Christian Republican: If women can breastfeed in public, I can grab their breasts

By Claire Bernish | 5 January 2016

State representative Josh Moore.

In what could only be described as the most astonishingly ignorant and stunningly misogynistic comments from a politician’s mouth yet — and there are certainly plenty to choose from — an elected politician said women who expose their breasts in public should have no problem with men gawking at or grabbing their breasts.

Men and women in New Hampshire are legally allowed to bare their nipples in public, but State Representative Josh Moore and others are attempting to pass a bill that would make it illegal — for women only, of course. According to the bill, a woman could be charged with a misdemeanor if she “purposely exposes the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts in a public place and in the presence of another person with reckless disregard for whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by such an act.”

Though the bill ostensibly makes exceptions for breastfeeding, Moore does not. After State Representative Amanda Bouldin rightly criticized the absurdly backwards bill on Facebook, Moore — a politician people chose to author policy — responded with a post of his own, which Slate archived for posterity:

“Who doesn’t support a mothers [sic] right to feed? Don’t give me the liberal talking points Amanda. If it’s a woman’s natural inclination to pull her nipple out in public and you support that, than [sic] you should have no problem with a mans [sic] inclantion [sic] to stare at it and grab it. After all… It’s ALL relative and natural, right?”

Yes, not only does Moore have jaw-droppingly chauvinistic ideas about women, as well as radically out-of-touch assumptions about his own gender, but his basic command of the English language appears to be on rather shaky ground. If Moore’s disgusting display weren’t godawful enough, State Representative Al Baldasaro hastily inserted both feet in his own mouth with this equally stupefying statement:

“Amanda, No disrespect, but your nipple would be the last one I would want to see. You want to turn our family beach’s [sic] into a pervert show. Liberterians [sic] want a nude beach, put your money together and buy one, if you want to expose you [sic] kids to nudity, go for it. Some of us liberty minded [sic] Reps do beleive [sic] in family values.”

Before you ask, the answer is no — though their spellcheck apps apparently quit in disgust — these elected politicians’ accounts had not been hacked.

Twitter responded brilliantly, with some praising Moore for taking the lead in 2016 “DOUCHEBAG OF THE YEAR!” and one user promising Moore, “fine, we’ll be by to kick you in the balls.”

Despite the mind-numbing ignorance of Moore’s and Baldasaro’s misogynistic and quite public statements, Bouldin told Mark Joseph Stern at Slate she wasn’t ruffled at all — and only wants to ensure the bill doesn’t pass.

“We shouldn’t be introducing new legislation that only applies to women,” she explained. “If we had any laws that started with the sentence ‘women should not,’ they should have been repealed by now.”

Besides inane and backwards legislation in need of repeal, perhaps the 2016 elections could be best employed to rid the state legislature of a few inane and backwards legislators, as well.

“Family Values” Republican: Men Should Be Allowed to Grab Breastfeeding Women’s Nipples

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  1. Well, an unwanted touch is a battery. The child's touch is presumably wanted. We can just as reasonably assume that the young man's touch would be unwanted and therefore criminal. So, his point is moot. Whether his proclivity to look and grab are natural or not is irrelevant to the legality of the act.

    • Actually, unwanted touch is sexual assault in cases like this moronic state rep proposes. Battery usually involves a infliction of pain or injury, or attempted infliction. Why can’t religious fanatics spell? I’ve noticed this before?

      • Not necessarily…. my daughter was sexually assaulted on a school bus in front of witnesses AND the bus video. The school did nothing till I forced their hand AND I filed charges on the 2 boys. They were convicted of “inappropriate touching” instead of sexual assault. They got probation and community service. While my daughter has to live with the trauma of it all. Not to mention the humiliation in front of her friends and peers.

  2. Josh Moore…Just a note to prepare you for this inevitable event: if you lay your hands on me, for any reason, my husband and sons are gonna beat you until someone stops them. ‬

    • Why your husband and sons. Stand up for yourself and beat him with your hands. I’ve done it and the wimp ran like a coward. You are your own power. Then when your
      done defending yourself, I say let your husband and sons in on the fun!

  3. OMG this discussion is so old, but I can't help myself from commenting! I was a breastfeeding mother for quite a while. I never packed a bottle, or pumped outside the home at all, really. In fact, we only ever owned 3 baby bottles. But I can picture myself as the dutiful, prudish, conservative mother, trying to go out for the day on a Saturday. OK, I've packed my baby, diaper bag,& other crap babies need, PLUS my cooler pack with a nice big bottle of breast milk, so as not to offend anyone. OK now, time to feed my baby – get out that wholesome bottle & give it to her. Baby snuggles up to me, sucks that milk down, and what do you think happens inside my body…!!!??? You got it – milk letdown! It's the body's natural reaction. Lactating breasts do not care if you are offended, milk can NOT be held back for your convenience. Now what should I do? I'm sitting at a restaurant, feeding my baby, and my breasts are literally pouring milk through my clothes. How do you suggest I deal with this? Oh wait, let me guess… I should pack my pump, as well. Plus bottles to store the milk that flows forth while I am giving baby the bottle. Where do you suggest I do that pumping? Would that be acceptable to do at the restaurant table? Surely you don't expect me to go to the bathroom to handle my baby's food!? I guess I should take my baby & all of our crap, take my baby to the car to pump. This whole argument is ridiculous, just from the logistical standpoint alone. If men were to lactate for just 1 week of life, this would be a NON-ISSUE! wtfu people.

  4. This representative is a hateful nitwit. If he can’t tell the difference between breastfeeding and sexual assault, he shouldn’t be writing law.

  5. This monster should NEVER be associated with a true humane Christian. Jesus Christs teachings do not apply to this variant of what the right white supremacists call Christianity . In fact, it SHOULD be argued that they are sacrilegious by definition of their inhumane, predatory, pathological behaviors, including those of the president of the failing empire US.
    Sacrilegious ; profane, blasphemous, impious, sinful, irreverent, irreligious, godless, ungodly, unholy, disrespectful

    • I think a six year old understands more then this sick stupid person. Breast feeding is a natural thing and it should be more mother’s around the World doing it . God bless them all ❤️❤️


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