Pastor Claims He Has Seen Aborted Fetuses Hug Jesus In Heaven

By Jen Froderman | 20 March 2016
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Pastor Jesse Duplantis. (Jesse Duplantis Ministries / screen grab)

Pastor Jesse Duplantis is a religiot of epic proportions, on par with the likes of Kenneth Copeland and the “Godfather” of incomprehensible religiosity, Pat Robertson. One small difference makes this “pastor” even more deserving of the ridicule of those who use their brains: he claims to have been in heaven, seen everything there in detail and to have all of the answers that the mentally-disturbed faithful ask of him.

In fact, he is now claiming that heaven takes on all aborted babies as well as any child who dies before the “age of accountability.” Speaking on aborted fetuses, he says any child that “the world rejects, heaven accepts.” Ok, that is kinda odd, does that mean that children that the almighty does not allow to be born (and therefore, were rejected by God himself) are not accepted? That was probably just an oversight in his presentation, right?

Here is the rub, if the children who die are in the same “looking” body as they were when they died (or they wouldn’t have appeared as children hugging Jesus in heaven) then what kind of heaven is there for a fetus? Most abortions happen when fetuses are unrecognizable as humans, just basically a bunch of cells… how does a bunch of cells hug Jesus?

But, he has seen these “kids” hugging Jesus in the “new heaven” that he just can’t wait to get back to. Because going there the first time just made him a millionaire on Earth, totally rejecting biblical principals of austerity and poverty being the best way to serve the Lord. I guess, though, that the irony of an angry Jesus in the bible throwing the riches of the temple and flogging rich priests is lost on this rapture-seeking troglodyte.

Seriously, this is a one or the other thing, either there are children in heaven because they died as children, or they get new bodies that are at their prime – meaning no children. This charlatan is claiming not only are all bodies made new, there are children in heaven including fetuses who are stuck at the age they were at death, which is clearly paradoxical and completely insane.

Gross and inane, watch this horrifyingly energetic fraud speak about his favorite fantasies here:

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  1. I have never seen a man of the cloth lie as much as this man. If the Lord is listening to this heathen of a preacher I hope he condemns him to hell for his travesties. Blessed be the Lord.

    • This is what you get when ‘god’ relies on humans to spread the story of his supposed existence. If god allows obvious such charlatans to exist then it’s reasonable for people to question and therefore it would be unjust of him to punish for lack of belief.

    • Of course he’s lying, just like every cleric of every religion ever known to humankind has lied. When your income relies on convincing others of the existence of fictional characters, this is what you get.

  2. Isn’t it what every Christian wants, especially the evangelical nutbars, that is, to go to heaven and hug Jeeezus in eternal paradise ?

    Seems like a short cut to success if you ask me. Dovetails nicely with the prosperity gospels in that it is an easy way out for this new little soul who is seeking spiritual union with “God” .

    If the soul of fetuses or babies ask to be conceived / born then who is to say they didn’t change their minds in vitro .

  3. Never meet a poor pastor in one of these new churches and never meet a poor Imam.
    Religion is the third carriage on the gravy train behind politics and the law and just in front of the public sector carriage.

  4. If god could do Anything and this is what he chose to do than that sure tells me everything I need to know. And if he could do anything wtf is Satan even a problem?

  5. If he saw God it would have had a profound affect, he would not say he seen such things.
    The feeling when arriving in heaven is overwhelming one of love peace and tranquility.
    The view is spectacular and unforgettable, unlike anything your ever going to see here through your life’s journey. Your going to understand how everything works but most importantly, why. Only your soul arrives no legs or arms or any junk attatached. You would most definitly see God and know his message is love

  6. Okay first of all I want to say everybody who’s talking down on this man about his religion and what he believes in.he might sound insanely crazy but , I have met him more than one time, he’s the most generous man I have ever met in my life he is so giving and caring and all you guys are doing is shaming him for telling people what he believes his heaven is like. my dad’s a preacher I’m a preacher’s daughter and I’m one of those going to be bad going against the rules growing up kind of daughters. But I love to debate all kinds of bible stuff, and I will say this from what I’ve learned through all of my 33 years of knowing the Christianity in their own Heaven what heaven will be like and they see what they wanted to because that would be your Heaven that’s the whole point of Heaven would be your head and not everybody else is so if his Heaven is Jesus hugging fetus babies and all kinds of babies then that’s his heaven you guys just need to quit hating and back off this preacher. Oh and I can’t wait to hear this answer this is for all you non-believers atheists so please tell me what you believe in? And honestly I’m really curious to find out because I’ve asked several different other people who claim to be atheist and it’s actually kind of funny debates sometimes but you know I’m just kind of curious what are you guys believe happens when you die? What would your heaven bealite ore life after death or whatever you want to call it?

    • The reason we don't "back off" is because very often, preachers have lots of money. In the United States, money buys influence. We don't want this guy influencing ANYBODY.

    • I am a kinda atheist in that I do not believe in religion or the bible. I do believe in a God that would take back the precious souls of aborted babies and have compassion on the mothers who had the abortions. A God so loving and pure. Nothing like the god from the bible.

  7. This man was a millionaire BEFORE he was a christian. He thought when he became one,
    that he had to be poor. He gave away all his money many times over. God kept blessing him with more because of the laws of sowing and reaping. God does not want any christian to be poor. Any baby that was aborted will be in heaven but they won't be chopped up or just a blob of cells. They are spirits just like God created them.

    • tell this goD to shower some $$$ my way as I've always been poor and struggling. Whenever I can I help others in need but never get anything in return. Well its my time I have sown many $$$$$ worth so where is my reaping in the $$$$$$. If this bloke can give away many millions many times and reaps it back again and again get him to tell goD to get his act together and send me my $$$$$$ so I can give it away again.

  8. The Bible is a compendium of fire side tales and fables recounted orally for generations by goat herders and primitive tribes, until writing was invented and then again many different sources and versions were written down.
    There were no grand central universities to organise the many various versions of these origin stories.
    They were for entertainment and to answer the many mysteries of our universe since there was no science yet.
    This is the old Testament.
    The ‘new’ Testes is also hearsay since these letters, ‘gospels’ and stories were written by the loyal faithful, not by objective historians at that particular time, or by any contemporary writers, and written many years after the supposed events of this mythical Jesus. Thus, there is no verifiable evidence of a Jesus.
    Then many of these stories, not all, were compiled by one self-absorbed converted Roman Emperor for his expressed purpose of conquest and control of the people of Europe. He recognised that this was the perfect religion/mythology for domination of the populace. Half the stories were ignored by the Nicean Bishops and none have been proven to be based on fact.
    This ‘Bible’ is backed up by absolutely no facts and evidence.