6 Things Religion Can’t Explain

By Dean Van Drasek | 5 February 2015
Atheist Republic

1. Where did God(s) come from?

This is an obvious one, and everyone knows it. Of the major current religions, only the Hindus have made any sort of attempt at addressing it through the concept of Brahman. Frankly, the Greeks and Norse religions did a better job of explaining this than do the self-proclaimed monotheisms. At least they (and a great many other religions) acknowledged a beginning before there were gods. Don’t expect anyone, even the Mormons or Scientologists who have their gods on an unidentifiable planet, to give you god’s address any time soon. Just saying that god “always was” seems a poor use of human imagination.

2. Why does God(s) care about humans?

OK, the Hindu gods don’t care so much, as they and we are all on the same wheel of reincarnation, and they are partially like many older religions where it’s a “you do this for me, and I will do this for you” sort of arrangement – at least when they are not off drinking soma. But with the monotheisms, you have to wonder why their god(s) bother. The Hebrew’s god loved the smell of burned animal flesh so, while there was a Temple around at which the sacrifices were made, YHWH got something out of the relationship. And in Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda needs people as his ally against Angra Mainyu, almost in the same way as Odin needs heroes to fight with him at the final battle of Ragnarök. But the gods of Christianity and Islam don’t need soldiers, as its already pre-ordained that they will emerge victorious.

So why do gods care about humans? Because they want to be worshipped? They don’t have compassion for humans, since they send all non-believers (the vast majority of humans) to eternal suffering. So why save some at all? Please don’t say, “because they love us,” unless you can look a starving child in the face and tell her how the god who created her loves her so much that he is sending her to hell for eternity. Let’s face it, the best explanation is probably that the gods were bored and so humanity and all creation is the cosmological equivalent of a Sony PlayStation for a divinity.

3. Why is suffering allowed?

If the world is made by a perfect or all powerful or nearly all powerful god(s), then why is it so imperfect itself? If a divine being wanted to make a perfect place, say like heaven, why make an imperfect place like reality? If heaven is where you, as the diving being, want to spend all your time, why make anything else? Why put so many souls through a lifetime of suffering and then (in some cases) an eternity of torment? The only reason I can see is that a hell would be created so that god can watch and enjoy those who are suffering. Otherwise just annihilate them upon death (as some religions allow). Admittedly, for some religions, suffering is not created by the gods, but is a fundamental property of reality which all things endure (even gods) but it’s not everlasting (as in many sects of Hinduism and some Buddhist ones, where hell is like a summer camp to train you to do better in the next incarnation).

But even for those religions that have foregone the concept of an eternal punishment, or even any after-death punishment at all, the reason for suffering in life could, at best, be seen as a trial of humanity. But why do that? Why not make them the way you want them? Why create them imperfect, with desires to be suppressed? If you want human souls to be with you in some paradise, then put them there to begin with. As with hell, the only reason why a god would permit human suffering is to view it or to use it to judge them – which is itself a problem.

4. What does God(s) get out of giving humans free will?

Some religions claim that their god(s) is omniscient, and therefore there is no place for human free will. Free will is an illusion for humans, who are incapable of seeing their future. But for the relevant god(s), before the soul is even ensconced in a body, to know whether that soul will enjoy paradise or perdition it begs the question of why go through the exercise? But for those religions and doctrines that embrace free will, humans are given the chance to follow god(s) or not, to their benefit or detriment. Some doctrines try to get around this by saying that god might know the outcome, but he doesn’t interfere in a human’s choices, so there is both omniscience and free will. Presumably, this means that god is then not active in human affairs, sort of like the absent watchmaker of 18th Century European thought.

In any event, isn’t giving human’s free will sort of like gambling? Each human soul is a roll of the dice. Let’s see if this one goes to heaven or burns forever in hell. Let’s see if this one lives on a yacht eating caviar and enjoying all the sensuous pleasures that money can buy, while that one dies as a child in terrible agony from disease and malnutrition – with the former going to eternal bliss and the later going on for more and worse agony, all because of what they were fortunate enough to have believed. Unless you agree with the Zoroastrians and Norse that there is a purpose for humans in some future divine battle, then what is the point? It just seems like gambling to me, a curiosity about the unknown future. Human souls as sport for a bored divinity.

5. Why make human souls eternal?

If you’re divine and eternal and all powerful, why do you need to make anything else eternal? What would be the reason? Most human religions have had gods with families and friends who are also divine. The heavenly court looks remarkably like the kingly court on earth, with jealousies and affairs and sensualities, fears, angers and desires all similar to those of frail humans. But other religions strip their god(s) of these terrestrial emotions, and treat them as beyond human conception in terms of their motivations and desires. For many religions, especially tribal ones, even if gods created humans, the element of a soul is often an uncreated element of life or consciousness that is uncreated by the gods. Many religions imbued animals with this eternal spark as well as people.

But assuming that an eternal soul is not seen as an uncontrolled element of reality within which the god(s) operate, then why create something like this? Especially if most of them are destined for eternal punishment? If you’re a lonely divine being, you create angels. I’ll take a couple of Apsaras, please – Buddhist/Hindu Angels are soooo much better than the boring sword wielding, plague distributing angels of the monotheisms. I mean, don’t the angels in all their diversity offer enough entertainment? Why create immortal human souls? If you want to enjoy their exploits and see if they can meet your commandments, just give them 1,000 years of heaven after life. Surely that is still enough of an incentive, or even 10,000 or 100,000 years? Why eternity?

6. Why allow ignorance of yourself?

If you were god, and you wanted to test people to see if they lived according to your rules, wouldn’t it make sense to be sure that they knew what those rules were? If you’re going to play a game, it only works if both sides know the rules and what conditions constitute a victory or a failure. Now some religions don’t think this way. Many tribal religions only considered their beliefs to apply to themselves and other people had other gods, or no gods. Today, Judaism and Shinto and many Native American religions fall into this category. God is not really a universal god, as he/she/they are primarily concerned with just one tribe or group of people. So, the rules apply to them and not necessarily to others. These religions don’t tend to proselytize.

Hinduism and Chinese folk religions fall someplace in the middle, as they really have never developed a consistent attitude towards those who don’t follow their faith. For Hinduism, the belief is clearly that all humans, and animals for that matter, are part of the experience of reincarnation. But equating the position of foreigners into the concept of the caste system has been full of contradictory positions. For Chinese folk religions, including some elements of Taoism, you don’t need to believe so long as you make the correct propitiations. In other words, they will accept offerings from and answer the prayers of anyone. Many of the world’s remaining folk religions are similar. Gods in these religions are more interested in the outward signs of devotion or sacrifice than with reading the minds of humans (traditional Judaism is very much in this primitive vein as well, just look at the pages of descriptions on how to make sacrifices, how to dress, what to eat, when to work, etc.).

But if you were god, wouldn’t you want everyone to know? Why hide yourself for most of human history and then only make yourself known one time in one place to one group or people or even just one individual? Zoroaster and Muhammad fall into this category. Judaism used to ascribe its Torah to be the writings of one man, Moses (who, at least based on his depiction in the Torah, is clearly fictional). What is the reason for the modesty? Especially when people’s wellbeing and perhaps even eternal life is at risk, why not get the word out? Why condemn billions of people to endless torment simply because they never heard of you? What is the logic in this? Maybe there are some people you just don’t like? Is god a racist? Did he forget to tell everyone else because he didn’t like them? Because they weren’t worthy enough? Or was it just too far to go to Australia?

There are more than 6, I know. What ones have you used that have been effective with believers?

Reprinted with permission from Atheist Republic.

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  1. 1) God always existed. If he created the universe he necessarily exists outside of our space and time and thus is not subject to the physical laws of our universe.

    2) God created humans specifically to love them, but He gives them free will. Free will necessitates that a person can choose to do something bad and that will have a negative impact on someone else. If God intervened everytime someone chooses to do something bad then there would be no free will and people would ask "Why would God create people who were just robots doing whatever God says?" The notion that a loving God would not allow anything bad to happen in the world is a logical fallacy.

    3) Already explained in #2 above.

    4) God gets love freely given. If you enslave your wife and tell her you will destroy her if she doesn't love you can you truly say you have her love? Her love is only worth anything if it is freely given. This is the whole purpose of giving man free will.

    5) Human souls are eternal because, as the Bible explains, at some point this imperfect world will cease to exist – even science confirms that the universe is finite. God wants to commune with his people forever. If human souls are not eternal then when the universe ceases to exist He is back to His state before he created the universe in the first place.

    6) God reveals himself in many ways not the least of which is in nature (according to the Apostle Paul in Romans). He also revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Some people refuse to believe no matter what happens. Jesus Himself said that some would not believe even if they saw someone raised from the dead. They did see him raised from the dead and still did not believe.

    This all goes back to free will. How many times have I heard someone say "I don't want any part of a god that would <blah>". That is their choice and if they teach their children to ignore the evidence of God then that is also their free will the results of which negatively impacts their children.

    If you ask any true Christian (regular church attender who has had a salvation experience) they will tell you that there is an unmistakable and overwhelming peace that they experience upon salvation that is not explainable in human terms. The Bible calls it the "peace that passes understanding".

    Those who have never experienced it will reject it as non-existent, but anyone who has felt it knows different.

    In a nutshell, God does reveal himself to man, but chooses not to require that man acknowledge His existence. Anything else would be to negate free will.

    So, there are 6 answers to questions that religion supposedly can't explain. They are actually Christianity 101. :-)

    • vhavard you are 100% correct and this is what separates biblical Christianity from “religion” the 2 are not the same thing as many would have us believe.

    • You gave the same old, really bad answer to number 1. Your answer to number 2 leaves me scatching my head some. A all knowing, all seeing and omnipotent being created another being to love him? A being that pretty much can create anything it wants or needs, has to have something else love him to be complete? That's a very sad view of a all powerful being. Lets say you are right. He makes us to love him, but being all knowing, knew that he would have to destroy almost all of us with a global flood. He would also have to condem more than half of all humans that ever lived to hell because they never heard of him, so couldn't be saved. I don't think your god that made humans for love thought this out very well. Those seem like some very big missteps to me. You completely ignored number 3. I believe that's because that is a question that can't be answered. I can see the suffering as a test of someones faith, I've heard that one over and over. What I haven't heard is an explanation of the staving kids in poor countries? Are they a test for everyone else? If so, then that means that god makes them, knowing they will spend all of their life suffering. That's a very evil thing to do. That would be like beating up a dog and leaving it to suffer in a dog park, just to see if anyone will help it. If someone did that, you would say they were mean and that was an evil act. Well I would say that anyone, god or otherwise that makes someone suffer to test their or a stranger faith is evil. Your answer to number 4 really doesn't follow the first 5 or 6 books of the bible. God commanded his followers over and over to kill those that didn't believe in him and didn't worship him. As a matter of fact, every where in the bible were someone didn't believe or worship him, he ordered them killed. He ordered the death of men, women and children, well not the virgins, those were given to the victorious armies for fun. As for number 6 the last time he was said to have revealed himself was in a story written 500-600 years after he was suppose to have lived. There have been more sightings of Elvis after he died than jesus or god combined in the last 2000 years. As for your talk of a unmistakable and overwhelming peace, that I would agree with. I've had that feeling twice in my life. The first time was what you call a salvation experience. It was a great feeling while it lasted. I had this bad habit of reading more than the 3-4 verses of the bible that were discussed in church. This lead me to finding contradictions with it and it's self and natural world around me. This made the feeling of peace fade and replaced it will a feeling of betrayal and confusion. The second time was when I realized that stories written by desert nomads 400-600 years after the fact, didn't have a lot of facts in them. I was still left with what I thought was the only other option, it's all just luck. It just all randomly happened. That seemed even like more of a stretch than the bible myths. When looking up at the night sky, I just knew there was too much of a system out there. It couldn't be just luck. My second overwhelming peace moment came when i stumbled across a website for Deism. Here was the idea that lead to a profound realization. The real world could be explored, while not losing my faith that there was a higher power out there that had made it. I knew that people should do good things not because of a reward of heaven, but because it was just the right thing to do. I now look at every church and see waste, waste of money, wood, bricks, water, heat and space. All of those resources could solve a lot of the needs they all claim they want to fix. Most organized churches in America have been the definition of hypocrisy. A man stands at the front in a suit that cost more than the average person makes in a week and ask for more money from those very same people. I hope from your statements that you are not part of an organization like that. You do come across as a nice person. I hope you will also look up Deism and see if it doesn't give you an overwhelming sense of peace that it gave me.

      • Awesome reply CannonFoddr! I was a theist myself up until a few years ago when I actually began to read the bible and all its sickness. It became apparent to me that Religions are created solely by and for man, no supernatural beings at all.


    • Why haven’t you searched for this man and killed him in the name of God and Jesus just as the bible tells you. Luke 19:27

    • vharvard, you stated that "Why would God create people who were just robots doing whatever God says?" Then my question to you would be "What is heaven?" Is there still free will in heaven and by your logic still evil and punishment or are we "just robots doing whatever God says" in heaven?

    • 1) Correct.

      2) Good answer.

      3) You need to explain natural evil.

      4) Good answer.

      5) Good answer, but why doesn’t God want to go back to the state of before He created the Universe?

      6) Why doesn’t God reveal Himself more clearly in the modern day? Surely He could provide universal proof that He exists. He could speak to everyone on the Earth at once.

      I don’t completely agree with your point of view, but I am very disappointed in how many dislikes you got for your very good answer. You got a like from me though :)

    • vhavard, your 4th point is a little mixed up. Your illustration of why it doesn’t make sense to force someone to love you defeats your own argument, as this is exactly what the Bible says that god is doing.

      According to the Bible we’re being blackmailed: if you don’t love me I’ll torture you forever. Nice.

      On the other hand if you give yourself over into willing slavery to me, and do anything I say, even despicable things, like murdering your son at my whim, killing gays, killing those who work on the Sabbath, and many other apparently random things, like not cutting your hair or shaving your beards, and not wearing blended fabrics, then you get rewarded.

      The rest of your answers also fall short, though not as dramatically as that one.

      In the end though, all gods are presented purely on the say-so of muddled, contradictory texts written by superstitious savages. There is no actual evidence.

      All religion depends upon life after death through a soul, but the existence of a soul is easy to disprove:
      – When you take various drugs your consciousness is distorted.
      – A bad blow to the head stuns the nerves which make up the brain, causing consciousness to stop till they recover.
      – Anaesthetic administered during surgery causes consciousness to cease for a while.
      – Split-brain surgery, done many years ago in an attempt to control awful attacks of epilepsy, worked by cutting the corpus callosum which lets the two halves of the brain communicate with each other. It resulted in two separate individuals inside the one skull.

      Clearly your consciousness is the action performed by the network of the nerves that make up your brain. When you die and those nerves cease to function, your consciousness no longer exists. It doesn’t go anywhere, just as the rolling action of a rock ceases when it gets to the bottom of a hill. The roll hasn’t gone anywhere; it just isn’t anymore.

  2. Yep, the Universe was created in what can basically be called a big bang and the Gods were created after this, by the universe.
    Odin cares for humans because he is a the root our father, or uncle. He and his brothers created the first humans out of the same urge that people get to have children. They do love us, but they allow us to make our mistakes, they are not our masters and do not control what we do. They are not all powerful nor all knowing anymore than any parent is. Gods they may be but not like the Christian concept of godhood. They are simply much more powerful and longer living beings that created humanity.
    Humans are imperfect because everything is including the gods. There is not a possible state of perfection, only the difference between order and chaos.
    Odin and his brothers made humans not for a purpose. The “use” for humans isn’t some future battle, not really. It wasn’t a factor in the creating of humans. What the Gods wanted were companions, children. No reason not to have free will (which wasn’t GIVEN by the Gods it is something all living things possess). Valhalla and Folkvang are less of a “heaven” and more being drafted.
    The Norse Gods did not place any laws or rules on humans, there were what amounts to suggestions on how to a good life but that’s it. There is no eternal punishment, the consequences of our actions while alive are punishment enough save a few acts, such as oath breaking.

  3. The thing that gets me about eternal life is MOST Christians live their lives AS IF they don’t believe in it.
    If you are destined for immortality, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense just to live a monastic life awaiting that day??? Why even spend TEN YEARS being a doctor? Or studying anything for a skill that’s only applicable for the first (or ladt) 40 years of your earthly life??? Biologists, chemists, doctors, engineers, architects, businessmen…CEO’s… all those diplomas are IRRELEVANT AND USELESS in the paradise most people imagine or are told about. Why even bother with education when all of that will be useless for the next 10 million years???????? Theoretically, would there even be cars in heaven? Why be a mechanic at all? Why don’t believes just all be farmers growing food till the day they grown old and die???

    • That's retarded. What else do you have to do other than study to become a doctor. And if you're not helping people then you're probably not going to get that nice eternal life you're after. Why live a shitty life just because there's more later. You're an idiot.

      • Guest, you didn't really consider what Rod said in your rush to insult him. What he said makes excellent sense.

        If you truly believed in what Jesus says in the Bible then you'd do what he actually tells you to do and give away all your money and possessions to live a monastic life.

        Unfortunately, you, and most Christians believe a strange, distorted form of Pagan object worship combined with a shadow of Christianity that's enabled by never actually reading your Bible. The self-comforting delusion that you're right and don't actually need to genuinely read it means you live a weird idolatrous lifestyle that lets you feel superior to others without actually doing anything real, other than going through the motions, perhaps praying, maybe going to church, listening to selectively interpreted bits of the Bible, pretending to be pious, but not actually knowing what your religion is really about.

    • joshdb, maybe if you'd given some hint as to what the video was about people would be able to find it despite your link being broken.

  4. Problem is,you can't engage the average atheist out there intellectually,most of the time,people have been taught inaccurately by elements present in the Church, thus creating a cycle of wrong impressions.The Bible is a journal as well as a compendium of mysteries about God.You can't just take a verse or two out of context and create your worldview,it has to be systematically read.

    The perceptions we have into the person of God is that he is entirely a love being. God is love.Then we also know He is sovereign. This two alone defines how he relates with all creation.1st John 4:16.
    He's Love but He wont make Robots because he is sovereign.

    Firstly,To suggest that He created humans and is responsible for their failings,for the evil in the world is too illogical.

    Evil was invented by the fallen angel Lucifer,who left his original estate and with some angels rebelled against God(Angels are not robots).
    Lucifer wanted to be like God,he wasn't content with his position.Hence,he was banished to earth with the others.Jude 1:6

    Then God made man,who He made to become Gods too(Psalm 82:6).But then man chose to follow the path of evil.The story of the Garden of Eden is symbolic as written by Moses,that's why nobody has seen Garden of Eden.Romans 5:12
    Man had a choice in that symbolic garden to choose between evil and eternal life.
    Did God predestinate man to sin,no.Did he have foreknowledge,yes.So a lamb was prepared Even before man was made(Revelation 13:8)

    All that happened from this time to the Ministry of Jesus.Was;

    1.Certain men believed God and so it was accounted to them for righteousness .
    Hebrews 11

    2.With this people,God made covenant and showed forth his glory within them.To this people,He gave laws,impossible laws,pointing to the lamb that was to come.

    3.Still,evil waxed strong,men fought against men.
    Those who called upon him received help.God already wiped out the world once and promised not to do so again to Noah. But men loved evil and turned to satanism and worshipping of the fallen angels.Gen 6:17

    Then,Jesus showed up,presenting man with another choice,This is sovereignty. Offering eternal life to those hear him and receive.The ones who lived before him judged by the righteousness of their faith.

    To those who believe not,Hell,which simply is an existence without God.Fire again is used as a a symbol of suffering.Logically, fire cannot burn a spirit.This however is reserved for those who hear and refuse to believe, the reprobates.It is not for sinners,it is for unbelievers,those who have met this (Hebrew 6:4-6)

    God is love
    God is sovereign

    We are created to exercise rulership on this earth,we are to have dominion.And those days draw near,when the true body of Christ, mature and strong will rise up.

    • Do you have any personal knowledge, or is everything that you “think” you know that which you have been told to think? Do you have an original thought, or is everything you “believe” to be true merely the regurgitated scribes and scripts of more primitive minds from a more primitive time, relative to the geographical culture being experienced by the author and those “beliefs” which were contrived of the myths and legends of the time?

    • Who created FREE WILL ? Was it God or not ? The creator is responsible for each and everything the created does, and the creator can not shift the blame on its creation. Who created EVIL ? If God did not create it then another (maybe more than one) equally powerful creator exists and God is not Omnipotent. A God that created beings that were supposed to act as abject slaves and kowtow to It at all times seems to be extremely petty and stupid.

    • Using Lucifer to explain anything shows how little you understand of the Bible, Lucifer comes from a latin rendering of the hebrew "Helel ben Shaher" on of many titles bestowed on the Babylonian king which could be tranlated 'holy son of the dawn' and is referring to venus as it appears in the sky at dawn. Taking a prophecy out of it's context of message to a particuler individual and isolating part of it to build a seperate doctrine by collating it with other passages taken out of context.

    • Tai_Egunjobi, you really need to actually read the Bible. It's embarrassing to hear you present this sanitised Sunday School version of the god who murders more than 2 million people in the Bible (and that's not counting the genocides of unnumbered people) and who blackmails people into following him or being tortured forever. That isn't a god of love.

      Thankfully the Abrahamic god doesn't exist. If it did it certainly wouldn't deserve praise.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what this world would be like with out religion. Like let’s say band all religions for a year and united and try the fix what we have instead of trying to go somewhere we or not sure about.earth is our home and we can’t take care of it so what would it be like in this imaginery heaven.

  6. Comment: understand that the concept of God requires faith, which is better explained in hebrews. without faith nothing would work, i.e. without belief in the employers promise of a salary why work, without belief that the system called government will help us and organize us why recognize it. you have to know that everything in this world requires blind faith or else we would be like animals, brawn over brain, we would just be random molecules that got arranged perfectly billions of years after the universe and as such everything, governments, education, family rules , would just have been a sham. we would be reduced to groups of like minded and operating organisms seeking to survive. lets have faith in the concept of God and hope that one day everything will be revealed in the fullness of time

    • michael, unfortunately blind faith in the existence in god is really just gullibility. You're fed tales from superstitious savages about supernatural beings and you believe them.

      If employers don't pay their employees then the employees stop working and possibly rebel. No faith is required.

      When government fails then we do what we can to hold them responsible. No faith required. (Actually, it would be difficult to find many people these days who have a lot of expectation that government will fulfill its promises.)

      Your suggestion that we need faith to separate us from the other animals is just silly.

      Your final sentence can be seen to be absurd by substituting "fairies" or "dragons" for "God". It's just wishful thinking. Like a kid who still wants to believe in Santa Claus.

      (Incidentally sentences begin with capitals for a very good reason. Being too lazy to press the Shift key makes your comment surprisingly difficult to read.)

  7. Cant engage an atheist? I would dare say you should amend that to engage an intellectual. Being an atheist doesnt immediately make someone any less stupid. Someone with the capacity to think, truly think. Would not in any honest form be able to take religion seriously. A god that cannot operate inside the universe he created; a god that created beings that are incapable of perceiving him.

    The god of the Christians is not even their god. Its a thrice rehashed story with the names and places changed to subjugate the stupid. If that doesnt work, just threaten them with death if they dont believe in the mental diarrhea of the tribe leaders.

    Religion is the single most poisons state of mind humans have ever come up with. Only in religion will someone kill themselves for an idea. An idea that isnt even theirs. Only in religion will humans kill each other and be ok with it because; religion. Oh wait, the mentally ill will kill as well, because they are insane. Just like the religious folks in the world. Women because they willingly accept that they are second class citizens; men because they willingly accept someone elses delusions as their own. Which is insane.

    • Concerning your quote: "Religion is the single most poisons state of mind humans have ever come up with." I am with you Mike. The majority of religions plead with you to simply turn your brain off and believe. Sadly, this indoctrination worked on me for decades following my youth. I never challenged these very flawed biblical narratives; e.g. god loves the smell of burning flesh; god drowns infants, the elderly and the autistic in a worldwide flood; god orders homosexuals and defiant children to be stoned to death. These sickening stories only survive due to childhood indoctrination! We live in a world where the majority of individuals believe in a omnipotent ruler who lives in the sky. Sadly, it is religious belief systems that actually hold mankind back from truly evolving intellectually.

  8. OK, God created the whole thing, the whole system, supposedly, so he is responsible, and in that system he indeed does say love me (me, God, being a vague word used incessantly that could mean almost anything, that people have no real idea of, just their own projections, with hundreds if self contradictions and religions, also human inventions, it really means and explains noting, it’s like air) or else, love me or suffer eternally, there’s no choice there. Further, a parent is responsible, a very bad parent is one who is utterly absent and leaves vague, harmful, and contradictory guidance. Further, one is responsible if one creates something or someone with knowledge that they will cause harm. The problems go on and on, no surprise, as they are man made fictions.

  9. Science is already trumping religion on religious questions…..

    1. If you get rid of infinity, god, eternity, Nothingness is all that is left. This proves the formula Infinity X 0=0….

    For some reason, Infinity exists in illusory permutations of infinitely contextualized, relativized, non-substantiality. Thus

    No-"thing" is real because relativistic, (self and other defining) and Nothing is real, because it is the only immutable thing after

    everything else is gone. If you infinitely de-relativized everything and rendered it separate and amorphous, everything

    would be gone…. The only retort to this, is that something cannot be part of, or come out of nothing. Actually this happens

    all the time. Things are constantly coming in and out of the subatomic quantum vacuum state of nothingness….

    Also the idea of the multiverse implies an infinite realm of universes and realities…. So is would be inevitable that this world

    would exist, as part of an infinite number of variables…. No need for a god…

    Also matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus it follows that matter and energy was never created and will

    never be destroyed. Thus, the universe is eternal….

    • Sorry prasanna74, but all religion is delusion because it requires people to pretend to know what they can't possibly know — that there is one or more gods, a soul, spirits, that there is life after death, and other things. Even worse, many of the things religions say can be easily shown to be false, for example the idea of life after death.

      – When you take various drugs your consciousness is distorted.
      – A bad blow to the head stuns the nerves which make up the brain, causing consciousness to stop til they recover.
      – Anaesthetic administered during surgery causes consciousness to cease for a while.
      – Split-brain surgery, done many years ago in an attempt to control awful attacks of epilepsy, worked by cutting the corpus callosum which lets the two halves of the brain communicate with each other. It resulted in two separate individuals inside the one skull.

      Clearly your consciousness is the action performed by the network of the nerves that make up your brain. When you die and those nerves cease to function, your consciousness no longer exists. It doesn't go anywhere, just as the rolling action of a rock ceases when it gets to the bottom of a hill. The roll hasn't gone anywhere; it just isn't anymore.

      Without a soul to continue after death all religions collapse.

  10. Gods have been subconsciously invented (or presumed, presupposed) by humans ( many times, in many cultures over millions of years) to satisfy the curiosity we are evolved to have. Curiosity creates the motivation to understand all cause/effect relationships. How does something work? Because the more and better we understand things, the more we succeed at survival – it is an adaptive trait that improves survival. It is not surprising and indeed it could be predicted, that these imagined gods resemble parents who are for every human child: the creators of everything, loving, controlling, all powerful, all knowing, always present or available, our protector or saviour, rule giver, judge, reward giver and punisher. Every human's first impression and understanding of the world, for their first several years, is of being completely dependent on such a parent-god. This experience is subconsciously recalled in adulthood to project, imagine, and desire that there to be such a parent-god which explains the world and satisfies certain emotional needs even in adulthood. Gods are the parents for adults.


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