrong to have sex with a kid. Unless the man was out of his mind. Period.

  10. Well I am guilty of assuming these stories are true and yes I did react with outrage as many others did, but the sad part is that it is all so plausible! Never mind. Oops! Lesson: Don't believe what you read. Or hear. Do your own research.


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