Oklahoma Republican Declares That Rape Is The ‘Will Of God’

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 22 March 2017
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Women should get as far away from Oklahoma as soon as possible because Christian Sharia law is about to make their lives a living hell.

If Oklahoma state GOP Rep. George Faught has his way, rape will be on the path to being legal in the state. At least that’s what rapists are hoping for after Faught made a frightening statement on the subject during a debate on House Bill 1549, which restricts abortion.

Democratic Rep. Cory Williams masterfully cornered Faught during the hearing by asking him if he believes rape and incest are the “will of God” since the legislation has no exceptions for either, meaning women would be forced to give birth to their rapist’s baby.

Faught’s reply is absolutely appalling and demonstrates once again why women should never vote for Republicans, especially Republicans who want to base our laws on the Bible.

“Well, you know, if you read the Bible, there’s actually a couple circumstances where that happened,” Faught said. “The Lord uses all circumstances. I mean, you can go down that path, but it’s a reality unfortunately.”

Faught literally just used the Bible to justify rape. And then he used it to justify incest.

“Same answer,” Faught replied. Then he argued that Williams’ questions have nothing to do with the bill. Williams vehemently disagreed and explained why.

“You are proffering a divine intervention as the reason why you won’t do that and so I think it is very important,” Williams said before demanding Faught repeat his answer again. “This body wants to know — and myself personally — whether you believe rape and incest are actually the will of God.”

Faught obliged and stated that rape and incest are God’s will because God is sovereign over all activities that happen.

“It’s a great question to ask. And, obviously if it happens in someone’s life, it may not be the best thing that ever happened, but — so you’re saying that God is not sovereign with every activity that happens in someone’s life and can’t use anything and everything in someone’s life and I disagree with that.”


Here’s the video via YouTube.

This is exactly the same kind of statement that Republicans like Rick Santorum and Richard Mourdock made during the 2012 Election.

“I believe and I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you,” Santorum said during his run for the presidency. “As you know, we have to, in lots of different aspects of our life. We have horrible things happen. I can’t think of anything more horrible. But, nevertheless, we have to make the best out of a bad situation.”

“I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God,” Mourdock said during his Senate run in Indiana. “And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Both of these guys think that rape is sanctioned by God and that women should appreciate the “gift” God is giving them by force. It’s disgusting and is the reason why both men lost their races.

And now Faught should be ousted from office as well.

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  1. I don't agree with this position in any way shape or form, but do have to say that you are twisting what was said. In no way do I hear him saying rape or incest is God's will. Granted, he might be taking it a little far for a lot of people, but all I hear in what was said was making the best of a bad situation, not the condoning of wrong actions. There's enough to be angry about. Let's at least be honest. No need to distort, there is already enough to be outraged over.

    • Making the ??? BEST ??? WHAT out of a “bad situation”….perhaps you’ve never been raped!

      What “best” comes from being assaulted? Thinking like this is a huge part of the problem!

  2. These people don't understand what God wants or intends. God intends for us to be good and not sin, but we have free will and do as we please. Genesis 6;6
    6 And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

    7 And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

  3. God is sovereign, nothing happens outside his will, from a sparrow falling from the sky to a hair falling from our head. He claims control of even the path that lightening takes through the sky. God preordained the greatest crime that was ever committed in history: The death of my Lord Jesus Christ. Evidently, some of us are unfamiliar with the bible where in countless situations, God claims absolute control over bad things happening to apparently, good people. God is the potter and we are the clay and have no right to question his authority. Now rather or not women should be allowed to abort their pregnancies, from rape, is beyond me. But when God’s sovereignty is in question, I am forced to respond: All things that come to pass is the will of God. Study your Bible

    • So…. then God is sovereign over Isis?? God ordains that infants die by the spear? God directs serial killers?

      Your position negates Free Will.

      I believe that God allows human being to make decisions, including giving ourselves to Him. I also know that human beings can do bad things to each other. Justice has a role. Accepting all bad things as God’s will is means all bad things are fine. It negates morality as it means that our lives are predetermined. It then gets circular…because if it’s okay to do whatever because its God’s Will, then why should abortion be an exception.

      There are Christians that adhere to determinism as doctrine, but it’s a small minority. Sadly, most Christians do not ponder the role of Free Will more closely, and instead just make up and imagine all sorts of things to suit emotional , political and social outcomes.

  4. Why does the author of this story lie about what was said? George Caught NEVER said rape and incest was ok!! He was just saying that out of horrible situations such as rape, God can make something good. He was not saying God wills rape and that’s very clear. But lets not let the truth get in the way right?!

    • Unfortunately, the people on the left tend to do that often. They don’t care about the actual truth. They take things that was said by conservatives and convert them into thier own perverted interpretation to make them look bad.

  5. As a Christian I would like to express my opinion on this subject. Instead of calling this man names, which never really helps or changes a person. He is either very ignorant of the truth and light of God's Word or just misinformed. God tells us that we are to seek wisdom and discernment from him and especially before we make such remarks in public. It is never God's will that an innocent person be raped, abused, or harmed in any way. Also God can take a bad, or even horrific action and use it for good results. A woman might be raped, and it is a horrible crime, she needs to be treated with compassion and dignity. If she is found to be pregnant, caused by the rape, would hope she would choose life for that innocent child. She can choose not to raise the child (adoption is a good option) or she can learn to love her child, recognizing that the child is not the one at fault. With God's help she can be merciful to the child, even though the rapist was not merciful to her. It is in this way that God will bless her and the child. Bad things happen to good people, but it is how the good person reacts to the bad that makes a difference. Although God knows the evil that is in a person, he does not always intervene in stopping the action. The lesson here is that although a bad thing can happen to us, it is up to us what we do with it. There are many instances of a heroic action in a horrible situation. This earth is not the end of the story.

    • A great response, but the law maker does not feel the victims of rape and incest deserve a full range of choices.

      I did not take that the lawmaker was saying that rape and incest are okay, however the lawmaker body language was not sympathetic to victims of these situations with his shrugging. He also sounded like he has a pre determination viewpoint, which is very problematic.

  6. Look, first of all, the way this was written was completely to attack the Republicans. Second of all, the words are completely twisted and taken out of content. He is standing up for human life. He is not saying that rape or incest is the will of God. I can tell you that these things are definitely not the will of God. But he has given us free will to either do the right thing or the wrong thing, because He is a merciful and loving God! When we choose to do the wrong thing, bad there will be consequences in this world. That is why bad things happen. However, it is also not the will of God to murder unborn children as a result of being conceived out of rape or incest. A life is still a life, and God can use these babies for good. That is what he is talking about. It is wrong to destroy the life of an unborn child no matter how they were conceived. Those babies may grow up to be increadible people. Maybe one of them will have the cure for diseases like cancer!Or maybe they could do something to change the world! God has a plan for every single life! Who are we to take that away? That is the point he is trying to make.

    • How, by any stretch of the imagination, do you make this about politics??!! Wow. That’s about as narrow minded as you can get. Come back to Earth, Jen!

  7. Lots of stuff that is not Gods will occurs. Sin is not His will. Rape is a crime and a sin. Incest is a sin and is a crime. The problem here is attempting to explain Christian concepts in this framework to people who are not Christians. Especially within the framework of the highly charged subject of rape. Rape is not God’s will, but many Bible stories demonstrate how God can use bad situations to accomish His will anyway. The classic is the story.of Joseph, whose jealous brothers sold him into slavery, and who eventually came to a position of power in Egypt during a time of famine. This resulted in many being saved from starvation. Rape and incest is not God’s will, and He will judge the rapists.

    • I’m a Christian and I understand. I’m also pro-choice.

      Free Will is powerful. Life is an amazing blessing. I believe strongly that living a life is unique and it’s not for Cesar to determine how or if a girl or woman should be forced to endure a pregnancy. Society’s laws are for all including those that have a higher moral standard.

      Not all law is about morality.

  8. I honestly hope every rapist goes after him.
    And that the state will be paying for and providing mental health support for all the unwanted gifted children those poor women would be forced to have..
    I honestly can not believe what I just read.

  9. GOD gave us free will, and Jesus said LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THY SELF. obviously this man doesn’t read the small print, or adapts it to suit himself. It’s a good thing we are not all like him, that’s all I can say.

  10. So the omniscient god knows about the rape before it happens and warns no one. The all seeing omnipresent god watches the rape and does nothing. That pathetic imaginary vile god figment has no right to involve in the victim's decisions.


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