Organized Religion: A Tool for Ignorance, Power and Control

This post by Allen Clifton originally appeared at Forward Progressives.

I think anyone who follows me even somewhat regularly knows that I’m a Christian. I know that’s not always a popular thing to be as a liberal, but it’s a fact nonetheless. That being said, I detest organized religion.

What “religion” is to me is a human-made concoction meant to promote the personal views of some while degrading the views of others.

Honestly the only reason I call myself a “Christian” is because it’s easier than saying, “I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the values for which he stood. That being said, I oppose most things that have been written in the Bible as it is clear that much of the text has been influenced by the personal views of those in charge of translating the text through time.”

I’ve talked “religion” with Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Atheists (yes I consider Atheism a form of religion) and it’s amazing how personally we’re all pretty much the same. Our core values as human beings are basically identical. Things like being a good person, helping the helpless and defending the defenseless. Generally just being good people.

And isn’t that what life is about? Isn’t that what we should all strive to be as humans?

Why is it so many care so much about the personal religious views of others? If everyone kept their beliefs private (as they should be), practiced them in the appropriate places and didn’t judge others who believed differently – can you imagine how much more peaceful the world would be?

How many murders, wars, acts of terror or any number of other heinous acts have been committed in human history in the name of religion?

Not faith, spiritual guidance or belief in humanity – but human-made religion.

It’s one group of humans telling another that they’re wrong. It’s one group of people using religion to manipulate the masses to oppose another grouping of people based on their own interpretation of a faith.

Because that’s what organized religion is – control.

It’s an easy way to take a group of people with like-minded beliefs, group them together and manipulate them for some kind of ulterior goals.

Heck, just look through history. Religious leaders often perpetuated that specific kings or emperors were “ordained by (fill in whatever God they believe in)” and for the people to rise up against them would be blasphemy. To question their rule was to go against “God,” thus risking damnation.

It’s genius, isn’t it?

You can force people to support leaders who don’t have their best interests in mind by simply evoking the “wrath of … whatever God they worship.”

And this isn’t just a Christian thing. You see this with almost every religion around the world.

It’s why our Founding Fathers had it right by wanting to keep church and state separate. They didn’t put God into the United States – Christians did much later. Phrases like “One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust” didn’t show up in the United States until long after this nation was founded. How can anyone honestly argue that this country was “founded on Christianity” when the words “Christian” or “Christianity” don’t appear even once within our Constitution?

Not. One. Single. Time.

I believe faith to be a wonderful thing. But by faith I mean spiritual faith. If you want to believe in Jesus Christ or Muhammad I don’t care – as long as you’re not taking that faith, forming it into a belief and then forcing it on others.

Hell, you don’t have to believe in anything at all. Just don’t try to force others to believe in nothing either. I’ve met plenty of atheists who act just as obnoxious as religious radicals about their lack of a belief in a God. If you don’t believe how they do, you’re an idiot.

Because at the end of the day, who really cares?

When we die, something happens to us, and that’s a certainty. Whether we ascend up into some kind of heaven, get reincarnated into something else or simply just cease to exist – something will happen to us when we die.

Our goal as humans should simply be to exist as good people, and that’s essentially what the core of all of these faiths tells us – just be a good person.

But it’s organized religion that has taken that simple goal and twisted it for human-made selfish ambitions, greed and power. Because religion is quite the tool to achieve all three of those things. Like I said earlier, many horrific acts have been committed in human history all in the name of “religion.” Individuals who’ve been convinced that the best way to show the veracity of their faith is by slaughtering those who chose not to convert to it.

Religion is nothing more than a tool that’s been used over centuries to manipulate people, usually for the benefit of a select few.

Heck, just look at this country now. Tens of millions of Americans vote against their own interests on based on essentially two “religious” beliefs:

  • Abortion
  • Same-sex marriage

And that’s about it. I’ve actually met conservatives that say they couldn’t care less about what economic policies either party supports, because those two issues mattered to them most. Basically, they would rather live impoverished by economic policies which hurt them than see a gay couple get married or a woman have control over her own body.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Because at the end of the day no matter what we believe, how we’re judged as people (by whomever might judge us, be it a deity or loved ones) will be determined by our actions – not the opinions of strangers who disagreed with our beliefs.

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column.

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  1. There are only two possibilities. 1) all religions are wrong or 2) all religions are wrong except one. The history of humanity is dominated by encouraging over breeding, mayhem, wars, abuse of humans all in the name of trying to prove that the religion you have been raised with is the "one".

  2. Yes but Founding Fathers separated relugion from church in an ulterior step towards NWO project where there will b a New Human Made God… This God will reside in the new city project NEOM… Now all the Satanic Masonic plan is clear to humanity though it was born hundreds of years ago

    But if I claim to be a Christian, how can I say that? Well, when I say that I am a ‘Christian’, I am saying that I ascribe to, believe in, and strive to follow Christian VALUES. However, I think that the legend of Christ is only possibly based on the existence of a real person, or maybe an amalgamation of real persons and events; all of this likely in rejection of, and rebellion against, the murderous oppression and subjugation of common people at the time. I’m not saying Christ was necessarily an ‘invention’, mind you, but more likely a corporeal manifestation of man’s budding maturity and desire to throw off the yoke of barbarism and grow as a species. Mankind’s intellectual, emotional, and empathic puberty.
    I very much respect the concept of ‘Faith’ though. This country, remember, was formed on the notion that your Faith is yours alone to choose. I, and many of my friends, signed government contracts to defend everyone’s right to choose their own Faith. And we all know of someone who died for them.
    However… I abhor and reject the notion of organized ‘Religion’, which I recognize as nothing other than a vehicle for the control and exploitation of the masses. And, since our own government seems to be morphing ever further into an organization with the same intent, the notion of combining the two is probably the scariest idea I’ve ever contemplated.

    • Thank you. Governments relying on a God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. is using it to control others, similar to the Church of England, which stretches further than many followers comprehend. With many sects leaving Europe, they failed to realize the English control over them in use of the King James Version of the Bible. It was written by the Church of England for the King.
      Actual separation of state and religion is genuine forethought of get value. Government permitting bias threw religious views as in the USA’s hand on the Bible to swear to tell honesty in a court of law is a definite example of not following it. We are a religiously focused nation, operating against the Constitutional Writing.
      Under corporate and religious control of money and reason, this nation has definitely no separartion of Mammon and State.

  4. Atheism is NOT a religion. Religion requires a belief in some sort of supreme being. As an atheist, I do not.

    • There is no set international scholarly decision on what precisely describes religion. Theism is faith in a spiritual belief with or without a God, in many forms. Atheism, belief no deities exist, is still a religious faith, opposite of theism.

    There are over 4200 different religions on Earth, and God doesn’t have a thing to do with any one of them. If he did, there would only be one, and it wouldn’t cause more wars, hatred, murder, and mayhem than anything on Earth. So, for God to have anything to do with religion – any of them! – he’d have to be evil. And no, your religion is no better.
    Thus, organized religion is nothing more than an attempt by man to put his words into God’s mouth. Man uses religion to say, “It’s not that I hate everyone who doesn’t look, think, and act like me – it’s just that God does.”

    There are over 4200 different religions on Earth, and God doesn’t have a thing to do with any one of them. If he did, there would only be one, and it wouldn’t cause more wars, hatred, murder, and mayhem than anything on Earth. So, for God to have anything to do with religion – any of them! – he’d have to be evil. And no, your religion is no better.
    Thus, organized religion is nothing more than an attempt by man to put his words into God’s mouth. Man uses religion to say, “It’s not that I hate everyone who doesn’t look, think, and act like me – it’s just that God does.”

    2018 WORLD POP. ESTIMATE 7,503,828,180
    Birth rate 18.2 births/1000 = 259 births/min
    Death rate 7.7 deaths/1000 = 108 deaths/min
    Net gain 151 per minute (60 min X 24 hrs. X 365 days X 151 = 79,365,600 gain per year.)
    Christian 31.4%…….2,356,202,025
    Muslim 23.2%……..1,740,888,137
    Hindu 15.0%……..1,125,574,227
    Buddhist 7.1 %………….532,771,800
    Folk 5.9%…………442,725,262
    Jewish .002%……….. 15,700,656
    Unaffiliated 16.4%…….1,230,627,821
    Other .08% …….. … 591,577,281
    According to Christian religion 68.6% (93,385,454) of the 136,130,400 persons born in 2018 who reject Jesus as their savior are destined for eternal torture.
    Revelation 20:15 – And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
    Matthew 25:46 – And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.
    Matthew 10:28 – And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    Mark 9:43-48 – And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: (Read More…)
    Matthew 13:50 – And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  8. RE:Why is it so many care so much about the personal religious views of others? If everyone kept their beliefs private (as they should be), practiced them in the appropriate places and didn’t judge others who believed differently — ISN'T THAT EACTLY WHAT THEAUTHOR IS DOING IN THAT VERY SENTENCE? I'M CONFUSED. BTW, I'M A RAGING LIBERAL AND A CHRISTIAN AS WELL, UNITED METHODIST CLUB….

    >>"Just keep your "christianity" out of secular government and we will all be good. I AGREE,"But christians and muslims and jews and all the rest just can't do that," RUN INTO A LOT OF EVANGELICAL JEWS AND MUSLIMS DO YOU?


  9. The Masonic order does not believe in satan. Just because the rituals of the order are secret, it seems easy to comment on an order that is upstanding and not what these folks write about it.

  10. Thank you Allen Clifton. You have put my thoughts into print and even your idea of being a Christian work for me. Being Australian, most of us were brought up in the Christian faith but somewhere along the way, after being a Sunday School teacher, fierce believer in God is Love, the cracks of doubt appeared. No discussion from any church could answer my questions and I found myself becoming an Atheist but one who qualified this statement by expressing my belief in the morality of the Christian ethics. I could never understand how my views were targeted by the Christian majority here who attempted to use their weapons of hell and superiority to belittle my non belief.
    I fear for our world, not because of pollution, global warming or climate change, but because religions will continue to encourage terrorism, blind faith and total control and life as we know it will drastically change.
    I know I won’t go to heaven or meet up with all my loved ones and adored animals but sure would love it if a fictional deity could arrange, ‘The Meek will Inherit the Earth’.

  11. Didn't our Fore Fathers come to this land to Escape and Fight for Freedom of Religion? To Declare Independence and Not have a King or Queen force us to Worship and Obey Them? Look how Many were BeHeaded for Not Worshiping & Obeying Them! Yes, Religion is up to each person to Worship How, Where or What They Want! Leave Religion Out and Just Be Good People..Raise our children with kind hearts, love, peace, humility, Help Others, Share Joy & Happiness!! Make This World a Better Place To Live!

  12. I am a 75 year old retired MD. I had measles as a child and over 60 years later I was still immune because I didn't get measles during a major epidemic where I was exposed. During my childhood a girl living nearby died of measles. Later I learned from a friend who was a doctor in West Africa that many children there died from measles. The persons who stated that measles cannot be fatal are simply wrong. They should not be spouting this nonsense. This is a public health matter. During my childhood polio epidemics terrified everyone. Other children in my school wore heavy braces on their legs. The father of one boy survived at home on a respirator. People died. Dr.Thomas Francis, Jr was the first person to isolate the influenza virus and he and his student Dr Jonas Salk developed and tested the the first effective polio vaccine (1955). I caught rubella while in college. It was just a mild illness with a rash. Later in medical school (1964-68) I witnessed "rubella babies". These were children born with brain damage, deafness and physical disabilities because their mothers caught rubella during early pregnancy. Today we know that certain cancers are related to infection with HPV virus and hepatitis viruses. To be effective the HPV virus must be given before puberty. Hepatitis B vaccine should be given to all persons, not just those in high risk occupations or those who engage in risky activities. During my career I had a patient who developed chickenpox while in labor. Fortunately we were able to obtain and experimental Varicella Immune Globulin (VIG) that prevented the baby from getting what probably would have been a fatal infection. There are a few patients who are immune deficient who cannot take live virus vaccines. Persons on chemotherapy or who have had organ transplants are at risk too. Doctors are required by law to report report injuries due to illegal acts, child abuse, etc. to police. They are required to report certain communicable diseases to health authorities. For several decades there has been a system for reporting adverse reactions to vaccines in the US. These anti-vaxx people are ignorant. They will regret their decision to refuse their child MMR when their grandchild is a "rubella baby". They will regret it when they refuse HPV vaccine and their daughter gets cervical cancer at age 30. They will regret it when their child is infected with hepatitis and later gets liver cancer. They will be despised by the parents of the child with leukemia who catches a fatal viral infection from their unvaccinated child.


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