Americans say science is why they’ve given up religion

    A new Pew survey finds that those who say they have no religion tend to cite science as one of the main reasons

    By Chris Matyszczyk | 24 August 2016

    The Pope has always been a supporter of evolution, as long as God is the original creator.

    If you believe in science, does this mean you can’t believe in God?

    Or is it that science makes it difficult to believe in religion?

    Stephen Hawking has already assured us that there is no God at all. He hasn’t, though, managed to convince everyone.

    Still, many Americans seem to be trending toward the godless quadrant. But why?

    A new Pew survey offers some believable pointers.

    Pew’s latest study is an offshoot of its 2014 Religious Landscape Survey, in which it found that 78 percent of those with no religion were raised with one, but have since shed their religious identity.

    Pew re-contacted 5,000 of the 35,071 surveyed to ask why they left their affiliation behind. Almost half of those who were brought up in the religious firmament explained that whatever belief they had had simply disappeared.

    One reason cited by many? Science.

    Pew offered one quote that will surely move some, including Neil DeGrasse Tyson: “I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.”

    Other reasons offered might also excite rationalists. For example: “Learning about evolution when I went away to college.” It took that long?

    This one, too, has a certain simplicity: “Too many Christians doing un-Christian things.”

    Some might wish to vigorously debate another: “Lack of any sort of scientific or specific evidence of a creator.” Haven’t these people ever heard of the Turin Shroud?

    It isn’t as if all religions think science is some sort of enemy.

    Pope Francis, for one, has always been clear that he believes in evolution. He’s also on the scientists’ side when it comes to global warming. However, he thinks that at the very, very beginning of everything there was a God who set it all in motion.

    The safe bet, as many a Vegas croupier might tell you, is to keep an open mind. Live your life, while examining how both sides are doing.

    But seriously, science. You can’t even tell me if aliens exist. You can’t even tell me why my dreams are so peculiar. You can’t even tell me why I have body hair.

    Is it any wonder so many of us waft around the world with an entirely confused look on our faces?

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    1. If you believe in science, you can't believe in religion, but you can believe in God/The Supreme Intelligence. This is shown by people like Albert Einstein, Antony Flew and Michio Kaku. As the Deism slogan goes, "God gave us reason, not religion."

      Progress! Bob Johnson

      • The deist position was only valid when we were ignorant of evolution. In the light of evolutionary truth, there is no need to call upon a complex, supernatural intelligence to explain biological complexity. We can account for biology quite readily by investigating the evolutionary process. Evolution also resolves the unpalatable infinite regress we find ourselves trapped in when we are forced to ask the question, “what created god?” This is an obvious question that must be asked in the face of the deistic claim that there was a creator.

    2. Is the author of this article seriously suggesting that the shroud of Turin is evidence for god? Whilst simultaneously complaining that science can’t tell us why we have body hair? Perhaps you could read a book about why we have body hair instead of broadcasting your ignorance of science. It’s true that science doesn’t have all the answers. But that’s a good thing. That leaves us all the more reason to explore the evidence for the truth. You could explore the evidence for body hair and do yourself a great service.

    3. I can certainly tell you why you have body hair. It’s because you came from a long line of creatures that had body hair. Science!


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