Conservative Christian Preacher Wants Government To Execute Adulterers

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 28 June 2016
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Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona.

This guy just wants everyone dead.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona just does not know how to shut his mouth.

The day after the Orlando mass shooting, Anderson praised the 49 murders and called upon the government to execute all gay people across the nation.

Just this past Sunday, Anderson repeated his call to execute gay people but added a call to purge any Christians who supports the LGBT community.

And now Anderson is calling for reinstating the death penalty against anyone who is tried and convicted of committing adultery. Adultery is not a crime in the United States, but Anderson called for punishing those who commit it with death in a written manifesto on his blog last week.

“When someone says that homosexuality is worthy of death according to the Bible, people inevitably will bring up other sins that were also punishable by death in the Old Testament,” he wrote. “They think they are somehow catching us in hypocrisy, but the truth is, Bible believing Christians DO agree with those other Old Testament penalties as well…we just need to realize that God’s laws were the law of the land in those days. Today, adultery is not punishable by law in the United States, but it should be.”

Just as he did when he called for executing gay people, Anderson laid out his vision of a “righteous government,” presumably made up of conservative “Christians” who will shred the Constitution and replace it with the Bible, and said such a government would make adultery a capital crime worthy of arrest and death if convicted by what one can only imagine would be a kangaroo court. This, Anderson says, is the way he would prevent adultery and divorce.

Yes, a righteous government would implement the death penalty for those tried and convicted of adultery. We all know normal people who have unfortunately committed this grievous sin, and of course we wouldn’t want them to die for it. If we were to somehow vote in a law making adultery illegal, it would not be retroactive–it would be the law going forward, and adultery rates would plummet and so would divorce rates. Think about it, though. Do you really think as many people commit adultery in societies where it is punishable by death? Of course not…so you can relax about your Aunt Trudy who cheated on her husband thirty years ago. If Aunt Trudy had lived in a society that enforced the death penalty for adultery, chances are she would never have committed that sin in the first place.

Indeed, other nations in the world do, in fact, punish adulterers with death. There’s only one problem.

As it turns out, punishing adultery by execution is something that occurs today mostly under Islamic law. Conservatives like Anderson would refer to this as “Sharia law.” And usually it overwhelmingly punishes women, especially women who have been raped.

According to The Week,

The UN has issued numerous calls to governments to repeal laws that criminalise adultery, arguing that they are predominantly used to discriminate against women. “Provisions in penal codes often do not treat women and men equally and establish harsher rules and sanctions for women,” writes human rights expert Frances Raday.

Countries governed by Islamic law, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Somalia, all strictly prohibit “zina”, or “fornication outside marriage”. Prosecutions are common and punishment can include fines, arbitrary detention, imprisonment, flogging and in extreme cases, the death penalty. Women are overwhelmingly targeted.

Human rights organisations argue that in several Muslim nations, adultery laws are often used against women who have been raped. Under such legislation, the burden of proof is on the woman to provide evidence that she was raped, or be prosecuted for adultery.

In short, what Anderson is proposing is a barbaric practice that is mostly practiced in countries that are governed by some form of Sharia law and is used primarily to punish women.

Basically, he is calling for the United States to be governed by Christian Sharia law. You know, the same Sharia law that conservatives freak out about and pass laws against.

Anderson concluded his “sermon” by claiming that the death penalty deters crime and shrugged at the notion that people don’t want their loved ones executed just because they had an extramarital affair.

In countries where adultery is still a capital crime, it’s not an everyday occurrence and usually ends up in the news. Just as capital punishment is a strong deterrent against murder, it has the same effect on other crimes.

Telling us that we would not want people we know and care about to be put to death is a straw man argument. We don’t want our friends and family to be convicted of murder either, but they probably won’t kill anyone, so we don’t worry about it. When the children of Israel committed adultery, they knew the risk going in.

However, it’s worth noting that multiple studies by researchers have been UNABLE to prove that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime

The bottom line is that is that Anderson is a maniac who wants to bathe America in blood in order to create what he considers the perfect Christian utopia. Millions upon millions of Americans would be murdered in this endeavor if Anderson had his way, and that is precisely why conservative “Christians” can never be allowed to have power in our government.

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  1. No reason to be shocked by this. He is a Bible teaching minister. The Bible, and therefore God, commands followers to kill adulterers, gays and many other people. Are you repulsed by this cruelty? Then abandon the Bible as a source of moral authority.

    • If he was not crazy, he would have read and understood what is said in the New Testament. The old testament is not the book Christians are mandated to follow.

      • It is the book Jews are mandated to follow, and they don’t believe in this nonsense. It’s not the book, it’s the people interpreting the book.

      • The Old Testament is like an old hag sitting on J's shoulders drunk with the Old Wine spouting absolute nonsense about the character and nature of God. A book that insults Christ every day it is quoted from because it contends with the only Word that is Eternal, which is Christ.

    • I am always amused by Christians who cherry pick "Old Testament" quotes to justify barbarity. Under Jewish Law only the Sanhedrin, the highest court in ancient Israel, could pass a death sentence for anything. The Talmud discusses the issue of the death penalty in some detail. First the penalties described in the Torah were not mandatory, they were the maximum. Thus the court could impose a death sentence but was not required to do so. In fact the Talmud tells us that the death penalty was rarely imposed in Israel. One Sanhedrin was referred to as the "Bloody Sanhedrin" because in roughly 30 years it passed 3 death penalties. Many passed none at all.

    • I agree with you that he is a bible following minister.. That is why we will never ever use the bible to create future laws in this country. This man is an example of the horrific beliefs he has….

    • "Thou Shall Not Kill", "Vengence is Mine Alone" not yours nor any other at any time. This was the crime of the Pharisees & Romans who crucified Jesus.

    • This person shows is Contempt and HATE for the God of heaven. God created every human bring on the face of the earth on purpose for a purpose. In the old Testament Prostitutes had to wear a red dot on their forehead, so they were not put to death and they committed adultery when they had sex with a married man, didn't they? The person who claims he is preacher, needs to follow what the apostle Paul wrote to the young preacher, Timothy, in the book of Timothy. Study to shew thyself a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. He also shows his IGNORANCE and Intolerance for those people who actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught in Matthew, that a man has committed adultery in his heart, when they lust after a woman. ow is he proposing to punish those people who have committed adultery,, as defined by Jesus Christ himself? That preacher, is what Jesus told his followers in Matthew, Beware of false prophets, who will come to you in sheep's clothing who are ravening wolves. This preacher come howling to his followers teaching them the doctrine of the Deikl.

  2. Hey Bruno, read all of the Old Testament not just the part about killing people you don’t like! Go through the book of Leviticus and check what “sins” you are commuting, that are punishable by death. Cherry picking the Bible is a sin.

  3. This is great news. I am hoping to go back to burning witches, because there are a few in my neighborhood. And I hope we can bring back the Spanish Inquisition, but call it the American Inquisition, where sinners like Galileo can either be tortured, or threatened with torture. Science? We don't need no science!! Let us pray: Lord God, you have taught us well over the ages. You have shown us that heathens must be tortured, killed, or burned at the stake, in your name. Lord God, help us overturn centuries of democracy so that we can do your bidding, and make this heathen United States a theocracy as is your plan, so that we can go back to torturing, burning witches, and killing heathens in your name. Amen.

    • No argument there. I would point out that religion comes in many forms, such as capitalism, socialism, fascism and communism

  4. I hear a lot from Christians about God’s “infinite compassion and mercy”. this isn’t that this is what could be called lies

  5. Why put partial quotes around the word “Christian” in your headline? There’s nothing un-Christian about what he’s been saying. It looks like you’re pandering to the Christians who read this site, by implying that Anderson’s not a true Christian. He’s a true Christian. He’s also had his 15 minutes – there’s nothing different or original about his act, so why not move on to the next lunatic? There’s no shortage of those.

    • One who is advocating punishments from Leviticus is not a Christian….
      Jesus said adultery was a sin, but did not advocate death as consequence. This preacher is a Levite or a Pauline…..
      Surely he has not considered the words of Jesus Christ in this matter, so the quotes around the word Christian are appropriate.

    • It's evident you have no idea what a Christian really is. A Christian, is simply a person who follows the teachings of Jesus
      Christ, nothing more or nothing less. John wrote those who do not love, is not of God, for God is Love.

  6. Shalom or divine peace be upon those who follow divine guidance. I am an orthodox and orthoprax Muslim electrical engineer and a student of sacred texts of Tafsir, Hadith and Ahlulbayt which we believe to be universal Ark of Salvation. Quran 2:79 says that bible has man made inaccuracies which make the case of conservative Christians very weak. For example the story of not stoning the prostitute by Jesus peace be upon him was later added to bible. If Jesus peace be upon him was sinless, he could not condone the breaking of that commandment of Torah. So, any amount of sola scriptura is not going to solve the confusions caused by the Scriptural inadequacies. That's why God has revealed perfect Quran which is internally consistent.

    • The 'perfect' Quran is patently a plagiarized, nasty, muddled book of human origin. Sacred, my foot. Note, in these regards it is no different from the other so-called sacred texts of the Abrahamic faiths. Why oh why are we so blinded by the elevated status of these stone-age texts?

    • John 3:16 Jesus died for all of us so we can all ask for forgiveness. His death did away with the old covenant/Mosaic Law covenant/Jewish law and instated the New Covenant in the New Testament. Jesus also told the Jews because they rejected him that their house was abandoned to them that they were no longer God's chosen people Acts 15:14 God for the first time turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name.

    • Elijah, All the religions and their books are all designed to control the masses ,there is no actual proof that a God exists ,you can surmise he created life on Earth and that's proof enough ,but on the other side God allows millions of people to be enslaved murdered and tortured be homeless women to treated as lesser beings and the abuse of children by his servants in the Churches , so I think that God or Allah is a dead cunt , arsehole who allows suffering tom exist , but no IT does not exist ,that is proof to me there is no benevolant Being ,just evovled nature!

  7. This has nothing to do with conservative politics. It comes directly from a literal reading of the Holy Bible.

    • The quotes are appropriate because this guy is talking theology from Leviticus or Paul, not from Jesus Christ. Jesus did not advocate death for adultery and said nothing about homosexuality.
      So he is Levite orr Pauline but certain not Christian

    • You are correct. And he is just as evil and horrible as the guys who did those things, and the guys who wrote the books in the bible. Horrible people.

  8. I have a couple of questions I really need Pastor Anderson to answer for me.

    1) I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her in today’s market?

    2) Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    These matters have been troubling me so I hope he will not delay in responding.


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