10 Reasons Christianity Makes No Sense

By Godless Mama | 28 December 2015
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Replica of Christus (1838) by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844). (Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

When I discovered the online atheist community a few years ago, one of the things that astounded and humbled me the most was the scholarliness of so many activist atheists. I had never before been in the company of so many people so versed in scripture, so skilled in the arts of rhetoric and argumentation, so keen to identifying and deconstructing logical fallacies. I’m not going to lie: It’s often been intimidating to be surrounded by people whose expertise in such things is so far beyond my own, comparatively unsophisticated approach. But as time passes and I learn more and more about these subjects, I find that my basic issues with religion in general, and Christianity in particular, have not evolved to more abstract ontological questions, but have rather crystallized my inability to reconcile even the most basic and fundamental principles of Christian faith.

1. Jesus didn’t die. Christians are always going on about how Jesus died for our sins, but if he came back 3 days later then he didn’t die at all; more like being in a brief coma, which is a drag, but not exactly the ultimate sacrifice that the crucifixion is cracked up to be. And it wasn’t just his spirit that departed to heaven, but his actual physical being. If you go dig up a 3-day old grave, regardless of what you think may have happened to that person’s immortal soul, there’s still going to be a body in it. Jesus’ tomb, on the other hand, was empty, meaning that following his resurrection he was either a zombie or he was fully alive, neither of which is dead. Even more relevant is that when he was hanging there on the cross, Jesus knew that he was going to come back. He didn’t have to endure the fear of death that any other human being would have had to face or the uncertainty that presumably afflicts all but the most devout at the moment of death about whether there really was going to be an afterlife, or if this was lights out for good. Yes, he probably suffered physically, but he knew that death would be no more than a long nap and then he’d be up and at ‘em again. In short, he didn’t die.

2. Jesus didn’t have faith. Jesus was always rolling his eyes and scolding his disciples for not having enough faith. There are many verses to be found in the New Testament in which Jesus says some variation of, “Don’t trust your senses, don’t look for evidence, just accept it because I said so.” But if Jesus was the son of god, then faith wasn’t something he needed – he knew god and heaven were real because that’s where he came from, no faith required. How fair is it to command the rest of the world to believe something on faith alone, threatening eternal punishment to any who don’t believe it, when you yourself have no faith and all the evidence?

3. Jesus didn’t take away my sins. Or did he? I am no logician, but if Jesus died to take away the sins of humanity, then doesn’t that mean that once he was crucified there was no longer any such thing as sin? If his “death” was the absolution of the human race, which we are told it was, why do I still have to do what the bible says, or go to church, or even believe? Aren’t I already saved by his “sacrifice?” And if I am not, and there are still rules to follow and sins that could keep me out of heaven, then what exactly was the point?

4. Jesus wasn’t a very nice guy. American Christians talk a lot about so-called family values, but that concept doesn’t have much, if any, basis in the actual story of Christ. Jesus demanded that his disciples abandon their families and save all of their devotion for him and him alone – a rather narcissistic and not particularly family-centric expectation. Aside from seeming to be in direct contradiction to the commandment about honoring thy mother and father, abandoning spouses and children, while not against any commandments, still seems like a douchey thing to do, even 2,000 years ago.

5. Jesus’ dad was really not a nice guy. We all know that the bible is full of rape, murder, genocide, slavery, and every manner of atrocity – and not in a, “This is what our enemies do so don’t be like them” way, but in a “As long as you are one of mine, have at it” way. Then Jesus showed up and said, more or less, that the old laws still applied, and he wasn’t about to change them. Yes, he was willing to call out hypocrisy, and he did seem to care somewhat about social justice – at least with regard to poverty and leprosy – but otherwise he was still the enforcer of some rather distasteful rules. And don’t even get me started on Jesus being his own father – a concept that, in addition to making no sense, makes Jesus himself the very same god of the Old Testament that Christians like to dismiss as no longer relevant (except when it comes to hating gays).

6. Prayer is contradictory. We are told that god has a plan for everything, but then we are told to pray – for our loved ones to get better when they fall ill, for safety in the storm, for the home team to win the big game. Does that mean god will change his plan if you pray hard enough, or the right way, or get enough other people to pray for the same thing? At the very least this seems to suggest he doesn’t really have much of a plan if he’s willing to modify it based on popular opinion or for those who ingratiate themselves to him, not to mention that it’s a rather arbitrary, if not capricious, approach to human suffering. Further, people often say they pray for things like inner peace, strength, understanding, the solution to personal problems, etc. I don’t pray, but I do a lot of introspection in search of those same things, and then I do either what my conscience tells me is right or what my objectivity tells me has the best chance for the desired outcome. I suspect that people who pray end up doing more or less the same thing but attributing their conclusion to an outside agency. If that is the case, how can they explain that atheists (or members of other religions) can get to the same place with no (or a different) agent? And how strange is it, anyway, to carve out your conscience, that innermost part of yourself, the very core of what makes you you, and say it isn’t you?

7. The bible doesn’t set the moral bar very high. Let’s face it: Don’t rape people, don’t own people, don’t hate people, and don’t hurt children are kind of no-brainers when it comes to morality. Our friend Jesus and his old man not only failed to make these things clear, but in many instances they encouraged, condoned, or commanded them. Sure, Jesus said a few things about loving your neighbor and being kind to strangers, but he also said that not believing in him was the worst offense a person could commit and that anyone who didn’t believe would burn in Hell for all eternity. And seriously, the Ten Commandments as a basis for all morality? Checking out your neighbor’s wife is worse than raping his daughter? Taking the lord’s name in vain is worse than owning slaves? Nice priorities. Add to this the fact that god himself does not follow his own rules, to which Christians respond that mere mortals cannot understand or judge the morality of god. But if the bible defines morality, and god has a different set of rules for himself than for humans, and we are not allowed to know or understand his rules except that we are expected to do as he says but not as he does, then how exactly does that provide any kind of moral baseline whatsoever?

8. Christian love is not very loving. We hear a lot about Jesus’ love and god’s love, and how god so loved the world that he gave his only son, yada yada yada. We already covered the part about him not really giving up his son, and enough has been said by people smarter than I am about the questionable necessity of having a baby, leaving him be for 30 years, torturing him to death, and then bringing him back to life a few days later as a way of forgiving humanity instead of – oh, I don’t know, just saying “I forgive you.” We covered too that this supposed forgiveness isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if I’m still considered a sinner and an apostate and bound for hell for not believing. But if we set that part of the contradiction aside, how loosely are we defining love if we are applying it to the bible? “I love you so much that I will torture and murder my own son as a symbol of something I could just give you without the bloodbath. I love you so much that I will reward you with an eternity in heaven, but you have to suffer and die in this world first. Salvation is yours, so long as you swear your devotion to me and only me. And believe what I say even if it sounds like nonsense because I told you to. And admit that deep down you are a rotten piece of garbage who doesn’t really deserve my love. And if you don’t do all of these things you will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity. But seriously, I love you.”

9. Terrible things happen to good people. A quarter of a million people died in the tsunami of 2006. Twenty first graders and six adults were slaughtered at Sandy Hook. People die of starvation, are killed by war and disease, are raped or beaten by people who have power over them, and suffer in countless other ways. If there is an omniscient, omnipotent god who is also loving, as Christians would have us believe, why do these things happen? Why do children suffer and die? Why are there droughts and floods and famines and pestilences and earthquakes and wars? Why couldn’t god just make people nice? Why create natural disasters? Why didn’t he set forth better, clearer rules to eliminate ambiguity about how we are supposed to treat each other? God either intervenes or he doesn’t; god is either omnipotent or he isn’t. If he does and he is, then suffering exists because god intends for it to be that way. If he doesn’t and he isn’t, then he isn’t in control of anything, including the minutiae of how we live our daily lives. How is either a god worth worshipping?

10. It’s all just way too convenient. Got what you prayed for? He answered your prayers. Praise Jesus! Didn’t get it? He has another plan. Praise Jesus! Don’t have the answers? You’re not meant to. Praise Jesus! Figured out the answer? He chose you. Praise Jesus! Sad about the deaths of your loved ones? They’re in a better place. Praise Jesus! Sad about how much your life sucks? You’ll be happy once you’re dead. Praise Jesus! Honestly, when the answer to every question is exactly the thing that makes you feel best / most comforted / least in need of using your own intellect, should that not send up a huge red flag that maybe you’re not being completely objective?

These are not overtly intellectual, clever, or even particularly insightful observations, nor am I the first person to make them. But as someone who has lived an entire life without religion, the exercises of engaging apologists, philosophizing, or running ontological obstacle courses seem – perhaps naively, but seem nonetheless – to be almost beside the point when the most basic premises of religious belief are so deeply flawed. These irreconcilable contradictions explain a lot about why religious indoctrination is necessary at a very young age, and sadly, they explain a lot about why the world is in the sorry state it is: Because they make people adept at rationalizing the irrational, believing the unlikely, and justifying the immoral.

Godless Mama is a liberal, atheist, anti-theist writer and parent seeking to make the world a better place through the spread of secularism and the exposing of the harms of religion. In addition to GodlessMama.com, she contributes to a number of other political and atheist pages and blogs.

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  1. Why do you even care? You suggest the spread of Christianity is harmful but believe your unbelief is the correct path. Therefore you are seeking to spread your belief system that in turn is harmful to those that don't believe the way you do. You are guilty of practicing a belief that you speak out against. I would suggest you stop worrying about what others believe and go about your life seeking your own peace and forget about saving the world.

    • "…seeking to spread your belief system…" — the lack of belief in the supernatural is not a faith based system. He is simply asking people stuck in a faith based world view to reconsider and reevaluate their predicament… perhaps some will turn to a more rational, realistic, logic and fact based world view.

    • Did you even read what was written here? This really has nothing to do with the spread of Christianity being harmful and everything to do with a rational discussion. If you actually read this article and thought about it instead of taking your knee-jerk indoctrinated response, it might give you something to ponder. Your response shows you obviously never consider what the answers to those questions might be. As has been mentioned, not believing in something is not a belief system. Are you suggesting that we need to have a belief system for those people who do not believe in pink unicorns or any of the infinite number of other things that are made up and just as credible as Christianity.

    • Why? Because we care for kids and all the unrightness done to people. we are tired of people like you who do not care for others and just stay happy for your self, as long as your lazy ass do not have to think.

      Because the religion inflict too much on our lives already, and ignorance like your self dont help anything.

    • I accidentally upvoted your comment. To rectify this, I'm writing here to notify you and everyone else that I dont agree with you.

    • Someone needs to save the world from this atrocity called religion. Christianity holds the worst record for wars and killings of probably billions of people.

    • You'll be better off trying to be a decent person, and dont worry about some floating vapor. I was going to go on a long spiel , but i will say: ha ha what a joke. The joke is on those who give to Pat Robertson. Give to your local shelters, but don't give a penny to wealthy evangelists. They are a joke!

    • No and the reason why we atheists are speaking out is because religion does more harm than good. The more religious a person is, the more of a dogmatic do***e they are. Plus it’s scary to see so called Christians support someone like trump.

    • good point. Plus the so called intellect of the atheists was exposed in the first point that Jesus didn't die. It has been medically shown that "blood and water" coming out of the bible shows physical death. The Roman flogging or scourging that Jesus endured prior to being crucified normally consisted of 39 lashes, but could have been more (Mark 15:15; John 19:1). The whip that was used, called a flagrum, consisted of braided leather thongs with metal balls and pieces of sharp bone woven into or intertwined with the braids. The balls added weight to the whip, causing deep bruising and contusions as the victim was struck. The pieces of bone served to cut into the flesh. As the beating continued, the resulting cuts were so severe that the skeletal muscles, underlying veins, sinews, and bowels of victims were exposed. This beating was so severe that at times victims would not survive it in order to go on to be crucified.

      Those who were flogged would often go into hypovolemic shock, a term that refers to low blood volume. In other words, the person would have lost so much blood he would go into shock. The results of this would be

      1) The heart would race to pump blood that was not there.

      2) The victim would collapse or faint due to low blood pressure.

      3) The kidneys would shut down to preserve body fluids.

      4) The person would experience extreme thirst as the body desired to replenish lost fluids.

      There is evidence from Scripture that Jesus experienced hypovolemic shock as a result of being flogged. As Jesus carried His own cross to Golgotha (John 19:17), He collapsed, and a man named Simon was forced to either carry the cross or help Jesus carry the cross the rest of way to the hill (Matthew 27:32–33; Mark 15:21–22; Luke 23:26). This collapse indicates Jesus had low blood pressure. Another indicator that Jesus suffered from hypovolemic shock was that He declared He was thirsty as He hung on the cross (John 19:28), indicating His body’s desire to replenish fluids.

      Prior to death, the sustained rapid heartbeat caused by hypovolemic shock also causes fluid to gather in the sack around the heart and around the lungs. This gathering of fluid in the membrane around the heart is called pericardial effusion, and the fluid gathering around the lungs is called pleural effusion. This explains why, after Jesus died and a Roman soldier thrust a spear through Jesus’ side, piercing both the lungs and the heart, blood and water came from His side just as John recorded in his Gospel (John 19:34).

    • Nobody ever killed in the name of atheism.
      Nobody violated human rights, stoned, set fire to, drowned or threw people off buildings in the name of logic and evidence.
      Can you say the same thing about your dogma?

        • Hitler was devout Christian. He carried a Bible with him everywhere he went. Intensely disliked and distrusted atheists, and all his inner circle were devout Christians.

          The Vietnam war was initiated by the most Christian nation on Earth: USA.

          Stalin was trained as a priest, though he seems to have perhaps lost his religion later, he brought his priestly training to bear on creating a religion-like dogma in his brand of communism.

          Pol Pot was trained as a Buddhist priest.

          I'll bet Genghis Khan believed in a god or gods. What proof do you have that he was atheist and that his marauding was motivated by atheism? None, I'll bet. You just figured nobody knows and he has a nasty reputation, so you'd say he was atheist.

          So, JDD… you were saying?

        • Hitler was a good catholic, so was Stalin. Pol Pot was the result of the illegal bombing of Cambodia by the christian United States of Amnesia.

    • You are weird. We care because religion rules US and OUR LIVES. Religion has made our LAWS for 3000 years. Religion has in its Bibles given a chosen few the RIGHT under GOD to invade and replace cultures and enslave all under the Bibles LAWS.

  2. Why does he care? Because religion keeps people stupid they assume everything is ‘God’s will’ so they don’t think for themselves, don’t try for things, accept shitty things, etc.. I’ve always found myself a better, smarter, happier, and better adjusted person for not believing in that bullsh*t. Once I stopped believing I learned my life is mine to do what I choose so what does or doesn’t happen is all up to me. So sure you have your ‘imaginary friend’ that makes you feel better but let’s be honest making you feel better doesn’t put food on the table, clothes on your back, finish homework papers, etc… People need to understand the importance on knowing that they deserve the credit for the things they do and with that they can do anything they want. Not to say that equals morality however one doesn’t need religion to have morality. Quite the contrary due to reasons above and a few more people can do without biblical ‘morality’ unless you like burning in hell for something stupid…

    • So if it keeps people stupid and they don't think for themselves how are there so many successful Christians? Pew research center says in 2010 there were 2.2 billion Christians. 2.2 billion people who don't think for themselves who are stupid? The problem is that when you live your whole life saying "Me" you lose all morality because its not all you. You should realize your her for a second in the grand scheme of things and in the end because it was all about you everyone is gonna forget you existed. The line about "your imaginary friend.. makes you feel better" is an understatement. The imaginary friend doesnt make me feel better thats not his purpose because its not all about me. He brought up a community of people who live and work together who know that. If it was my imaginary friend why are 2.2 billion other people friends with him as well?

      • tyler, there are even more Muslims. Does your point hold for them? How about all the atheists in China, currently the most successful and wealthy country in the world? What about the fact that religion is declining everywhere as the world improves and becomes more peaceful? (Despite what you read in the newspapers or are fed by the TV, the world today is more peaceful than ever before and people are more healthy and moral and considerate than at any previous point in history.) And what about the fact that the places with the most murder, disease, and poverty are the most religious places? This last fact holds true even inside countries. For instance the states of USA which have the worst poverty, murder rates, and disease are the most religious.

        • The world is not becoming more peaceful. The world is getting worse. There is more hate and fighting. Less and less people are becoming Christians and the world is becoming full of evil. (There is so much evidence that there is a Higher Power that created us. And there is so much evidence that the Higher Power is the God from the Bible. Just look it up and open your heart and you will see. The more you look at science the more you will see God. Someone’s gotta have a lot of faith to believe there is no God.)

  3. God cannot be Omniscient and Omnipotent in one 'nutshell' since it is "not in his power" to have new ideas… (Based in his omniscience)

  4. Indoctrination does indeed go a LONG way in "circumnavigating the intellect" of theists. Honestly, I think they just need to believe someone "upstairs" is looking out for them because life can be scary and the unknown even scarier. If more people thought through their religious belief THIS rationally, we'd definitely have a more peaceful world. But perhaps it's human nature to lead with our feelings, be they anger or love. After all, we're not just brains in vats…..are we?

    • Hi Antonio! You say Christians made God up because we want someone to love us or something like that. You say that if we thought about our religion we wouldn’t have faith anymore. You just look at what seems to not make sense about Christianity but you didn’t really think it through. I have questioned my faith. I have thought before “I believe there is a 50% chance that God is real.” But found out there is so much evidence that God is real. Please open your mind to the facts and search the internet for proof of God’s existence. If you find any fault in what I am saying tell me. I will try to prove you wrong and we’ll see who’s right. Also, I think many people just don’t believe in God because they don’t like the idea of Hell or not being allowed to have sexual relations with someone that is not their spouse, stealing, lying, dressing badly, or seeing or watching bad things (sinning). I’ll think about what you said please think about what I said.

  5. If God is the creator and we were created in his likeness, that would make us creators.

    Creators of our own futures through choice. Every choice me make has an outcome / consequence that results in an experience whether favorable or not. Religion takes away the responsibility of our choices made. The devil gets blamed for ‘bad choices’ and faith results in people sitting waiting for nothing to happen instead of getting up and doing something about the situation.

    The fundamental aim of religion is to control others. 10% of believers’ income goes towards feeding hundreds of thousands of spiritual leaders. How do these ‘leaders’ get people to just give their money, time and individuality? Through enforcing their statements and needs with the backing of a supernatural being they call god. They preach fear and condemnation if the followers would dare to question anything they say. They preach love so that their followers can feel good about giving away what they have worked for.

    In the 70’s in South Africa it was read from the Bible that black people are animals and will not see heaven. In the 90’s it was admitted that they misread / misinterpreted the scripts. And so there any many examples of interpretation to fit the times and to ultimately keep control over people.

    • we are creators: we build cities communitities phones cars we create things. The devil does not get blamed because "For all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23 You sin I sin freewill

      Its optional to give to the church. It does say it biblically but it also says to give willingly so if you don't want to God doesn't want you to. Congress is literally controlled by money through corporations PACS and super PACS. Money is a big reason why people sin. When you played a high school sport did you not give your time, money and individuality to that sport? To only gain the experience of playing that sport? Where you were supported by a team with a leader you called "Coach" and followed rules based on that sport when you fouled or broke the rules you were punished by ejection or suspension?
      Your also generalizing Christians, do you think we are different than you, that we don't sin? I question my pastor all the time until he backs beliefs up biblically and factually.

      Those are mormons. That wasn't the bible the was the book of mormon. if your a christian you believe that mormons are not christians rather the are Joseph smiths followers. I disagree with mormonism. Not all aspects of it but most. bringham Young once taught that the devil was black.


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