The Republican Ten Commandments

    This post by Allen Clifton originally appeared at Forward Progressives.


    I hold a firm belief that religion and politics should never be mixed. These are two subjects that by themselves are controversial enough, let alone mixing them together. Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is probably why they didn’t use the word “Christianity” even once in our Constitution. Our First Amendment clearly states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” and individuals like Thomas Jefferson had several documented instances where they said there should be a strict separation of church and state.

    Like I’ve said before, even within Christianity there are many different denominations, so if we can’t agree within the same faith on what to believe — who in their right mind would believe one faith should rule this country?

    Well as most of us know, Republicans make a clear effort to inject religion into their policy making as much as possible. I guess I should clarify that because it’s not entirely accurate: when it comes to social policies, Republicans try to inject religion as much as possible. When it comes to economic policies then they suddenly forget that Jesus Christ spoke out against greed and focused on the responsibility a society has to its poor, needy, sick and elderly.

    And it’s clear to anyone who follows me that I don’t consider most conservatives actual Christians. I believe they follow what I call “Republicanity.” It’s what reality shows me. It’s a mix of political ideologies tossed in with a handful of passages from the Bible. Because let’s be honest — when it comes to the Bible, everyone (who’s Christian anyway) picks and chooses which passages they want to follow and which they don’t.

    That being said, I thought it might be fun to write the “Republican Ten Commandments” based on what the GOP seems to stand for. Sure, there are many really kind, caring conservative voters out there — but they still vote for a party that’s anything but. It just baffles me how so many Americans vote against their own interests.

    So, based on what the GOP stands for, I present to you the Republican Ten Commandments:

    1. Thou shalt worship no other Americans but Ronald Reagan.

    2. Thou shalt pay no attention to the fact that tax rates have nothing to do with capitalism. Remember, we were in fact a nation based on socialism before 1980 when our savior was elected.

    3. To speak ill of Ronald Reagan means you are not a real conservative.

    4. Thou shalt honor Ayn Rand’s economic ideologies, but ignore the fact that she was an atheist who thought religious people were fools.

    5. Thou shalt respect your mother and father by ensuring that we privatize Social Security and Medicare so that private corporations can profit from these programs.

    6. Guns are the only means of salvation. Thou shalt live in fear every moment that someone is out to get you.

    7. Though adultery and divorce are acceptable and frequent occurrences (especially in “strongly conservative” states), it is same-sex marriage that will ultimately destroy the traditional family and ruin the sanctity of marriage.

    8. Women are to be treated as subservient to men. Their rights will be determined by panels consisting entirely of males as it is clear men know more, and are better suited to determine female equality and how to handle women’s health.

    9. The poor are but leeches on society seeking a handout from everybody else. The rich suffer the greatest burden of all and it is your responsibility to ensure that the rich are properly taken care of, for they are the job creators.

    10. Thou shalt remember that greed is good, the poor are lazy, gays are bad, women are wicked, Rush Limbaugh is a respectable citizen, Sarah Palin is intelligent and George W. Bush was a great president.

    These “Ten Commandments” have been sponsored by the Koch brothers, big oil, Fox News, FreedomWorks and the Heritage Foundation. Any attempt to discredit this list of sacred rules is just a liberal conspiracy to destroy the United States of America.

    Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column.

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    1. Overall agreement, but on #6; Grow up.
      First, I'm probably more "left" than you or just about anyone you know or here on this board.
      My feelings about civilian rights to firearms is informed by my feelings on social justice, and informs them.

      You hoplophobes say we're in fear of everyone around us?
      We who argue for liberal guns laws ("freely allowing") say that we trust everyone around us to be sane, safe, responsible, useful in a crisis, worth trusting. But then I ride a bicycle in city traffic, so maybe I'm abnormally trusting in everyday people around me, having the instant ability to kill me if they felt like it. I'm still alive for all that.
      Don't talk to me about fear/trust of those around me until you've examined your own thoughts about why a government job and badge make a person inherently more trustworthy.
      Ask the people at Waco how they feel about being forcibly disarmed so the State could keep them safe. Some descendants of those at Wounded Knee might have thoughts. Thanks to one helicopter pilot and his brave crew disobeying orders and threatening to shoot GIs, some survivors of My Lai might have a thing or two to say.

      You say that everyone around you should be disarmed by force of law, out of fear that everyone is on the narrow edge before going nuts and murdering everyone around you. Really, we hear you say this all the time, when arguing for citizen disarmament.
      You say that your own family and friends and neighbors and co-workers are not to be trusted to be sane, responsible. You say that everyone is just too slow & stupid to learn and retain skills in a crisis. You feel OK with thinking this about everyone around you, and you expect them to be OK knowing you think it of them, as you are apparently OK with others thinking this little of your sense or restraint or stability or goodness.

      You say that teachers can't be trusted. You say that they will murder their students. Many of you would say the same or airline pilots.
      You even say that about our veterans, after sacrificing them to graft and corruption "keeping liberty safe" by deploying overseas, must be labeled mentally disturbed and disarmed too. Even serving GIs on post, can't be trusted.


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