Religion Is A Gigantic Fraud

By James Hervey Johnson | 1949
Positive Atheism

Intelligent men do not decide any subject until they have carefully examined both or all sides of it. Fools, cowards, and those too lazy to think, accept blindly, without examination, dogmas and doctrines imposed upon them in childhood by their parents, priests, and teachers, when their minds were immature and they could not reason.

[Some] 433,000,000 Mohammedans believe that the Koran was brought by an angel from heaven; 335,000,000 Hindus believe one of their gods, Siva, has six arms; 153,000,000 Buddhists believe they will be reincarnated; 904,000,000 Christians believe a god made the world in six days, Joshua stopped the sun by yelling at it, and Jesus was born of a virgin and nullified natural laws to perform miracles.

There is absolutely no scientific proof of any of these claims. Science has shown them to be contrary to all known facts. It is more intelligent to classify them as false. Religions are all based upon the primitive superstitions of ignorant, stone-age men who had no knowledge of science and thought the world was flat. The Catholic Church imprisoned Galileo for life and burned Bruno at the stake because they disagreed with these superstitious beliefs.

These primitive beliefs have been kept alive by a vast army of priests, preachers, and rabbis because it is to their great profit to promote them, first, by imposing them on the helpless brains of children, and second, by saturating the air, TV, press, and schools with their childish superstitions and unreasonable claims. They fool the ignorant and make the gullible and the intelligent alike pay tribute to them. Their multi-billion-dollar properties and incomes are exempt from taxes; they get half-fare on trains, busses, and planes; and receive billions of dollars in grants of taxpayers’ money to help build up their political power, wealth, and luxurious living. Taxes could be cut 10 percent if churches paid their just share. That would mean a probable saving of 20 billion dollars a year to the people of the U.S. every year of their lives. Some priests also indoctrinated with superstition from childhood probably believe what they preach. It pays them handsomely to do so.

Religious beliefs are against common sense. There is no god, just because priests say so. There are no angels, devils, heavens, hells, ghosts, witches, nor miracles. These superstitious beliefs are promoted for the purpose of making the gullible believe that by paying money to the priest-class, they will be favored by one of the gods. There is nothing supernatural — nothing contrary to natural law.

Religion has caused untold ignorance, murder, torture, fear, poverty, unhappiness, wars, and has kept the world 10,000 years behind the times. It still does, while the millions support the priestly loafers in comfort and ease. For ages the independent thinkers have been murdered, ostracized, tortured, and suppressed and their writings destroyed. Only in recent years have a few courageous thinkers been free to criticize religions.

Great thinkers and scientists — Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Charles Bradlaugh, Luther Burbank, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Henry L. Mencken, Charles Smith, Joseph Lewis, Rupert Hughes, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, Herbert Spencer, Thomas Huxley, Clarence Darrow, Chapman Cohen, George McDonald, George Bernard Shaw, and hundreds of others — have discarded all or most of the religious beliefs.

This leaflet will be shocking to the unfortunate victim brain-whipped by religious indoctrination from childhood. But those who have a spark of intelligence will examine the facts, will stop paying tribute to the religious profiteers, and lose their fear of a mythical god and mythical hell.

If the gods which foolish people pray to were decent beings they would not permit innocent children to die of cancer, be blind, suffer from polio, muscular dystrophy, syphilis. A good god would not have manufactured fleas, bedbugs, chiggers, lice, rattlesnakes, sharks, deadly germs, sickness, diseased brains, idiots, and insanity. All these things are the result of blind, natural evolution. A just god would not cause some innocent people to die or be disabled for life in airplane, train, and ship disasters while others survived.

The Thinkers Club appeals to you to examine both sides so we may all escape from this religious oppression which degenerates the minds, forces all to pay tribute to the priestly parasites, and retards human progress.

James Hervey Johnson was an atheist and outspoken critic of organized religion. For nearly a quarter of a century he was owner/publisher and editor of The Truth Seeker from 1964 until his death in 1988. Through his efforts as an activist and benefactor, Johnson contributed significantly to freethought in the mid to late twentieth century.

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  1. You believe science has a purpose, i believe that is correct. If that is true then what is the purpose of existence. If it’s a chance that life came into existence. Then by chance someone must created or triggered what we call universe. The science could not have been created on its own. It has, us human being as it’s creator.

    Think over CREATOR phenomena. Nothing exist without a reason.

    • Wrong just wrong

      What is your purpose to me or any one else! Not much! The world is full of millions if species of life. What are their purpose! Stars what are their purpose! Galaxies what is there purpose?

      Truth is we exist and we serve no purpose than we choose for ourselves! Freewill! Once you accepted we are because we are you can just accept existance without purpose! There was no creation or creation moment! Even if you do believe in Big Bang which I don’t the Bang came from something that existed before it! So not a creation moment!

      So with some thing so infinite as the universe just how can you imagine any container to hold it! And what is past the extent of the universe? And then that and that and that! Does God ponder his own existence and wonder his purpose and and who created him! I use him deliberately to humanise him and cash in on mans image etc! Humans are not Omni present so just how are humans on gods image if man is not Omni present!

      Look it’s really very simple I can help you understand all the mystery of the universe by removing your biggest issue God!

      God does not exist!

      Simple don’t you think!

    • What your describing is called the ad hoc fallacy. So your argument is illogical. So if everything needs a creator then who created your god?

      • The mind is indoctrinated as a child… ignorance, and acceptance of other peoples' concepts are the facts to alienate ourselves!

    • Good grief, such a trite bit of nonsensical rambling. Your "if, thens" follow no logical path of inference. You may just be the stupidest person on Earth.

    • Cogito ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am") is a faulty analogy to the universe. We don't know how the universe came into existence. We are so used to using thinking to make things with materials found in the universe and are so egotistical, we find it hard to admit that existence is something that we cannot yet explain. So the answer that some assume is there must be a God/Creator that made everything. But this is illogical. If god made the universe who made God? Another mythical supernatural being? Should we believe another god made God, and so on and so on??. That becomes endless and nonsensical. Apparently not. The answer has to be the universe simply "is", not that God made it. Or in the case of cyclic universes, the universe made the universe. The "purpose" of the universe is to follow natural, scientific law. We can and should make rationality part of that law.

  2. Blind faith will have no argument against itself. We are doomed by its blindness to continue wallowing in darkness.
    People of the future will be baffled by the doctrines of today when evidence is so obvious.

  3. It's a scam because all religions claim to be the correct religion. How are all religions correct? Just that invalidates religion itself.

  4. You are foolish to believe that the heavens and earth were created by science. You speak from foolishness! The Bible has been proven correct. Search and you can find the answers too! Go ahead call me a fool but in the end every knee will bow!

  5. The” prince of darkness” only darkness isn’t a thing, it is just the absence of someTHING, light! (So it’s a joke, prince of noTHING!!)>0

  6. the people who write these articles need to take into consideration that miracles are outside of science. the field of science does not include explaining supernatural phenomenons, so i don't think you can use science to prove that miracles are not true. the definition of miracle is a "surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws." it says it is not explicable by scientific laws, that means science has no explanation for miracles, it can't explain how a miracle happened. using science does not prove that miracles are fake, science has no explanation on how a miracle might happen.

  7. Arguing over religion is like wrestling in the mud with a pig, sooner or later you realize the pig enjoys it!! I say let those that choose to believe, believe. And if you don’t believe that’s ok also cause at the end of the day we are all stuck on the same big rock going around the sun regardless if it was made by a God or a collision of millions of smaller rocks.

  8. People are still fools today. Just imagine how easy would it have been to manipulate people in the ancient times.

  9. Even as a child, I thought the bible sounded like a fairy tale. Like "Little Red Riding Hood," The big bad wolf was the devil, the grandmother was kind, like Mary, and red riding hood was Jesus coming to "save" her.


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