Conservative Pastor Preaches That Women Should Be Banned From Voting And Confined To Their Homes

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 11 February 2016
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Arizona pastor Steven Anderson.
Arizona pastor Steven Anderson.

Clearly, one big goal of the conservative Christian base is to one day strip women of their right to vote and confine them solely to the home.

And that’s exactly what Arizona pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church preached to his congregation in a video he uploaded to YouTube.

In this latest rant, Anderson goes full misogynist, whining about women being able to divorce their husbands, having the right to vote, and having a job outside of the home, all of which he believes only men should have the ability to do.

“You know what they mean [by women’s rights]?” Anderon asked his flock.

“The right to divorce your husband is what they mean. You know what they mean? The right to rebel and disobey your husband, the right to divorce him, the right to go out and get a job and make your own money, the right to tell him what to do, the right to go vote for our leaders as if women should have any say in how our country is run when the Bible says that “I suffer not a woman to teach, not to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”?


But it’s old-fashioned…”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

This isn’t the first time Anderson has been a total dick towards women. He once went on a rant about how women shouldn’t be allowed to read, talk, or leave the house without permission from a man. He has even demanded that women keep their mouths shut in church, which makes one wonder how any woman can stand being around this asshole.

And he is hardly the first conservative “Christian” hero to call for banning women from voting. Fake historian David Barton has also said that women should be barred from voting because the Bible says that only the head of the household should be allowed to vote on the family’s behalf, regardless of what policies or candidates the rest of the family supports.

And Republican presidential candidates, from Ted Cruz to Trump to Rubio to Kasich, haven’t exactly made it a secret that they have a general disdain for women. All of them have made it clear that women’s rights will suffer should any of them become president. And it’s because of preachers like Anderson on the Christian right that Republicans have adopted such medieval beliefs about women, which is why it is even more important than ever before that every woman in this country exercise their right to vote. Because if they don’t, they may not have that right much longer if conservatives have their way.

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The American Preacher Spreading Hate

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  1. The thing is, he’s just following the Apostle Paul’s teaching. But what do you expect? These are the same people who would burn witches and Magi at the stake if it were legal.

  2. Let’s just address the elephant in the room, besides this guy… our legal system, our constitution, our voting rights… none of it is dictated by the Bible. You can follow whatever faith fits you, but it has no place in our government. It’s funny bc people are so quick to criticize Sharia law (which by the way, in many ways, is awful), but guess what… what this guy is preaching… he might as well be reading from the Quran, not the Bible.

  3. “Cages of women. Women and girls of all ages. Lining downtown streets behind The Great Barrier Walls. Passersby prodding at them with canes, sticks, and whatever they could find. Spitting on them through the bars, as law and culture required.
    “Cages of women who had disobeyed their husbands, or sons, their preachers, or some other males in their lives. One or two of them had been foolish and self-destructive enough to have reported a rapist.
    “A couple of them had befriended someone higher or lower than their stations, or maybe entertained a foreigner from outside the community, or allowed someone of a lesser race into their homes. A few may have done absolutely nothing wrong but for being reported by a neighbor with a grudge.
    “For the most part they had disobeyed or disrespected males.
    “Watching from behind tinted and bullet-proof windows at the rear of his immaculate stretch limo, the Lord High Chancellor of PolitiChurch, grinned the sadistic grin of unholy conquest. A dark satisfaction only a deeply tarred soul could enjoy.” …
    … “Caged women and young girls at major street corners in even the worst weather. Every one of them his to do with, or dispose of, as he would.
    “In this world – in His world – He was God.”

    – From “The Soul Hides in Shadows”, a disturbingly honest novel for these times. Warning us of the dangers posed by these painfully but insistently ignorant people.

  4. I'm amazed that these people get away with calling themselves Christians. The word 'Christian' is derived from 'Christ' and means a follower of Jesus. Jesus came to bring a new covenant between God and man, hence the teachings of the New Testament. And yet every biblical quote that comes out of their mouths is taken (usually out of context) from the Old Testament, which by definition is pre-Christ and therefore pre-Christian. Nothing is Christian about these idiots , its all politics dressed up.

    • WOW. I was brought up in church. Non have Ever stressed a womans place. Except to b beside her man. Honor him. He is supposed to treat her like the church.
      Harm their church building c what happens
      Harm their woman should warremt the same responce

  5. Believe any silly myth you please, but I guarantee it will not match mine & you have NO RIGHT TO IMPOSE YOURS ON ME. or vice vetsa!! Keep religion of any kind or culture OUT OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM!

  6. Many theologians would say that these scriptures are taken out of context, that Paul was addressing a particular church about problems in that church at a time when women were not allowed to have an education. In other places, Paul praises women leaders of the early church: Priscilla is referred to as teaching at least one specific man and Paul references a woman deacon favorable, Dorcas. Jesus treated women with respect, allowed them a part in His ministry, had women disciples who travelled with Him, and there is evidence Mary Magdalene was a leader in the early church. It is also significant that the first witnesses to the resurrection were woman at a time society spurned women as witnesses in Court. Paul repeatedly talks about the need to use our gifts to the betterment of the church and thus the world. Well, God blessed me with a brain, the opportunity for an education, and a tendency toward logical thinking. So I will continue to use that brain in opposing such misogynistic men as this one. Methinks, he is the one who feels inferior to be so desperate to put down women.

  7. That is not blanketly true. Women cant learn logic according to you. I wonder then how women learn math? Or the legal system. Or physics. Hmmmm?

  8. This is not new testament and for Christian’s wherever there is a clash between old and new testament the NEW TESTAMENT is valid.That is the book of Christ. We follow Christ not Moses.

  9. First these a**holes keep saying "it's in the Bible." Then their a**hole flock gasp and nod their bobblehead selves. Where in the Bible? Usually one of Paul's (the closet case saint) letters. Guess what a**holes who decided that the Bible was an effen diary. Either way, someone else, some ancient experts decided this. Well guess what, I disagree, not with the whole Bible, but with some of it. Never mind how the pig-eating Pagans (aka Christians) interpret the Bible. Basically when you hear these Nazi-Christians start with "the Bible says.." it's time to roll your eyes, because whatever they say may be so out of context as to make one vomit.

  10. This guy is an independent Baptist. I went to independent Baptist churches for 20 years and they are mentally ill. The women are beaten down mentally and controlled. The men are whiny egotistical know it all little boys pretending to be men. It’s a cult.

  11. This is the real "American Taliban." These people are pure misogynists, opposed to basic human rights. The old "Keep them barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen" crowd. They totally distort and misinterpret the Bible for their own benefit, resembling nothing like Christians and ignoring Jesus' own radical inclusion of women. Same kind of people who would stone to death adulterous women (not men, of course), LGBTQI folk, and rebellious children


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