Christian Website Offers Tips On ‘How To Help Women Learn Their Place’

By John Prager | 22 February 2016
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Women all too often “pursue selfish career ambitions instead of being ambitious for marriage, child bearing and homemaking.”

Our society has a problem. No, we’re not talking about poverty, inequality, racism, a possible Trump presidency, or anything like that. According to Christian website Biblical Gender Roles, women just don’t know their place anymore. This website regularly gives Christians helpful information, like that marital rape doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to rape a woman, and a helpful guide on how to punish a woman if she refuses to submit sexually to her husband whenever he wishes. Now, the anonymous author of the popular Christian marital blog wants you to know “how to help women learn their place.”

In his latest example of patriarchial Christofascist ramblings, the author complains that “Women do not know or accept their place in God’s creation anymore.” While most would view a society approaching gender equality as a positive thing, “BGR” — like Arizona pastor Stephen Anderson — yearns for a time when women were all in the kitchen cooking dinner and popping out babies as they serve their husbands’ every desire.

Yes, it’s true — while we have not yet attained complete gender equality, we are inching toward a nightmarish future for this good, Christian man:

“A woman’s place is in the home” is just one of many truths that our society derides and mocks. “to ‘love, honor and obey’” has been stripped from most marriage vows as women no longer believe they must obey their husbands or be in subjection to their husbands as Sarah who called her husband “lord.”

“Feminism has been largely successful in eradicating the femininity that women once had,” he whines. “Churches have for the most part abandoned the practice of teaching Biblical gender roles that God has commanded for men and women.” The author mansplains that women all too often speak out of turn, “showing no deference or respect toward men” and “pursue selfish career ambitions instead of being ambitious for marriage, child bearing and homemaking.”

Boo. F*cking Hoo.

But, he says, there is hope to “turn this around” if Christians teach their daughters “from the Word of God what it truly means to be a woman of God.” Yes, together a team of pastors, parents, and teachers, can teach girls to be subservient to men. In fact, BGR says his daughter has been asking him to put together a guide that she can share with other young girls.

Cherry-picking the Bible, BGR then lists a number of helpful hints for young ladies:

  • Be meek and humble.
  • Know your place and shut up.
  • Only aspire to be a “wife, mother, and homemaker.”
  • Mind the house and take care of the kids.
  • Practice “purity” until marriage, and don’t “manipulate men” with your sexuality.
  • Don’t “defraud” your husband by refusing him sex, unless he agrees to wait a while.
  • Wear pretty dresses and stuff that “never places” one’s “femininity in doubt.”
  • Dress “modestly.”
  • Be “submissive.”
  • Depend on a man to provide for you.
  • Know your “place” and exist only to serve your husband-master.
  • Don’t “nag” your husband or make him feel “ashamed” for being a pompous ass.

While this might seem like an outdated and nonsensical ideology, it is something that is popular among the Republican Party. Recently, Texas lawmaker Jonathan Stickland was busted advising men to rape their wives because “rape is nonexistent in marriage” and they should “take” what they want. This, of course, is related to BGR’s advice in a previous blog post and his remarks about “defrauding”:

But I will say this, despite American laws to the contrary, Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as “marital rape”. In the Scriptures, the only way rape occurs is if a man forces himself on a woman who is not his property (not his wife, or concubine). A man’s wives, his concubines (slave wives taken as captives of war or bought) could be made to have sex with him, no questions asked.

Arizona pastor Steven Anderson.
Arizona pastor Steven Anderson.

This attitude is shared by many Christian men. Pastor Anderson, for example, has preached that women should not so much as say “Amen” in church because that gives the impression that they matter enough for their opinions to be considered valid. In fact, he longs for the days before women’s rights became a thing:

You say ‘that old fashioned idea, today we have women’s rights. We’ve come a long way, baby.’ And today, ‘those horrible, horrible days when women had no rights’ — let’s bring them back! Let’s get back to those days.

“Why do you think that women were not allowed to vote until the 20th century?” Anderson said in his sermon. “And yet if I get up and say I don’t believe women should vote because if we’re in a democracy, which is ruled by the people, I don’t want to be ruled over by women.”

Sadly, many men are downright frightened at the thought of women being considered equal in society. The prospect of strong, independent women is an anathema to all they stand for. It’s why the Republican Party regularly opposes a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion or obtain birth control. This, in their minds, eliminates one of the primary functions of females in society.

What these backwards-ass f*cks don’t realize is that women are learning their place. No longer will they be relegated to the kitchen, or forced to live as servants. A woman’s place is in the home, the workplace, the cockpit of a fighter jet, the Senate, or even the Oval Office — wherever she wants it to be.

Fortunately, men like this are a dying breed, a relic of an age best left in the dumpster of American history. He and his ideological cohorts can complain all they want, but the fact is that they are scared that women are proving themselves to be just as strong and capable as men — when they aren’t shacked by the “old ways,” that is. And BGR and his friends will, of course, fight to their dying breath to keep women subservient.

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  1. Just a very small correction: You say “…, like that marital rape doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to rape a woman…”

    I think you meant “wife” here instead of “woman.”

  2. Great topic you're discussing here, women should value themselves before asking anyone else would do, because the major problem is that most of women are placed themselves in a position of low level human-beings and that shouldn't happen.

  3. Not all Christian denominations think this way, thank heaven. Quakers even stress equality of the sexes, and have always assumed that ministry would come from women as well as men.


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