10 Reasons Christianity Makes No Sense

By Godless Mama | 28 December 2015
Secular Press

When I discovered the online atheist community a few years ago, one of the things that astounded and humbled me the most was the scholarliness of so many activist atheists. I had never before been in the company of so many people so versed in scripture, so skilled in the arts of rhetoric and argumentation, so keen to identifying and deconstructing logical fallacies. I’m not going to lie: It’s often been intimidating to be surrounded by people whose expertise in such things is so far beyond my own, comparatively unsophisticated approach. But as time passes and I learn more and more about these subjects, I find that my basic issues with religion in general, and Christianity in particular, have not evolved to more abstract ontological questions, but have rather crystallized my inability to reconcile even the most basic and fundamental principles of Christian faith.

1. Jesus didn’t die. Christians are always going on about how Jesus died for our sins, but if he came back 3 days later then he didn’t die at all; more like being in a brief coma, which is a drag, but not exactly the ultimate sacrifice that the crucifixion is cracked up to be. And it wasn’t just his spirit that departed to heaven, but his actual physical being. If you go dig up a 3-day old grave, regardless of what you think may have happened to that person’s immortal soul, there’s still going to be a body in it. Jesus’ tomb, on the other hand, was empty, meaning that following his resurrection he was either a zombie or he was fully alive, neither of which is dead. Even more relevant is that when he was hanging there on the cross, Jesus knew that he was going to come back. He didn’t have to endure the fear of death that any other human being would have had to face or the uncertainty that presumably afflicts all but the most devout at the moment of death about whether there really was going to be an afterlife, or if this was lights out for good. Yes, he probably suffered physically, but he knew that death would be no more than a long nap and then he’d be up and at ‘em again. In short, he didn’t die.

2. Jesus didn’t have faith. Jesus was always rolling his eyes and scolding his disciples for not having enough faith. There are many verses to be found in the New Testament in which Jesus says some variation of, “Don’t trust your senses, don’t look for evidence, just accept it because I said so.” But if Jesus was the son of god, then faith wasn’t something he needed – he knew god and heaven were real because that’s where he came from, no faith required. How fair is it to command the rest of the world to believe something on faith alone, threatening eternal punishment to any who don’t believe it, when you yourself have no faith and all the evidence?

3. Jesus didn’t take away my sins. Or did he? I am no logician, but if Jesus died to take away the sins of humanity, then doesn’t that mean that once he was crucified there was no longer any such thing as sin? If his “death” was the absolution of the human race, which we are told it was, why do I still have to do what the bible says, or go to church, or even believe? Aren’t I already saved by his “sacrifice?” And if I am not, and there are still rules to follow and sins that could keep me out of heaven, then what exactly was the point?

4. Jesus wasn’t a very nice guy. American Christians talk a lot about so-called family values, but that concept doesn’t have much, if any, basis in the actual story of Christ. Jesus demanded that his disciples abandon their families and save all of their devotion for him and him alone – a rather narcissistic and not particularly family-centric expectation. Aside from seeming to be in direct contradiction to the commandment about honoring thy mother and father, abandoning spouses and children, while not against any commandments, still seems like a douchey thing to do, even 2,000 years ago.

5. Jesus’ dad was really not a nice guy. We all know that the bible is full of rape, murder, genocide, slavery, and every manner of atrocity – and not in a, “This is what our enemies do so don’t be like them” way, but in a “As long as you are one of mine, have at it” way. Then Jesus showed up and said, more or less, that the old laws still applied, and he wasn’t about to change them. Yes, he was willing to call out hypocrisy, and he did seem to care somewhat about social justice – at least with regard to poverty and leprosy – but otherwise he was still the enforcer of some rather distasteful rules. And don’t even get me started on Jesus being his own father – a concept that, in addition to making no sense, makes Jesus himself the very same god of the Old Testament that Christians like to dismiss as no longer relevant (except when it comes to hating gays).

6. Prayer is contradictory. We are told that god has a plan for everything, but then we are told to pray – for our loved ones to get better when they fall ill, for safety in the storm, for the home team to win the big game. Does that mean god will change his plan if you pray hard enough, or the right way, or get enough other people to pray for the same thing? At the very least this seems to suggest he doesn’t really have much of a plan if he’s willing to modify it based on popular opinion or for those who ingratiate themselves to him, not to mention that it’s a rather arbitrary, if not capricious, approach to human suffering. Further, people often say they pray for things like inner peace, strength, understanding, the solution to personal problems, etc. I don’t pray, but I do a lot of introspection in search of those same things, and then I do either what my conscience tells me is right or what my objectivity tells me has the best chance for the desired outcome. I suspect that people who pray end up doing more or less the same thing but attributing their conclusion to an outside agency. If that is the case, how can they explain that atheists (or members of other religions) can get to the same place with no (or a different) agent? And how strange is it, anyway, to carve out your conscience, that innermost part of yourself, the very core of what makes you you, and say it isn’t you?

7. The bible doesn’t set the moral bar very high. Let’s face it: Don’t rape people, don’t own people, don’t hate people, and don’t hurt children are kind of no-brainers when it comes to morality. Our friend Jesus and his old man not only failed to make these things clear, but in many instances they encouraged, condoned, or commanded them. Sure, Jesus said a few things about loving your neighbor and being kind to strangers, but he also said that not believing in him was the worst offense a person could commit and that anyone who didn’t believe would burn in Hell for all eternity. And seriously, the Ten Commandments as a basis for all morality? Checking out your neighbor’s wife is worse than raping his daughter? Taking the lord’s name in vain is worse than owning slaves? Nice priorities. Add to this the fact that god himself does not follow his own rules, to which Christians respond that mere mortals cannot understand or judge the morality of god. But if the bible defines morality, and god has a different set of rules for himself than for humans, and we are not allowed to know or understand his rules except that we are expected to do as he says but not as he does, then how exactly does that provide any kind of moral baseline whatsoever?

8. Christian love is not very loving. We hear a lot about Jesus’ love and god’s love, and how god so loved the world that he gave his only son, yada yada yada. We already covered the part about him not really giving up his son, and enough has been said by people smarter than I am about the questionable necessity of having a baby, leaving him be for 30 years, torturing him to death, and then bringing him back to life a few days later as a way of forgiving humanity instead of – oh, I don’t know, just saying “I forgive you.” We covered too that this supposed forgiveness isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if I’m still considered a sinner and an apostate and bound for hell for not believing. But if we set that part of the contradiction aside, how loosely are we defining love if we are applying it to the bible? “I love you so much that I will torture and murder my own son as a symbol of something I could just give you without the bloodbath. I love you so much that I will reward you with an eternity in heaven, but you have to suffer and die in this world first. Salvation is yours, so long as you swear your devotion to me and only me. And believe what I say even if it sounds like nonsense because I told you to. And admit that deep down you are a rotten piece of garbage who doesn’t really deserve my love. And if you don’t do all of these things you will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity. But seriously, I love you.”

9. Terrible things happen to good people. A quarter of a million people died in the tsunami of 2006. Twenty first graders and six adults were slaughtered at Sandy Hook. People die of starvation, are killed by war and disease, are raped or beaten by people who have power over them, and suffer in countless other ways. If there is an omniscient, omnipotent god who is also loving, as Christians would have us believe, why do these things happen? Why do children suffer and die? Why are there droughts and floods and famines and pestilences and earthquakes and wars? Why couldn’t god just make people nice? Why create natural disasters? Why didn’t he set forth better, clearer rules to eliminate ambiguity about how we are supposed to treat each other? God either intervenes or he doesn’t; god is either omnipotent or he isn’t. If he does and he is, then suffering exists because god intends for it to be that way. If he doesn’t and he isn’t, then he isn’t in control of anything, including the minutiae of how we live our daily lives. How is either a god worth worshipping?

10. It’s all just way too convenient. Got what you prayed for? He answered your prayers. Praise Jesus! Didn’t get it? He has another plan. Praise Jesus! Don’t have the answers? You’re not meant to. Praise Jesus! Figured out the answer? He chose you. Praise Jesus! Sad about the deaths of your loved ones? They’re in a better place. Praise Jesus! Sad about how much your life sucks? You’ll be happy once you’re dead. Praise Jesus! Honestly, when the answer to every question is exactly the thing that makes you feel best / most comforted / least in need of using your own intellect, should that not send up a huge red flag that maybe you’re not being completely objective?

These are not overtly intellectual, clever, or even particularly insightful observations, nor am I the first person to make them. But as someone who has lived an entire life without religion, the exercises of engaging apologists, philosophizing, or running ontological obstacle courses seem – perhaps naively, but seem nonetheless – to be almost beside the point when the most basic premises of religious belief are so deeply flawed. These irreconcilable contradictions explain a lot about why religious indoctrination is necessary at a very young age, and sadly, they explain a lot about why the world is in the sorry state it is: Because they make people adept at rationalizing the irrational, believing the unlikely, and justifying the immoral.

Godless Mama is a liberal, atheist, anti-theist writer and parent seeking to make the world a better place through the spread of secularism and the exposing of the harms of religion. In addition to GodlessMama.com, she contributes to a number of other political and atheist pages and blogs.

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  1. Christianity makes no sense to atheists who rely on what they glean about Christianity from pop-culture, but it makes perfect sense if you study the Bible itself.

    1. Jesus did die.

    His heart stopped beating and he died a spiritual death, which the cross was a visual representation of.

    2. Faith is the confidence in someone or something's trustworthiness. Of course, Jesus had faith in God the Father. When he prayed, "Let your will be done," in the Garden of Gethsemane, that was him exercising faith in its purest form — i.e., complete confidence in God the Father's trustworthiness.

    3. Jesus DIED for the sins of humanity. The wages of sin is death. He payed the wages by dying on the cross.

    4. The disciples didn't have any families — they were all single men.

    5. The Bible does not condone rape, murder or genocide for anyone.

    6. Jesus taught us how to pray, and we're to pray in God's will. So I can pray that I get a new job, but I pray it in God's will.

    The purpose of prayer, as Jesus taught us, is communion with God (you can't have a relationship with someone you don't talk to) and to subject our will to God's.

    7. "The Bible doesn't set the moral bar very high." According to what, exactly? What moral standard does the atheist use to judge other moral standards as inadequate?

    8. God does not love everyone. He hates the wicked. For instance, he hates Hitler. If God loved Hitler, that would make God wicked.

    9a. No one is good. "No one is good but God."

    9b. Until atheism can supply a standard for moral justice, they're being intellectually dishonest. No where in the universe is it written that anything, good or bad, should or shouldn't happen to good or bad people.

    10. So what?

    • The basic problem with this is your first sentence. It was studying the Bible that made me finally realize how ridiculous it all was. I will go toe-to-toe with anybody on here who is a Christian as far as not only knowing what the Bible says, but understanding it in context of the times, knowing the social and political and financial conditions surrounding the writer at the time it was written, and defining things that we don't understand (chaff anyone?) in modern times. I was fine with being a Christian–until I studied the Bible. The first thing I realized was I had to stop playing my kids the tapes of even the kids' Bible version of the OT because – way too violent. Then I finally had to admit that this here God I was studying – cruel, misogynistic, totally arbitrary, and not personal or loving. So your point – because we don't even know the Bible – sorry, lady, gotta disagree with you on that one.

    • Here's one for you to explain, or more likely 'justify', 'excuse' or attempt to philosophise away:

      According to the bible, God the Father sent his son down to earth to save mankind, because chiefly, He 'loved the world so much'. That was over 2000 years ago. God (and his son) watched mankind suffering for thousands of years after Adam and Eve sinned, many living wretched lives, humans (including children) as well as innocent animals being abused and dying from many diseases or simply old age, which is not pleasant in itself.

      Finally, after thousands of years, God devised a plan and sent forth his son. One would think that virtually immediately after the original sin he would have conjured such a plan, but nevertheless, He eventually does so. Yet, here we are, over 2000 years AFTER God sent his Son down because 'He loved the world (and mankind) so much' and things are worse than ever… with countless wars and atrocities, disease and death affecting every single human, animal and all living beings!

      So much for 'loving the world so much'! It is obvious that there is no kind, caring, compassionate God, for if there were, he would not have allowed these terrible things to befall mankind in the first place (mankind who is not responsible for Adam and Eve's sins), or at least would have brought an end to the world's suffering immediately after his Son saved mankind.

      How could a God who supposedly loved mankind so much, watch his creation suffer for many thousands of years, and that includes innocent children and animals, who through no fault of their own have been thrust into this situation? Obviously there is no such kind, caring God.

      Please don't reply with the inane excuse that a thousand years is only a day to God, as it is the length of time which mankind experiences which is important, not a spirit being who is not suffering on earth. Also don't offer the usual, 'we do not know the mind of God' excuse as that is the usual cop outs offered when there is no answer to the question, and is not a valid explanation in any event.

    • THESE 10 SO CALLED REASON ARE LAUGHABLE Roman historians wrote Jesus died and arose again these people were not Christians but reporting the events that happen .This rest of these reasons you post are absolutely foolishness .You show even more cluelessness because the bible show the blunt sins of the world .It does not promote them like rape for example . .But you really care not to understand the Biblical truth because it offends your love of sin.You cannot comprehend or read in context because that would make you desire to see the truth .The love you hate http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0085/0085_01…. That God came in the flesh to died for you .That you hate him so much you reject his love .

    • anna_e, so many mistakes… you really need to actually read your Bible instead of taking your preacher's word for it. I don't have the time or inclination to counter them all, but I will point out two of your worst.

      You say the Bible doesn't condone rape, murder or genocide for anyone. Girl, you are so wrong. There are countless examples where god instructs his people to rape and murder, but the most repulsively psychopathic passage I've read in the Bible is Deuteronomy 13:12-16 where god instructs that if you find people worshipping another god then you should murder every man, woman, and child, and even all the cattle, then burn the city to the ground totally trashing it and everything of value in it — all for your god's pleasure. Finally you should make sure nothing is ever built there again.

      I'll also point out that Hitler was a devout Christian. You can see this in all his speeches and in his personal writings, never intended for anyone else's eyes. He was raised as a Christian, he surrounded himself with Christians, disliked and distrusted atheists, and the Pope instructed Catholics to follow him because he was doing god's work. So, yes. By your own definition god would be wicked… if he existed. Thankfully he doesn't, just like all the thousands of other gods which you don't believe in.

      Okay, I can't resist your final point about atheism supplying a standard for moral justice. We've already done that. Slavery was excused by the Bible, promoted by the church and fought against initially by atheists, joined later by some Christians. Racism was opposed by atheists and is still largely promoted by Christians. Homophobia is mostly a religious thing, and it is secular, non-religious society that has fought for equality. Women were owned by men in the Bible. Women now have rights thanks largely to atheists. The churches still fight every inch of the way against women having rights. Children now have rights too, no thanks to the church. Once again secular, non-religious society has given children the right to have a life without misery. Christians are still the main obstacle there too. Animals are beginning to have rights too, while Christianity tends to push the view that we have been given dominion over them to do what we want.

      So, no. Morality doesn't come from your Bible. It makes a stab at a few of the same rules that every functioning society has, but fails terribly on a host of others. Thankfully morality has advanced far beyond the Bible. You should be grateful for that.

      • I am replying to your Hitler being a Christian point. Are all atheists really 100% atheists. I know of some who think God may be real. So if some atheists aren’t good atheists there are also some Christians that are bad Christians, or are lying, or are trying to pretend they are good but really they are not. I am a Christian, and I disagree wholeheartedly with Hitler.

    • Christianity makes no sense because christians do not even realize that they are just catholics because it is the catholics that invented the entire story of a jesus christ in the 4th century.

      • Catholics believe they should pray to people. Christians believe they should only pray to God. Also many people believe and know Jesus was a real person they just don’t believe He is the Son of God.

    • Also Jesus definitely did die because with the wounds he had he probably would have died later and because when they stabbed him water and blood came out which means he suffocated.

    • Well Jesus’s disciples weren’t all single, but God is more important than anything else. Also, if God loves us even when we sin that means he did love Hitler. He did not agree with him though. When we disobeyed our mom or dad as kids they still love us right? They just didn’t agree with what we did and spanked or punished us, but they still loved us.

  2. I feel like many points need to be addressed. Nothing personal. I just want to try and get Christians to really and truly think about what they are believing in.
    I myself grew up in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, and seriously thought I believed it. But as I got older, going through high school and approaching college, I started thinking with more and more logic and reasoning.
    GOD CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ALL-LOVING, ALL-POWERFUL, AND ALL-KNOWING. This is the main argument for me as to why Christianity does not add up.
    So Jesus was apparently sent to Earth for the purpose of dying for our sins. He died as the ultimate sacrifice, but rose again to show people that there is life after death with him and him alone. The flaw? Well…why was there a need for all of this to begin with? God hates sin and God is all-powerful, but sin still exists. In the blink of an eye, he should have the power to wipe out sin. So why was there a need for all the theatrics with his death and ressurection? Why did he create sin?
    And the wages of sin is death? God is punishing us for being sinful, which is the way he created us. So we’re being punished for his mistake in creating us, which again, he could fix with the snap of his fingers if he really is all-powerful. But no, God created death in this world as well as sin like I said before.
    Somebody commented that God hates the wicked? I was taught that God loves all his children (hence the all-loving part), but I’ll play along with this comment for the sake of a good argument. So God hates the wicked such as Hitler for an example, correct? Well…who created Hitler? God. Who has a plan for everybody? God. So then who truly caused the world wars and, furthermore, any act of terror or violence? God. It was God that created terrorism, rape, murder, etc. Humans didn’t create these evil things on their own because it was all a part of God’s plan to begin with.
    You might argue that the evil is caused by Satan, but who created Satan? God. Satan was supposedly an angel that envied God and went to hell along with 1/3 of all the angels, all of which were God’s creations. And all of that was God’s plan too. I mean he knew it was going to happen, right? He knows all, right? Again, if he really hates these evil things, and he is all-powerful, then why do they exist?
    Also playing along with the idea of God hating the wicked, then God does apparently love those that he deems “good”, correct? Then why do they have to suffer from anything if they are innocent? Here’s an example to think about. Think about your family for a minute. Assuming you love them like most people do love their families, then you want the best for them, correct? If you had the power to give them a better world and a better life, then you would, correct? Then why does God allow his children to suffer if he loves them? He has the power to make everything perfect, yet he doesn’t.
    Sounds like God’s moral standards are a bit twisted, doesn’t it? Seems like the well-being of his “loved” ones aren’t a priority. I would think that caring for your loved ones and hating the suffering of innocent people is considered good moral standards, but this is all just coming from some 22 year old, agnostic college student like me. I mean, “clearly” this “God” has better moral standards than some kid, right? Well…seems to me like he is a sick and twisted being.
    One last thing to point out is that there are so many translations of the Bible and many different denominations of Christianity. Why can’t God be clear enough so that everybody understands the same message? Clearly the Bible is confusing because all the Christians are divided up into different groups that translate the Bible the way they want it to be translated based on who they are.
    Take homosexuality as a quick and easy example of this. The Bible states that it is an abomination. However, my church had a sermon on the topic where a guest pastor was talking about a gay couple that attends his church and has a sexless relationship. On the other hand, there are churches out there that flat out say that God hates gay people and even churches that will say that it’s OK. People will interpret any work of literature in different ways based on their perspective.
    Based on all this reasoning, if a god exists that created us all, then he either does not truly love us, does not know about the evil in the world that he created, or does not have unlimited power.
    But if anything, Christianity does good in keeping people under control, teaching discipline, and calming those that fear death. For that, I don’t mind Christianity existing for those that need it.
    If you took the time to read all this and still feel like Christianity cannot be questioned and that what I stated is crap, then we just need to agree to disagree because you probably just turned a blind eye to it all.

  3. NO God, no peace! Know God, KNOW peace! As a Christian I respect differing opinions but in “my little world” I don’t support any religion. I see it this way, either you are a Christian or you are something else. Simple enough?

    • Wars are fought over religion.
      No wars are fought over science and factual enquiry.
      Religion is the cause of fighting, death and violence. Because it's embedded within the scripture. Stoning people, killing and slaughtering them. All right there. Easy to find in the pages of your bible. When you don't believe in this disgusting fiction, you don't have it underpinning your broken morality.

  4. THESE 10 SO CALLED REASON ARE LAUGHABLE Roman historians wrote Jesus died and arose again these people were not Christians but reporting the events that happen .This rest of these reasons you post are absolutely foolishness .You show even more cluelessness because the bible show the blunt sins of the world .It does not promote them like rape for example . .But you really care not to understand the Biblical truth because it offends your love of sin.You cannot comprehend or read in context because that would make you desire to see the truth .The love you hate http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0085/0085_01.asp Thaqt God came in the flesh to died for you .That you hate him so much you reject his love .

    • DANO, actually one of the most interesting things about Jesus is that there is zero corroborating evidence from the Romans of his existence.

      There are several parts of the Bible where it does promote rape, and other parts where is gets excused. You really need to actually read your Bible instead of relying on what other people tell you about it.

      Strange that you say atheists love sin. The atheists I know are the most moral and honest people I've ever met. I know some good and honest religious people too (Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and even some Hindu), but the worst liars and most immoral people I've ever met have almost always been religious — most of them Christian. Just look at the most immoral politicians, the biggest liars, the ones who cheat on their wives and steal money — they are invariably the most religious ones. It's because religion begins the poison by requiring people to lie to themselves, professing to know something they can't possibly know. After that further lies come easy.

      • Good people use religion as a safety blanket and believe without it they would be awful people incapable of sound judgement. Evil bastards don’t mind lying and use religion as a cover. Casting themselves as one of these benign followers. If they do wrong (get caught) sometimes it is because they slipped in their faith.

  5. We are all on our own on Earth. Bad shit happens to good people and where is God??? I tried to lead a good loving life, being kind to everyone and all I ever ot was crapped on and a man killed my beloved dogs and my daughter, where was God to intervein! God is Bull Shit! But I do know for a fact there are Spirits and I am not sure how that is? If there is a God, he don't give a crap! And after all my suffering and losses…I have no faith or love for God! I would rather pray to Lucifer then God any day and I do!

    • Yikes, I'm so sorry about your dogs and your daughter! :( I don't care what anyone says, such deeds are not forgivable.

  6. Explain why since the religion of atheism took full speed ahead since 1963 that our nation has become so violent? Atheists are weak willed bigoted cowards that need to be horse whipped for spreading evil and wicked agendas. No one thing proves there is a God than atheists. Atheists prove there is a Hell by their behavior.

    • Nice substance! All I read in your post was general name calling but really nothing substantial to defend your view. Nice one! Very good argument there pal. I'm so enlightened now thanks to your wise words. Lol

    • Atheism is not a religion. By “our nation” I take it you are talking about the USA, the most religious nation in the west & the most violent. Take the more secular countries of Scandinavia belief in God is incredibly low, crime & social problems that are common in the “bible belt” are rare. They lock up less people, have a better education system, health system & general wellbeing than the “God states” where murder, teen pregnancy rates & gun crime are horrendous. Proof that humans are better off without Christianity.

    • Yeah, Christianity is so gentle you call for atheists to be horse whipped and characterise them as evil and wicked. You condemn yourself with your own words.

      If you look at genuine statistics instead of simply believing the lies handed you by your preacher you'd find out that as the world has moved toward atheism it has become less violent. Every year violent crimes fall — ask any criminologist. And every year religion dies away a little more.

      The most religious places are also the most violent places. This is exactly the reverse of what would be if there was a god. http://moses.creighton.edu/JRS/2005/2005-11.pdf

    • I pretty sure that God wouldn’t like that comment if you’re right or wrong. You can help more people by not scaring them away with name calling. But guys seriously!? All you atheists call us are stupid morons that made up something because we’re babies and are scared of life! You are being hypocrites by telling us not to call you names but you are allowed to call us names. I’m pretty sure you are not being peacemakers because hypocrites are not peacemakers!

    • Give me proof that God exists, and maybe I'll believe in him. But right now, there is absolutely no evidence that God is real.

  7. I am a Christian…I believe that God sent Jesus to earth to teach us and to die, in our place, for our sin and that He did just that. I understand by reading your post that you feel the opposite. I will not debate or argue our different beliefs. I will say just this..
    If your beliefs are right and mine are wrong…I lose nothing. However, if my beliefs are right and your’s are wrong..you have lost everything. I pray that one day you will come to the know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.

    • kathymac, that's what's known as Pascal's wager. It contains a big mistake. Belief in a religion damages your life in many large and small ways.

      Where religion is strongest, so are society's ills — murder, disease, poverty, and more. The happiest, healthiest, most peaceful countries on Earth are the most atheist countries. This is exactly the reverse of what would be if there was a god, but sadly, it is just what you'd expect if religion was a mental disease. http://moses.creighton.edu/JRS/2005/2005-11.pdf

      • If I told you to put on a parachute while riding a plane because it would make your ride way better and more comfortable, so you put it on because you believed me how would you feel about it if when you’re standing you feel the weight of it on your shoulders, then when you sit down you can’t sit up straight, and then your realize that people are laughing at you? You would take the parachute off and throw it on the ground. Why? Well because you were lied to and it made your flight worse. Well, what if I handed you you a parachute during your flight and told you that soon you would be jumping from 25,000 feet off of the ground and that without it you would die? Well, you would put it on, and not notice the weight on your shoulders, the way you’re sitting, and the people laughing at you, but instead be grateful for it because you know that without the parachute, you would die. It’s the same with God. If you are told to believe in Him because He will make your life easier, better, and will give you lots of money and a long life, that would be a lie and you will soon find out that life is harder with Him.But if you were told to believe and trust in God because He will save you , you will be grateful for Him and hold on to Him.

    • Give me proof that God exists, and I'll gladly become Christian again. But as of right now, I see no proof. If he's not real, and nobody can prove he's real, I wouldn't worship him.

  8. You will never see logical replies from theists, as their belief is not based on logic, it's based on needing to believe.
    e.g. that atheism is itself a "religion".
    The contradictions and nonsense in the bible are plain for all to see. Theists just don't like hearing about it because it makes their baseless beliefs – that they only hold because of where they were born and because they were told to believe them by parents who suffered the same cycle – look as dumb as they are.
    One doesn't have to try to make the bible look stupid – the bible does a very good job of that on its own.

  9. Christianity isn’t bad at all. This just pushed me off the edge I got to the second paragraph and I’m already pissed off. This is a really offensive article to all Christians and of course, me, because I’m a strong believer of Jesus Christ. Just because you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. The Bible tells all, no I’m not trying to convert you but I’m stating my beliefs here.
    Jesus DID die for our sins, so we are forgiven for every mistake we make because we are all human. God made us, this earth, life, everything. But we use the tools he made for us to invent things. It happens that way. Secondly, Jesus DID have faith. He was helping others get through their struggles. He turned water into wine, He even walked on water to save one of his disciples that didn’t truly believe so he drowned but seeing Jesus and Jesus rescuing him, putting him back on the boat, he believed. God IS out there. Just because we don’t see him doesn’t mean he isn’t real. Jesus DID die on the cross for our sins. Hell, he had a crown of thorns on his head, pulled his own cross that will be the death of him, and he loved everyone. He just wanted peace. For everyone. And when He rose, ppl believed again. Fourth, He was kind to everyone He was NOT selfish of keeping only a few and many to Himself, but tried his best to save everyone. He helped a man who was blind see again. Fifth, God created Jesus and gave Him to Mary. Not the husband. He doesn’t hate Gays, he just wants peace for every living being. sixth, God DOES have a plan. Everyone of us. There IS a plan. What I’ve been through, through all the shit and trauma I’ve been through, is going to help others in the long run to heal. That’s what therapists do. Seventh, God NEVER set the rules of rape is fine as long as you believe? And when people die, they get a chance to speak with God himself to see if he is able to make it to heaven. There is stairs to heaven, you just gotta believe. Eighth, NO NO NO NO NO. The Bible DOES NOT mention, and what I’ve heard from every strong believer, that loving someone so much that he have to murder them in the name of God? That’s not how it works. Yes, bad things happen to good people, and the bad people. But with the good, it’s just a pathway to peace. Everyone dies, it’s a part of life. God does NOT control everything that happens. It’s just people being people. and this -> “Sad about how much your life sucks? You’ll be happy once you’re dead. Praise Jesus!” from the article, just makes me want to cry so hard…..Death is NEVER the option of another when you are sad. It does NOT mean when you finally die you will be happy. Yes, of course you will be happy but the pain doesn’t last forever. But if you just believe pray and worship and have hope and faith, it will all be okay. This is why I have NOT killed myself at all even when attempting, because I HAVE hope. I’m posting this and gonna comment this on the article no matter how many haters I get. Because I believe what I believe. Don’t take this personally, but this article made me really upset….

    • God's Warrior, why do you think pointing out the absurdities in Christianity is offensive to Christians? This always surprises me. I study science and I program computers, but if someone tells me of a mistake I made in a program I wrote, I'm grateful, not offended, and if someone points out an absurdity in some aspect of biology, or cosmology, or physics that I'd accepted, then I happily embrace that and amend my thoughts on the subject. What is the point in being offended by it?

      The most amazing thing in what you wrote is that all those things are entirely unsupported. It's about as convincing as if a Muslim recited all the reasons from the Koran that he's Muslim, and that Muhammed really did fly away on a winged horse, so Islam is obviously true! Or a Hindu listing things from the Bhagavad Gita as why Shiva and their other gods really do exist. Or a Buddhist describing the sayings and accomplishments of Siddhartha Gotama (Buddha) as evidence that reincarnation is real. It's just hearsay. It's not really evidence.

      Do you really think atheists hate religious people just because they're religious? All the atheists I'm met have, on the whole, been far more loving, kind, and moral than the religious people I've met. I've known some honest and good religious people too, but overall religion seems to inspire such awful hatred and negativity I'm constantly astounded that Christians characterise atheists as hateful. Who are the most hateful racists? Religious people. Who are the most awful mysogynists? Religious people. Who are the most horrendous homophobes? Religious people. In all these things it is the atheists who lead the way to tolerance and equality and dignity for all, extending the hand of friendship and love, whereas in each case the hatred is incited and inflamed by the church.

      I am really sorry you've been unhappy, even to the point of attempting suicide. I know you think you find solace in religion, but it doesn't sound very successful. Please understand me when I say that I find more hope and love and wonder in my scientific view of the world than any religious person finds in their fantasies. Seeing the world as it really is can lift the despair and infuse you with such a feeling of awe, it far surpasses anything a myth can bring.

      Survey after survey shows that where religion dominates the worst ills of society also dominate: murder, poverty, disease, unhappiness — exactly the things religion tells us it repairs, but it never does. The most peaceful, happy places in the world are also the most atheist places. This is no coincidence.

      See this study on the way society's worst ills line up with religion (in this case it only considers Christianity in the most well-off countries): http://moses.creighton.edu/JRS/2005/2005-11.pdf

      See the annual happiness survey. The atheist Nordic countries always top the list and the most religious countries are always at the bottom: http://worldhappiness.report/

      The evidence is clear that if you want to be happy and at peace with the world, then religion is the very worst choice to make. This is not opinion. It is supported by actual evidence, not superstitious stories in a book of myths from thousands of years ago.

  10. The biggest plot holes in Christianity are at least two. One, the so called heaven cannot be such a wonderful place or whatever if Satan managed to rebel there and be kicked out of it. Secondly, God never felt the need to send a savior to the devils, but apparently gave them a license to be evil and tempt fragile and fallible humans. All this is to say that religions are just weird stories totally made up.

  11. I fully understand all what the author said. He is right. But I m still a christian. Why?
    1. There is nothing bad in it
    2. We cannot come from nowhere. There should be a creator somewhere. Maybe he is not exactly as the bible describes it, but at least he exists, and I seek him.
    3. If there is a creator, I realized that Jesus’ instructions and commands are more likely to be what he would ask us to do.
    4. It is normal that our human reasoning does not understand God, because he IS God. If our logic could understand him then it would make him to be a Man.
    5. If christianity remained the way it was at the time of the apostles then anyone would be a christian by now. It was a perfectly loving and caring community. This is how Christianity was meant to be if we sticked to Christ’s teachings.
    6. I need to believe in something. I m not really enthusiast with the Idea of eternal life or hell…Not sure if I believe in them….but putting that aside a relationship with a supernatural helping me to do good to ppl around me does no harm.

    In conclusion, I decided to put aside my correct reasoning and stay a christian. I understand why some wouldn’t do that and I m ok with that.

    • John, first let me express my warmth to you for the way you don't take offense at the article. Good for you. So many religious people are horrified and/or hateful when their religion is questioned. It is a relief to find someone who accepts it with equanimity.

      Let me give my answers to your points in the hope it may help.

      1. The Inquisition, the Crusades, Nazism, slavery, racism, homophobia, misogyny, antisemitism — all these things are rationalised by the Bible and the Christian church. Not only that, they actually make scarily good sense if you believe what's in the Bible.

      2. Where did god come from? If your answer is that he always was, then exactly the same answer can be used for the universe.

      3. If there was a creator, what makes the Bible more likely to be correct than the Koran, or the Bhagavad Gita, or the Book of Mormon, or the Egyptian Book of the Dead? There are thousands of religions. All are equally spurious.

      4. The argument that we can't understand god's reasoning doesn't actually work. It is generally used to excuse tragic or horrific things in the Bible or a real-world calamity. It is a trick used to turn off your ability to question. Read the account of Job in the Bible and see if, after applying any sensible level of morality to it, god doesn't show as being utterly evil and immoral. The only way to get anything religious from that repugnant tale is to switch off our morality. Or how about the tale of Noah? God becomes so annoyed with the way his experiment with humans worked out (surprising for an all-knowing being) that he murders everyone — all the children, all the kittens, songbirds, pandas. He doesn't act like a morally responsible adult and appear to the people and explain about being good, his first choice is simply mass murder. And then he expresses regret afterwards for his actions (again, surprising for an all-knowing, all wise being).

      5. There is very little about the disciples in the Bible, but it doesn't seem perfectly loving to me. Jesus told people to leave their families and to hate their parents. He told people not to bother getting married and not to bother having children because the end is coming within a single lifetime. He said the he doesn't come to bring peace, but to bring the sword. Sure, he says a bunch of nice things too, but even that awful warlord, Muhammad said a lot of good things too. And Siddhartha Gotama (Buddha) said a lot more good and moral things than Jesus did. From what I've read, the feelings and actions of the murderous suicide bombers is brotherly and loving among them and their fellows, but it doesn't convince me that they have any answers.

      6. You don't actually need to believe in anything. I don't believe in anything and it brings me great satisfaction and happiness. I provisionally accept what I learn from science, but I don't depend on any of it. What I learn from science fills me with wonder and love for the world around me. My greatest joy comes from having one of the things I'd thought to be true upended. The pursuit of knowledge is the greatest fun imaginable. Remember when you were a child and something new and unexpected made you laugh? How have people settled for less? Why have they given up the ecstasy of surfing the wave of knowledge for the numbing warmth of false myths?

      Whatever you choose, I wish you the best.

  12. I am athiest, but i dont deny that christianity is a possibility. I believe that is was science that created the universe and that jesus was probably just some guy who said he was son of god. I just want to know why people keep changing the bible as soon as we, humanity make a mistake such as discrimination against black people or gay people. Also slavery and rape was considered normal around the time that god was supposedly doing stuff e.g telling Abraham actually not to kill his son at the last minute. Now please admit it, this was a huge dick move by god, even though it was a test he made a guy think if he didn’t kill his own son he was dishonering god. Anyway thanks very much if you got this far. I expect nothing less than the comments to go crazy.
    P.s im 5

    • The God in the Old Testament may be a different God from the God in the late New Testament. Or at the very least, the God in Genesis might be a different God, that the writers of the Old Testament co-opted for their own purposes. Remember that there were a million gods back then. Nobody knows who wrote the Old Testament.

      • Albert, nobody knows who wrote the New Testament either. If you're willing to accept that the authors of the Old Testament made up their stuff why are you unable to do so for the New Testament.

        We have so much evidence of tampering and fakery in the Bible… my favorite story in the Bible, where the townspeople bring a woman accused of adultery before Jesus and pointed out the law demanded she be stoned to death. Jesus says the the one among them who is without sin should cast the first stone, and when they all wander away he pretends surprise to the woman and doesn't condemn her, telling he to be on her way and not sin any more. That story is a forgery. We know roughly when it was added by some nameless monk in the Dark Ages who doubtless thought lying for Jesus was a good thing.

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