Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million On Lobbying To Block Child Rape Laws (VIDEO)

Timothy Cardinal Dolan heads the state’s Catholic Conference, which in recent years hired major lobby firms to block legislation designed to help child abuse victims seek justice. (Photo: James Keivom / New York Daily News)

The Catholic Church in New York has spent millions of dollars in recent years to stop a law that would make it easier for victims of child sex abuse to sue their attackers.

EXCLUSIVE Catholic Church Spent $2M On Lobbying To Block Child Sex Law Reform

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  1. The instructions to bishops on how to deal with paedophile priests are at least 200 years old and have been repeated over the years. They still stand! High time for new instructions, but won't happen

  2. How can sane people walk through the doors of one of its churches. Are they so brain washed. Priests couldnt abuse children if people STOPPED going!!! Jesus said Suffer the children to come unto Me. That did NOT mean up the back passage by a priest. They have NO shame!!!!

  3. Since its inception the priesthood and nuns have been compelled to chastity and the abnormal aberration of nature by the Catholic Church. Doubtless this was instigated as a power mechanism in the first place. It is everyone’s natural right to consider their sexual needs with moral regard, due respect and humanity towards others. Making people behave abnormally will lead to perverse, illegal and inhumane acts towards others. The Catholic Church will never accept their responsibility in this matter and that this is the basic reason for the perverse abuse of children and young people under their so called ‘care and protection’.
    Of course there are many people who lead a life of chastity for many reasons, either by choice or personal circumstances. And, no doubt their are many priests and nuns who are genuine advocates of their vocation and who do not abuse those in their care. But, it is patently obvious that forced chastity is unnatural.

    • Dear Alison, Would you please allow me to copy your post and put it on my Facebook page (with acknowledgement of your authorship)? It so accurately and comprehensively reflects my opinion too.


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