Reducing Population will Solve all Problems

By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev | 21 February 2016
The New Indian Express

Houston, Texas. (NASA, International Space Station)
Houston, Texas. (NASA, International Space Station)

At a lot of conferences, I hear people talk about the environment, water issues and other dangers we are facing. But one thing we need to understand is that all these problems have come because of irresponsible reproduction among human beings. With medical advances—though it still needs to be worked upon in many countries—the infant mortality rate has been considerably brought down. Medical sciences have postponed our death, which means that our reproduction should be much more conservative and conscious. But we are refusing to postpone birth.

Without reducing human population, there is no solution. Whatever you do, people will gobble it up. Ecology, land and water conservation is not going to happen because the kind of impetus that is there in the form of science and technology is making every human being hyperactive. You cannot cap human activity; you can only cap human numbers. There is no way we are going to cap human activity because that will amount to capping human aspirations. And today, our aspiration is that everyone should get educated and have big dreams and ambitions. That cannot be accommodated with the current levels of population. We have to strive for a more conscious way of determining where we want to stop. Instead of trying to reduce human aspirations, it is better to reduce our rate of reproduction. It is a much simpler thing to do.

These initiatives will take a lot of effort to implement but if we don’t control the population, whatever you do will go to waste because the United Nations estimates that the population in 2050 will be 9.5 billion.

At 9.5 billion, all of us will have to live with 40 per cent less resources than we are right now enjoying. When I say resource, I am not talking about gold, diamonds or oil. I am talking about water, food and air to breathe. Can you even imagine 40 per cent less air to breathe? So, either we control our population now, consciously, or a time will come when we will have to put a meter on your nose. We will have to charge you for how many breaths per minute you take. And those who cannot pay, if we do not take corrective action right now, we will be ashamed of the legacy we pass on to our children. The problem is not small, but some people in a resigned way say, “Nature will correct it”. Yes, for sure it will correct it. The correction will be reducing the human population. But whenever human populations are reduced, you don’t see it as a solution; you see it as a disaster. Mother Earth is not even supposed to flex her muscles; she is not even allowed to stretch her hands or legs. If she does something, a hundred thousand people will die because human beings are everywhere. She cannot even sneeze. If a volcano erupts, right there people have built towns—around a live volcano. We are too many. We are wonderful, but we are too many. We need to reduce our wonderfulness. And, I don’t think that is impossible. Bringing down the human population by at least 25 per cent in 40 years’ time is achievable, if only the necessary laws are made.

Population is definitely the single, most important problem. And the quickest solution will come only if we reduce our population. Nations must have the courage, and the religions of the world must have the sense to see that increasing the population is going to be a disaster for all of us—for every creature on the planet, not just for humanity.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a prominent spiritual leader.

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  1. There is a major problem: The establishment propaganda about racism and multiculturalism. Because now for example you are free to say: “Oh yea we need depopulation” arbitrarily, without taking into account the evolutionary principle of “survival of the fittest”, generalizing and maybe supporting the glyphosate spraying and harmful vaccines to lower the population. And no one can say, we need to make a scientific examination of intelligence and dexterity on races and cultures, to determine who are most useful for the planet. You cant underestimate the life evolution. Depopulation should be selective.

  2. That article is total bullshit. If we grew crops (naturally) and made them available across the globe, we wouldn't have a problem. If we didn't waste money on war and military buildup, we could solve many problems like homelessness, hunger, disease. If we didn't have greedy self-centered capitalists, then we could all get a piece of the pie that we need to live comfortably. If the guy thinks reducing population is the solution, he should start with suicide (lol)

  3. When I was in college, Isaac Asimov came to school and spoke on what was going to bring us down. I remember thinking, "Population? That's the best you can do?" Of course, now I realize how right he was. All the problems we're experiencing are resource related in one way or another. The planet can only support so many people. Only no one is talking about it for fear of what, population control? Smart, rational beings would be able to see it coming. This can't continue. I appreciate Vasudev for having the courage to speak the truth.

  4. I learned in a very simple way what the real "unmentionable,taboo" problem was regarding contraception.THE MEN.The Western world changed the age old traditions that controlled family life.We rushed in offering contraception to the women WITHOUT explaining to the men.Many women [ in South Africa] told me that their husbands worried that the wives could have sex freely with others ! That family life was disrupted because the Church said a man could only have 1 wife–therefore that wife had to have more children—-the stats for starving children in Africa is horrendous.KWASHIAKOR {?? spelling] the 2yr old taken off the breast as the mother is pregnant again.Educating is the answer e.g would you rather have 2 healthy children than 10 children of which 5 will die. Giving Indian men a radio for having a vasectomy,China's strict laws–causing killing of baby girls—NONE of these have helped.I am NOT going into the can of worms,RELIGION as that would just cause negative replies ! So,how did I learn this ??? Working for 5 years in a children's hospital in Cape Town AND yes checking and offering and giving contraception to Mothers that came from far afield.Interestingly the GRANNIES were the most informative..


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