Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million On Lobbying To Block Child Rape Laws (VIDEO)

Timothy Cardinal Dolan heads the state’s Catholic Conference, which in recent years hired major lobby firms to block legislation designed to help child abuse victims seek justice. (Photo: James Keivom / New York Daily News)

The Catholic Church in New York has spent millions of dollars in recent years to stop a law that would make it easier for victims of child sex abuse to sue their attackers.

EXCLUSIVE Catholic Church Spent $2M On Lobbying To Block Child Sex Law Reform

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  1. Interesting twists in comments…The name Jesus is the English version of his Hebrew name YESHUA or JESHUA.
    Saying those that prey on children are not homosexual but pedophiles is in error. If the pedophile has relations with a member of the same sex..they are homosexual pedophiles.
    If you do not believe in YHWH why does it bother you that someone else does?
    If you post as Anonymous your post has no credibility.
    Just because you say God dosent exist is just your opinion.not fact.
    Those that have met YESHUA KNOW Him. Your denial is a weak and pathetic attempt to cover your own feelings.

  2. The catholic corporation has always cared about money and covering for their pedophiles so it can contol the masses. Its more important to them than taking care of their issues. This is a perfect example.

  3. It’s not scripture to forbid men from marrying. Its Gods will for marriages between one man and one woman and the marriage bed is undefiled. A lot of things the catholic church has pushed is not the will of God. If those priests had married there would be less pedophilia. Not saying other churches havent done the same thing. If God was truley in the churches where these haneous crimes have happened it wouldnt happen anywhere. There is no fear or reverence or love of God in our society. It’s the job of annointed church leaders to lead people towards God not away.

    • Repeat this to yourself: Pedophilia is not the result of abstinence. It is a disease of perversion. A normal heterosexual male would engage in sex with a woman were he having difficulty maintaining his vows-or a homosexual male with a man—Pedophilia is not the result of abstinence….a normal human being does not go after a child for sex because of a lack of sexual intimacy in his life—pedophilia is not the result of abstinence…pedophilia is not the result of abstinence…

  4. The Catholic Religion is being hurt by people who are unwilling to protect children. Just like Christianity is being hurt by Trump/Pence & their bigotry, racism & attitude about females. Marriage for Priest won’t solve anything for the child who has been raped by a Priest. That is just putting the blame back onto the child. Tell these Priest to masterbate! Touching a child is against everything Jesus teaches. Child molesters seek out children, because they get off on it. Marriage won’t stop them. But Prison will!

  5. We, as a species, need to grow out of ancient dogmas that are not useful any more, they only serve now to slow us down.
    The books were written by people, and we have seen that no people can ever be trusted, they are not evidence.
    Belief without proof is willful ignorance, the death of intelligence, have some respect for yourself and your own abilities.
    The vast majority of religious people I see, most evident in Christianity, only use it as an excuse or cover to engage in barbaric behaviour, like paedophilia.

    • Read the Bible the prophecy’s that have come to pass. The Bible is the most challenged book in history but never proven to be non fiction. Ask God to show you the truth, I’ve only been following Christ for five years. I remember how earlier in life the Bible seemed like “gibberish “. I pray your heart is softened and the truth would be revealed to you.


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