Pat Robertson: Single Mothers Should Be Forced To Get Married Or They Will Go To Hell

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 11 November 2014
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CBN host Pat Robertson. (Screen grab)

Pat Robertson has attacked single mothers, warning that they’ll go to hell if they aren’t forced to get married.

During his 700 Club show, Robertson took a question from a father who has been actively trying to force his daughter to marry the father of her child, even though she has been through two divorces and doesn’t want to marry for a third time.

“My daughter has been living with a man for 3 years and has a baby with him,” viewer Mark wrote in an email. “She has told her kids that they are married but she won’t marry him because she has had 2 husbands already.”

This didn’t sit well with Robertson, who believes that all women should be forced to marry, have babies, and cook and clean. Without even having met the man’s daughter, Robertson assumed that her relationship issues are due to a bad upbringing and that she must be rebellious instead of being submissive to the man in her life.

“I don’t know what kind of bringing up she had, but she didn’t have a very good one. A couple of marriages already? She is obviously undisciplined, rebellious, she can’t hold a stable relationship. And now she won’t enter into one even though she’s got a child by this man.”

Thus, Robertson clearly violated Matthew 7: 1-3, in which Jesus states:

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

One would think Robertson has read the entire Bible since he fancies himself a preacher, but apparently he skipped all the parts about Jesus.

Anyway, Robertson said that single mothers are asking to be sent to hell by remaining unmarried. The con artist also dared to presume what God would do to mothers who choose to stay single.

“She’s tempting God. I mean, man. She is walking on the edge. You think Wallenda was taking a chance? She’s really on a tightrope. I’d warn her because she’s asking for it. It’s going to be really tough. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission — that’s a big joke. Not when you’re dealing with the Lord. Sooner or later, God’s going to say, ‘That’s all she wrote, baby.’ And it’s going to be tough.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Single mothers have been a central focus of conservatives in their war on women. In July, a Minnesota Republican said that single mothers should be banned from eating or dancing on their wedding day. Last November, a conservative Christian leader said that single mothers should put their kids up for adoption so that they can be raised in a two-parent Christian household. And a Wisconsin Republican has referred to single motherhood as child abuse. In addition, Republicans blame single mothers for the ills of society and see them as a threat to their power. The true reason why conservatives want to force women to get married is because they believe marriage will automatically cause women to vote for Republicans instead of Democrats.

So, it’s not really about God at all. It’s about conservative Christian men trying to put every woman in America under their boot heel.

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  1. First if all " men want single mothers to marry so they'll vote republican" of course we all know that married woman all vote republican,were in the hell do they dig up these left wing nut jobs that call themselves journalists!? WTH? You should be writing for the funny papers you'd have a fantastic career because you certainly will never make in the realm of real news!? As for single mothers causing all the ills of the country I wouldn't say that is true,but especially in minorty communities being single and having kids has caused a tremendous amount of chaos! Woman should not be rewarded for having kids out of wedlock and that's exactly what the welfare system under the democrats has done. If woman where forced to get jobs and no welfare for having 8 kids by six different baby daddies maybe they would think twice about burdening society with the next generation of prisoners and thugs? As for the men that are churning out these kids they need to be hunted down and forced to pay child support or go to jail. My opinion has nothing to do with religion just common sense and decency,we see what our lack of responsibility and morals have done to our inner cities?! Maybe they should start in Chicago!?

    • Gag. How can you admire these foul con artists? He is rich from guilting people into tithing money to keep him rich. He is the worst kind of phoney christian. Jesus would be revolted by him and his idol 45.

  2. Clueless! Who does he think single mom’s are supposed to marry? If the father of their child/children had “manned up”, stuck around to take care of their child (ren) there wouldn’t be single mothers. Or, in other cases I’d he suggesting that females that are single mom’s should stay in abusive relationships regardless of the risk to thesellvez, and their children, so as not to be a single parent.???
    WTF! This guy needs a serious reality check!
    I think everyone who opposes his views needs to comment on his media site


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