Religion, the Oldest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Human History

By Ned Heiden | 11 April 2016
Dutch Heretic

Most likely the first human who invented the first god was some smart tribal guy who saw that it was a very effective way to protect himself from bodily harm by the stronger ones if he made them and the less smart members of his tribe believe he had a very strong friend living across the mountains. A friend so strong that he could make the mountains rumble by stamping his feet on the ground. Others would not dare to attack him fearing the revenge of such a powerful friend and even though no one ever saw this friend it was better to be safe than sorry.

It probably did not take long for this smart guy to discover that his fellow tribesmen were easily led to believe that this thunder ally would make them nearly invincible in battle with rivaling tribes and could even conquer these tribes. The smart guy was well aware that in reality he was not safe at all so he turned to the strongest one around, usually the tribe leader and made him believe that he was favored by the mighty thunder-friend across the mountains.

As history progressed the tribal leaders became the Kings of the later times where the smart guys became the holy men, and priests.

Of course the strong friend story was revised when people could cross the mountain and were likely to find nothing there. As time passed the powerful friend moved to a place where no man could travel, places like in the sky, the deepest sea, or the top of unclimbable mountains.

Religion became the most powerful way of making people compliant and even the Roman Empire saw that its culture of countless god families would not work if they wanted to maintain power over Europe. In the 4th century Emperor Constantine the Great started a change when he decided to go for a new approach that seemed to work in the eastern territories so he threw out the old God families with their immensely complex mythical stories and started simplifying things by adopting the one single god of the Jewish culture combined with folklore about a prophet who claimed to have been the son of this Jewish god; this was a wise decision because in this way he would not cross the Jews, who he saw as a nuisance and wished he could get rid of.

He appointed a group of smart guys, that you will find in any era, and gave them the task of creating this system of a Father, a Son and a Mother who was chosen to bear this son of God, Jesus.

These smart guys of course were the Council of Nicaea that was well aware that creating a whole religion from scratch would cost decades unless they joined together old Chronicles with scriptures mostly taken from the Jewish Talmud and combined that with the new story of the prophet, Jesus son of god, in the one book that would be the guideline of the new roman religion Christianity for the future.

This compromise was created in much shorter time, and there were bound to be errors in the bible because there wasn’t enough time to cross reference the books that were included. Taking the fact that no one could read anyway and the sermons would be given in Latin these errors would not show for another millennium.

To make a big leap forward, Christianity in the form of Roman Catholicity spread across Europe and later the world in a bloody, merciless often genocidal way. Like in prehistoric times, Rulers and Priests joined forces to keep their people compliant; and a perfect example is, as the cardinal said to the king, “if you keep them poor, I will keep them ignorant”.

Even today historians are still arguing about the historicity of this statement but it gives a good image of the religious system of keeping people compliant and not turning against the ruling class. At the same time it shows how well indoctrinated compliant people could be manipulated into fighting their wars, all in the name of God and King.

To the Kings, Emperors yet to come were given the forces of church and religion, a weapon of almost unlimited numbers of subjects ready to fight their wars and to expand their illusion of power that in reality was in the hands of the smart guys behind religion.

Rulers would eventually die and could be replaced while religion kept expanding its power and influence.

All throughout history religion has been used as the most powerful weapon of genocide and destruction known to mankind.

This went perfect until the time of enlightenment when in spite of the efforts of religion to keep them ignorant, people started to think for themselves and discovered that they were being used and started rising up to the power of these Kings and other rulers, but still in the way religion had taught them, now it became “for God and Country”.

In the time of modernization, and especially the 20th century, all religions began to lose their grip on the people when more and more people left the church because they became educated and aware that they were being manipulated. The time without god was born, at least in western Europe where the average person currently identifies themselves as atheist, no longer believing in a god presented by the church.

Don’t think the religious weapon has lost it’s power. Islam has gained more power in the past 5 decades than in centuries before; they know how to use the two pillars of religion, poverty and ignorance to organize people into a formidable strike weapon against its “enemies”; and Christianity only has minimal loss in this.

Same thing happened in the USA.

Because the ruling class were not Kings or Emperors, religion has found other ways to ensure its power by giving aid to the rich who can control politics just with their money.

But religion is encountering a snag, for the first time it is feeling losses in the number of followers it can control, because more and more people are becoming educated and skeptical about this whole religious thing.

One of the pillars of religion, ignorance is rotting away. These past decades the rich and powerful have been very active to enrich themselves and keep the people poor. This is not enough, to keep its power religion also needs that other leg to stand on. To regain this, it is of absolute necessity to return the people back to compliant ignorance and bring a stop to this threat of education. Religion realizes all too well that to reverse it back to illiteracy is no longer possible, so the smart guys are now actively doing what they do best, manipulating circumstances in their favor, and therefore they need to control education to the advantage of their religion.

I think the only proof I need to present that this is all happening is to urge you to look at the rise of creationist dogma in education by getting religious people into key positions in the educational system.

For the religious weapon to survive it needs an increasing number of blind ignorant followers. The religious weapon keeps totalitarian regimes in power, and together they keep the majority of the people in the world poor and ignorant.

But now instead of kings and emperors this power is given to the rich who can use their fortune to buy their way into decision making politics while the “peasants” are going to church every Sunday and send their children to church dominated schools to make sure they receive their daily dose of brainwashing.

It is time for this weapon to be dismantled to stop this madness.

Don’t you agree?

Reprinted with permission from the author.

Ned Heiden has an electrical engineering degree in industrial electrical systems and a degree in social political history. He blogs at Dutch Heretic.

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  1. About 19 hours ago, Jan Jozef Wnek wrote, and I QUOTE: “This article confirms that the best way of confusing people is by mixing truth with fictitious lies.”

  2. Being knowledgeable does not mean being an atheist. When I joined Mensa, the high IQ society, some members were Christians and some were non-believers. I never counted. It is not about the brain at all. It is about the heart–the figurative heart. By the way, is Catholicity a word? I have never seen it before.

  3. The two “pillars of dominance” are both rotting away. Yes, people are getting smarter, even though the people trying to control the government are moneyed economic magnates.

    The government of the United States has reins that were created by the men who would officially usher in a new nation, “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” —Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

    The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights has 4 elements to it that codify the liberties from which all other Amendments are derived: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to peaceably assemble. And while the language is that the Federal Government shall not prohibit or promote any of these Amendments, the State Governments’ constitution has this language that the states shall not limit these rights, either.

    While these Amendments were written by landed gentry *for* landed gentry, their influence reaches over 240+ years as the birthright of every natural – born and naturalized citizen of this country, USA.

    And the people influenced life here in ways that were and are untouchable by even magnates. And even created favorable practices (like recycling) they took advantage of. And that’s good.

    Slaves might have been kept ignorant by some, but even they knew the value of freedom, and through code and the Underground Railroad as well as sympathetic white people, they laid the foundations for uniting the house divided.

    Changing politics and changing attitudes brought new ideas, and they led to extrasocietal ideals and pursuits.

    Who is rich? That depends on who you ask. An artist of any sort you think might be “starving in a garret” with no regular or reliable income might be quite happy in his station, quite the citizen and independent of economic strongholds.

    My definition is having all I need and some of what I want. And my freedom to worship how I please. No one can take any of that away. No one.

    People have defined success for themselves in ways that they cannot get through “climbing the corporate ladder.” Especially today, the “Glass Ceiling” that was held over women is now lowered over all people coming into business on the entry level. People are giving up this oppressive and unprogressive method because business has broken that ladder and intentionally robbing even clients and consumers.

    People are using the tools available today to create art that includes comics, videos and series, and books that are published in non – traditional ways. Spinoffs are made, like Sally Ride and her partner created a curriculum of STEM learning for educators.

    There are subscription boxes that contain learning kits, easy meals, comic book hero/ines’ art and paraphernalia. Box at Subcription boxes that have culture materials of current cultures of countries people get interested in.

    People get into businesses based on t-shirt printing services on – demand, coffee – cup designs, and cap designs.

    There are even Internet – based tailoring and clothing repair.

    There was a young lady who set up a lemonade stand and was doing a good business, but someone quoted that she didn’t have a permit for her business. Others protested, and even lawyers got involved—to block the guy who protested and secured a permit for the young lady, interpreting the spirit of the law and allowing her to continue what she rightfully should have been able to do in the first place.

    What is success? To many it is doing good by the environment. To others it is empowering the p people to get resources and doing what they want and need to do.

    And to others it is getting an education without paying exorbitant sums to get a sheepskin that might as well be torn up. Those sums are being used to take *FREE* classes at excellent universities and through services that employ well – established people (like Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield). Fees for these are small or non – existent.

    Who is ignorant? Who is poor? When Steve Jobs was on his deathbed, he regretted that all he did in life was get money.

  4. There is an oldest religion of the world, though significantly less followers which is not mentioned here.
    It is Jainism. Jainism does not believe in creator God and hence does not fit in the narrative mentioned in the story.

  5. Genesis_4:8_20_Cain and Abel,if you could perceived, Adam and Ever are not the first human on face of the earth, secondly, how did Cain got a wife

    • Cain and Abel were two brothers. They had twin sisters with them. At that time men could marry sisters but not with those who were their twins. Cain choose his twin sister, who was beautiful but he was to marry the girl who born with Abel as twin. But Abel did not prefer that girl. The main conflict was there. But God did not prefer it and did not accept the offerings of Cain, then Cain killed Abel and married his girl of preference violating the rules of God.

    • Simply, the Bibles account says that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters. So, he simply married a female relative.
      There was not a prohabition regarding marriage to a close relative until a law against it was included in the Law given to Moses, some 3,000 years after the Garden of Edens inhabitants started families.

  6. The non-believers think themselves very smart and rational but ultimately they are fools. Actually they are afraid of rational thinking. If they would be reasonable with the cause of the existence of themselves as well as the entire universe, they would have come to be believers in an ultimate reality. The great scientist like Einstein and others also admitted that they believe in an ultimate reality who is behind all the creations. It’s sure less knowledge makes a person Atheist but deep knowledge makes a person a believer.

  7. The oldest weapon of mass destruction, is certainly religion, it's the God's honest TRUTH. Religion continues to be the most destructive force on the planet today. The problem isn't God, it's those who's belief is not based on truth, but Biblical facts and a deep seated need to believe. Truth is conformity to God, fact is conformity to the sociocultural dogma of the day, which history has proven is often wrong. We are born with innate knowledge of metaphysical truths. Religion takes away those innate truths and replaces them with Biblical facts and bigotry. Christianity was designed to control the masses 2000 years ago, today many people are not buying into fanatical mysticism. With all of the worlds religions against each other, there is a new consciousness emerging, one that see's the planet and all of it's people as one organism, and an organism at war with itself is doomed. Religion is falling a part all over the world and there is NO denying that.

  8. This article can only be considered “partially accurate” if he concedes that Atheism is a religion.

    Karl Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao combine to kill more people than all other wars combined.

    I doubt that Ned and the others who post this garbage would be willing to defend their position from a factual historical position…

  9. I would rather live as though there is a God, and find out there isn't. than to live as if there isn't a God, and find out there IS.

  10. Just by reading a quick review of history in the past 1600 years, it informs that most wars were religion-oriented.
    Sometimes, I believe that many of these wars were created to reduce the surplus population and the impact of imminent famine. While humans roam this earth, there will be a continuation of religious wars in the coming centuries. Surplus overpopulation…???


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