Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 5 January 2015
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CBN's Pat Robertson (screen grab).
CBN’s Pat Robertson (screen grab).

In another example demonstrating that Pat Robertson believes in persecuting non-Christians and indoctrinating children, the televangelist openly suggested that parents should beat their kids until they respect Christian beliefs.

During yet another shameful episode of the 700 Club, which runs on Disney-owned channel ABC Family, Robertson received an email from a woman who claimed that her grandson disrespects their Christian faith when they visit their daughter on Christmas and chose not to visit this past year.

“We declined going to our daughter’s house on Christmas this year because there is always an argument, hard feelings etc.,” viewer Karen wrote.

“One grandchild comes high on marijuana, cursing and challenging our faith. I correct him and have told my daughter to ask him to respect our beliefs, but he keeps it up. Our daughter says she is a Christian but will drink too much and offend her daughter and her husband. Were we wrong to not to attend another Christmas that leaves us upset or someone angry? I have shared my beliefs many times with them and am ridiculed by this grandson and son-in-law.”

Robertson’s immediate solution? Beat the child until he respects Christianity.

“Somebody take that kid to the woodshed and let him understand the blessings of discipline,” Robertson advised before predicting that the kid would end up in prison if a strong male figure didn’t start beating him right away.

“He needs a strong male figure. He’s going to wind up in a correctional institution, and the next thing you know, he’s going to be doing hard time in some prison. And then he would wish he wasn’t such a smart, you know, wise guy. Because he’ll be disciplined in a way that he’ll never forget in some prison… He needs discipline in the worst possible way.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

One solution Pat Robertson conveniently didn’t mention is for Karen to stop bringing up religion at her daughter’s home. She says she has “shared her beliefs many times with them” and admits that it always causes an argument. Well, there’s her problem. Stop trying to force your beliefs upon your daughter’s family and the arguments will probably cease. It’s not that people are offended by someone just because they practice a certain religion, they just tend to get offended when someone tries to force those beliefs onto them. By doing this, Karen is inviting arguments, hard feelings, and ridicule from family members who don’t want to be preached to during a holiday or any other day of the year for that matter.

Robertson’s solution is not only cruel, it constitutes child abuse, which is against the law. Beating a child into respecting a religious belief is the very definition of indoctrination and violates the constitutional rights of the abused.

Robertson’s call for beating kids into religious submission is similar to a Glenn Beck rant from 2013 when he also advocated for parents to physically abuse their kids until they believe in God. Just two years earlier, fundamentalist Christian parents beat their nine kids in the name of God. One child actually died from the abuse. Telling religious extremists to beat their kids is a very dangerous thing to do, and if any religious parents beat their kids like Robertson is advising, he should be charged as an accessory to child abuse.

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  1. Your title is a LIE. Stop BAITING readers. Stop lying. And discipline for a son who is incredibly disrespectful to others is a GOOD thing.

  2. Kid only argues over religion from that grandmother’s own quote, and you can’t trust that this kid really was high and drunk, that’s always a go to to religious grandparents when their ideals are challenged by the younger generations.
    Even being said, beating them until they find God is wrong. Only the shittiest if individuals would think sonething that abusive is okay to do. Plus, this was in 2015, so there is enough proof to prive none of this was a lie.

  3. Pat and reason and belief…really? Beating someone, anyone, especially a child, creates fear, distrust, distress, and resentfulness, not true belief. Please get some help! What you are suggesting is inhumane!

  4. Beating anyone like Pat “stonings in the street” Robertson suggests is mortifying. He sounds reasonable to those who approve of smacking some faces for effect and busting some asses, both o’ which I agree have their unorthodox place,.but only when he’s talking about them. Pat Robertson would say the same shit for other people if We let him. Give it time.

  5. The root of this matter is not religion. It's sheer bad manners. Kids are not taught about respect any more. There are no consequences either. I do not condone beating children. However I have seen parents trying to make up after a blazing and usually disrespectful argument going out and buying their kids something horrendously expensive just to put them in a good mood again. Reward bad behaviour and you will perpetuate the problem.

  6. The person with bad manners is the woman who by her own admission brings up religion knowing it will upset her daughter and their family. She should lead by example, not force her beliefs on people she is fully aware don’t wish to hear them.

  7. Pat Robertson has Alzheimer's from what I have read. He needs to be taken off the air. The 700 club and the CBN site doctor news articles bringing in abortion and other issues to further their agenda with the Republican party. It's funny, these televangelist types make millions from people dumb enough to believe their rhetoric and lies.