Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million On Lobbying To Block Child Rape Laws (VIDEO)

Timothy Cardinal Dolan heads the state’s Catholic Conference, which in recent years hired major lobby firms to block legislation designed to help child abuse victims seek justice. (Photo: James Keivom / New York Daily News)

The Catholic Church in New York has spent millions of dollars in recent years to stop a law that would make it easier for victims of child sex abuse to sue their attackers.

EXCLUSIVE Catholic Church Spent $2M On Lobbying To Block Child Sex Law Reform

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    • Agreed Religion is just another word for cult..I believe there’s a difference between faith and religion and religion has irrevocably damaged peoples faith

  1. Yaaaaaaa. Hold that thought. Strange how the elites the deep state Satan worshippers ALL believe in God. They know that as hard as they fight in the end God and Jesus prevail. Where do you want to spend eternity!!???

  2. No we don’t Christian. TST and Satanists both know “god” and “jesus” is an egomaniac. One of “tests” you so you’ll pander to him. Sickening.

    • Jesus is good at being useless AF! Screw the Catholic Church and it’s “Vestal Virgins” in charge. You keep being virgins, leave our young people alone sexually. Leave our Women , Gay and Trans brothers and sisters alone.

      • These people don’t represent Jesus.I dont believe in God but I believe Jerusalem was a good person not an egomaniac.Most Americans go to church to identify with influential.Their like old fashioned victoriana.

  3. It’s all written in innuendo. No real facts given . For example who are the lobbying groups used ? There were no names of the lobbyist given. What child protection legislation was being proposed that the church were using lobbyist to block ? This is way to amateurish a story .

  4. Pander? So it’s ok to molest little boys. Then cover lie to all then continue on. The most discusting is the people.

    Read Romans 1:12 he gave them over to what????? Satan is weak but will continue to do these vile things but you could do something like stop supporting them at churches and leaving your kids there.

  5. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. Just ask Alexis, Cortana or Google Assistant. All Protestant denominations were founded by mere man. Again, as Alexis, Cortana and Google Assistant.


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