Richard Dawkins: religion should be offended at every opportunity

Dawkins says it's ridiculous to be accused of racism when you criticise Islam

By Maya Oppenheim | 23 May 2016
The Independent

Dawkins also said he believed migrants from Syria and Iraq who have stopped believing in Islam should be prioritised in the immigration system.

Richard Dawkins has said he is in favour of offending people’s religion and it should be offended at every opportunity.

The controversial atheist academic, 75, argued the public was too worried about being viewed as racist and claimed it is absurd to be accused of racism for criticising Islam.

Dawkins said this was the result of an “absurd double standard” in the Western world which means people are more anxious about attacking Islam than Christianity.

“People are terrified of being thought racist,” he told The Times. “There’s an awful confusion in many people’s minds. They think Islam is a race, which of course it isn’t”.

“If you’re seen to criticise Islam you are often accused of racism, which is absurd.

“I’m all for offending people’s religion. I think it should be offended at every opportunity”.

Dawkins also said migrants from Syria and Iraq who have stopped believing in Islam should be prioritised in the immigration system.

“In the case of immigrants from Syria and Iraq I would like to see special preference given to apostates, people who have given up Islam,” he said. “They are in particular danger.”

The evolutionary biologist, whose best-selling book The God Delusion has been downloaded ten million times, is a provocative figure. He has been accused of Islamophobia in the past but dismisses the term as a “non-word”.

Dawkins prompted outrage in September of last year when he suggested the innocent American school boy, Ahmed Mohammed, that was arrested for building a clock might have “wanted to be arrested” in order to be seen as a victim of discrimination.

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  1. Whenever possible, the falsity of religious dogmas and ideas should be explained in a pleasant and decent way to the believers so that they start thinking critically about their beliefs. Offending religious people is useless and naive if the aim is to help them to give up their false beliefs.

    • I am myself am an atheist,, but this man has his head so far up in his own ass that its making me angry. Irritating people is no way the best way in handeling the issue.

    • Claims of being offended by questioning and explanations of religious dogmas and ideas is the last remaining intellectual defence the religious have for their silly beliefs. I agree that offending the committed faithful will probably not be effective in getting them to give up their false beliefs, even though it is jolly good sport. However, remaining silent in the face of the profession of idiotic beliefs creates among the wider community the notion that these idiotic ideas, and by association the professors of the idiotic ideas, have respect and gravitas. It is the audience of the wider community that are the target recipients of the questions and explanations of the falsity of religious beliefs.

      • it is jolly good sport!!! I look forward to replies telling me that they will pray for me, or that I will understand all when judgement day comes.

  2. 'Thou shalt not bear false witness' – or is this commandment wrong? So WHERE EXACTLY HAS DAWKINS SAID 'religion should be offended at every opportunity'? This is a bare faced lie but hey, that's OK if someone's an atheist? Hmmmm…

    • All Commandments, a Judeo-Christian teaching, are wrong.

      I’d quite happily kill my neighbour to take his wife while nicking his antiques and blaspheming all the time.

      As for Leviticus, I think I need to be stoned for multiple crimes against God.

    • “I’m all for offending people’s religion. I think it should be offended at every opportunity”. is in this article on which you posted.

  3. I think Richard is wrong about Islamophobia. It is to be sure a loose and grossly misused term, and it should certainly not be used to describe people who attack Islam and all religions on he grounds that they are all equally absurd. If anything that would be theophobia, now wouldn't it? But there is a difference between such people and the young morons I see on trains accosting Muslim women and abuaing them. That is something that might rightly be called Islamophobia, and there certainly is a racist tinge to it, given that nearly all the Muslims in Australia are of the brown skinned Middle Eastern origins. That makes these young men racist, in my view. All of us, especially Richard, need to able to make these distinctions.

  4. I'm a Muslim and i consider Dawkins' fear/hate from Islam as a sign for the rightfulness of it. It is a fact that foul/offensive/harmful people despise the truth whatever form it takes, because they live in the dark to reach their goals. No matter how much scientific knowledge he gained, if he chooses to deny acknowledging the signs of the existence of God, he has wasted his life out of pride.

    Particularly peculiar is the fact that he believes in the evolution THEORY more than that which he can see with his eyes indicating the existence of God; he chose to give up the facts of existence and bet his life on a theory… Oh and i almost forgot, I myself searched a lot for evidence to the evolution theory, including on youtube for videos advocating it and claiming it has 'evidence', only to give hearsay information and ending up giving explanation explanation explanation…. Where is the EVIDENCE?

    It seems that Dawkins views the general populace to have such a lower IQ than him than to notice that this is not science, it is just pure hatred towards God and religion. He loveeeeeeeees to argue, but what scientific finding dictates that religion should be attacked at every opportunity? What scientific evidence suggests that refugees who leave Islam are more valuable as people (or more human) than Muslim refugees. Just pure hatred… and possible fear from the truth.

    I have compiled a book proving the rationality in Islam with scientific evidence about its truthfulness. If anyone is interested:

    Or contact me for a free copy no problem.

    • Hatem Yahia Saad, you write:
      ”he has wasted his life out of pride”
      Now, try applying critical thinking and apply that to your own faith-based reasoning.

      “evolution THEORY”
      You need to educate yourself on how science works and what a scientific theory is. Gravity is another scientific theory with about the same body of evidence as evolution. Are you disproving gravity too?

      “existence of God; he chose to give up the facts of existence”
      There is no, nada, zip evidence of any god. Period. Bring forth any evidence and you’ll have me and the rest of the world convinced.

      “I myself searched a lot for evidence to the evolution theory”
      Seems like you missed basic school and biology class? The evidence is all around us. Just because you have a selective perception based on your religion, it doesn’t mean that the facts are not there, right at your fingertips.
      A quick google ends up in endless science and videos, for example:

      As always with reasoning like yours, the Dunning-Kruger effect cannot be more apparent. The true effect of having read just one book, and having been indoctrinated as a child.

  5. That just means exposing at every opportunity the absurdity of 21st century billions still preferring their mindset being set and frozen in Bronze Age mythology. And brainwashing kids to perpetuate this psychological placebo!


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