Ark Encounters of the Weird Kind

    By Bill Flavell | 10 July 2016

    “I believe this is going to be one of the greatest Christian outreaches of this era in history,” said Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, the ministry that built the ark.

    You could hardly fail to have noticed that Ken Ham’s Ark Encounters religipark opened to paying visitors on the 7th of July. The park features what Ham believes is a full-sized replica of Noah’s Ark and was built to “spread the truth of God’s Word”.

    But what was God’s word? Apparently, God decided make a new start with life on Earth. So he planned to kill every living thing in a world-wide flood except for a single family and breeding pairs of each kind of creature. He would save these specimens by asking 540-year-old Noah to build a boat with his wife and three sons, Japheth (40), Shem (38), Ham (36) and their wives.

    The boat was to be made of wood and had to be large enough for Noah’s family and all the animals, with enough food and fresh water to last a full year. The four men and four women accomplished this task in 60 years or so and then God gave them seven days (yes, seven) to find all the kinds of animals across the entire globe, transport them to the boat and get them aboard.

    Luckily it all went swimmingly well, no animals died in transit and the boat was filled by the time God unleashed the terrible onslaught of water that, within 40 days, covered everything, even Mount Everest.

    So how did Ken Ham show the truth of God’s word?

    He built a boat that is not seaworthy at a cost in excess of $100 million. It was designed by experts in large structure design using the latest computer aided design and structural analysis software.

    He employed over 1,000 craftsmen in the construction together an unknown number of labourers and volunteers. Power tools were used extensively during the build and heavy lifting equipment was on site until completion. Instead of wooden dowel fixings that Noah would have used, Ham used 95 tonnes of metal plates and fasteners.

    He used some 4,400 tonnes of finished timber, transported to site in a fleet of heavy trucks. Preparing timber in the sizes and to the accuracy required was an exacting task. So much so, that only one sawmill in the USA, Colorado Timberframe, could accomplish it using the latest computer-controlled power mills.

    He built a boat that Noah could not possibly have built, that does not float and contains not a single living animal (although there are several stuffed replica animals).

    The entire project, far from spreading the truth of God’s Word, shows it to be a complete lie.

    Reprinted with permission from the author.

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