Vatican’s 3rd most powerful figure charged with multiple child sex offences

By Rob Beschizza | 28 June 2017
Boing Boing

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police. (Photo: Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters)

Cardinal George Pell, former Archbishop of Sydney and Australia’s most senior figure in the Catholic Church, was charged with child sex offences Thursday by the state of Victoria.

Pell currently resides in the Vatican, according to The Guardian, where he is the third-highest ranking church official.

Last year, citing ill health, Pell declined to return to Australia to give evidence to the royal commission on child sexual abuse in person last year and instead gave evidence by videolink from Rome. He voluntarily participated in an interview with Victorian police officers in Rome last October over the alleged sexual assaults.

In February this year the Australian Senate called on the cardinal to return home “to assist the Victorian police and office of public prosecutions with their investigation into these matters”.

Pell dismissed the parliamentary resolution as “an interference on the part of the Senate in the due process of the Victoria police investigation”.

Pell is a former archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne. Since 2014 Pell has been prefect of the secretariat for the economy, the Vatican’s treasurer.

A keen test of Pope Francis’s pretensions.

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  1. Matthew 18

    6 ‘If any of you put a stumbling-block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of stumbling-blocks! Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to the one by whom the stumbling-block comes!

    • This person, I refuse to call him a man, who pretends to be a Christian should fall on his face and pray to GOD for mercy. If he goes to prison he certainly will need all the help he can get. Prison or worse is what he deserves!!!

      • Sorry not sorry but you need to be a little bit more specific. This man is not Christian he is Catholic!! There is a SUPREME difference between those two vastly different “religions” if we shall! Never has there been such an affront on religion as that there covered by one of the oldest religions in mankind! Simply meant to control, manipulate and maintain the masses!! It’s why anything done in Catholicism namesake takes forever to carrieout! It’s all rote! A few men’s ideals “and the church says…” “amen”! Go home face up to the children you destroyed you sick perverter of innocence!

        • There is absolutely no difference, you all claim to pray to Jesus, believe in the New Testament. You are both Christian.
          The American evangelical movement and the Catholic Church are both hate groups. You do not preach equality and love, you preach segregation (apartheid) murder, hate, assault but you do not preach love. You spend millions fighting court cases to prove how much you hate others. Especially LGBT people. It’s sick.
          You are very happy to take our tax money. Yes, not paying any tax amounts to taking our tak money, we have to subsidise your religion (and others, because you claim to be a charity. Religion spends less than 1% of their income on charity. If they were taxed as normal people, companies, then the contribution to charity would be at least 20%, I guess it would cover the world wide cost of scocial security. Call it whatever you want. But helping those most in need.
          So don’t you ever come claiming to be any different tithe Catholic Church . All churches cover up pedophiles in their ministries. They also hide all the sexual infedelity carried out by their priest and ministers. Hide and protect their preachers who have affairs with people in their ministries. You are all the same. Hate groups who do not know or want to learn. How to treat other humans.
          Personally I think castration for any priest, minister or anyone dealing teaching the kids and young people religion, should be a must. A little rubber band around the balls as soon as they enter the ministries. For the woman, total sterolisation, remove everything including the play pen. Sew it up. That way none of them can ever be guilty of abusing children sexually.

          • Thanks for sharing your heart. You have a lot of hurt, and bitterness. Understandably so. There’s a lot of wickedness in this evil world.
            But Jesus can heal your hurting heart. He is so real. He has healed so many others, including victims of what you have said. Ask Him to heal you. Once you experience how powerful and real He is, you will be a new person. I believe God will use you to help bring healing to others. Thank you for caring enough to share. It’s meaningful. May God bless you.

        • Catholics are Christian . unbelievable that you do not understand. but sadly many who claim to be Christians are involved in these ungodly acts and in many different Christian faiths. sadly evil lurks every where and ignoring it won’t make it go away

        • Your ignorance is breathtaking. Christianity encompasses any religion that believes Jesus Christ is the son of God who was crucified and resurrected. The Catholic church is the largest Christian church in the world and there is no fundamental difference between the Catholic church and the plethora of other Christian religions. ALL religions manipulate and seek to control their followers. ALL religions are man-made, God did not create man, man created God and have used that creation to control and oppress the masses.

        • Religions have manipulated the world, they have exploited people in terms of their resources, they have sexually harassed the masses, they have killed people etc claiming to be representives of God/Allah which they cannot prove practically but instead scare the masses with hell.

  2. All catholics are enrolled in a club, without their consent, shortly after birth, and are brainwashed every day of their lives, by the most powerful, richest, most political organisation, male dominated, on the planet — Now found to be the most corrupt, disgraceful cult you could imagine. To all devout catholics who love theit church more than life itself — your mind or theirs ?

    • Their vices that they have committed on God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, famous people and the small will be held accountable at the Judgment seat of Jesus Christ! You do not have to go to man to confess your sins! Just accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, ask him to come into your life and be your savior! The Lord Jesus Christ is the only mediator between man kind of God.

    • That’s alot of crap talk a club of our own. I am a Catholic and I have my own mind. Wot I do not stand by any man no matter who or wot he is should. Ever harm touch or runn a child’s life. I do believe that the POPE has the power to lift that stuiped band on preist and nuns allow them to get married or have r.ships b 4 they put there colours or habits on they are red blooded men and woman with working parts. Married to the chapel really like who marries a building… And while I’m on a roll he should stop preaching about 3rd world countries and do something about it open it teresure chest and sell some gold.. this world is ment to b a good place so for the love of God show some decenty

  3. This person, I refuse to call him a man, who pretends to be a Christian should fall on his face and pray to GOD for mercy. If he goes to prison he certainly will need all the help he can get. Prison or worse is what he deserves!!!

    • Yes BUT he will never be prosecuted and stand trial as the POPE has exempt priests of all levels to be untouchable. So WE the people of GOD SHOULD be the judge and jury for these sick imbeciles…..I will say no more.

    • What, you think that’s just a little sin ? You did that too ??? For God’s Sake WE MUST Defend the victims, punish these crimes and stop them all ! Protect the children ! Hello ?????

    • What are YOU TRYING TO SAY? THAT HIS SIN IS JUSTIFIED?? OF course we are all sinners but hurting and violating children is UNEXCUSED

  4. Catholics are Christian . unbelievable that you do not understand. but sadly many who claim to be Christians are involved in these ungodly acts and in many different Christian faiths. sadly evil lurks every where and ignoring it won’t make it go away

  5. Well actually I do understand the shock and hatred expressed above. I am so sad, shocked and angry myself. However, I am a devoted Catholic who truly believes in my Faith. We are a Church made up of human beings: Priests, Deacons, Nuns, Brothers and so on. Most will remain good dedicated and spiritually loyal to their Faith. It is said that of the many thousand of Priests for example that 1.8% are abusers. So sad! But 97% have kept their vows. For the victims of the abuses, I am sad and sorry! Sue the Church and put these abusers in jail! I work be outspoken in the Church for change.

  6. Sometimes we as Christians don’t understand the word Christianity, this man need to be jail, in fact he must be put among the notorious criminal’s in jail so they can teach him some lessons.

    • 2 wrongs do not make a right. Sin over sin. God is in control.
      Why don’t you pray for him than give more evil . God will justly take care because this priest was a service to God . In the eyes of God, this man will be judged. Let Gods will be done.

  7. What a bunch of liars. All you Catholic’s go to confession and have your sins forgiven and your crimes but then act so holy in the face of another man’s sins….get over yourselves! Show some Mercy. The act can not be taken back what is done is done…lets try to fix this as best we can and help those who where so sick that they did this to themselves…and these children…that is if they where children??? Many are young men! Adults most of them! So it is a witch hunt that the church seems to be going in for…watching it’s priests get taken out and down!

    • Your faith has saved you therefore once you get saved yougrt s free ticket to heaven. All of Christianity came from the one you sit acusing. There are bad people inside and outside of the Chuches.

  8. join THIS church:

    We Won’t….
    *Continually ask for money
    *Ask you to hate or harm others in the name of religion
    *Abuse, in ANY way, you or your loved ones

    Thirteenth Apostle:
    The Coming

    For those who think…
    and think….and….

  9. And the church claims to show the lay people good from bad. Calims that it spreads morality. And what does the Pop do, he proscribes the victims until he is pushed to the wall and then prescribes penitence and penance to the child molesters under him. Quite a scam.

  10. It’s rife in all religions including the Jehovas witnesses,Methodist, and Baptist Church child molestation is,all over and easier to hide behind the church who will protect you, look at the Mormons it’s all organized religions to keep the masses at bay to hide th et m from what’s really going on in the world, is called “keep them simple stupid” while we the illuminated ones weave our Web, ppl wake up before it’s too late

  11. There are secrets in high places in many religious organizations. The secrecy makes their leaders feel a superior. We can only come to the Lord Jesus one by one with our hearts and minds. There is no church by any name that can guarantee a ticket to Heaven. Every unkind word, evil thought, and selfish act will be revealed on Judgment Day. Every day we need to ask forgiveness of God because we fall short always. Especially in our judgment of others. We will stand before a loving and merciful God one day. It is our eternal hope.


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