Right-Wing Christians, Radical Islamic Fundamentalists – They’re Pretty Much Exactly the Same

This post by Allen Clifton originally appeared at Forward Progressives.

Though I don’t talk about it much, I find it kind of interesting that the primary “enemy” of the right-wing conservative Christian is a radical Islamic fundamentalist.

Think about it. Both of these groups of people live their lives based on hand-picked sections of their religious books. Neither follows every rule written inside because it’s essentially impossible to do so. Even within each of these faiths there are many denominations created by humans who basically interpret parts of each of these books by how they feel they should be followed.

They both believe that they’re right and everyone else will surely burn in hell. They both tend to want to force their views on others – even if those others don’t agree with what they believe in. Each of these groups, if they had their way, would have theocratic governments based on their religions.

Both right-wing Christians and Islamic radicals feel women should be subservient to men, abortion is murder and homosexuality is an abomination and should be illegal. They both believe education should be based on faith instead of science. Neither group supports contraceptives.

They’re both completely intolerant of those who believe differently than they do and only believe that their religion should be given autonomy from lawful persecution while other beliefs should be oppressed.

And while many terrorist organizations are linked to radical Islamic fundamentalists, right-wing Christian radicals frequently brag about their arsenal of weapons and willingness to “rise up against” the federal government if they should ever feel inclined to do so. In fact, it’s only our more advanced system of government (and the fact that we’re in a modern society) which has kept these right-wing radical Christians from behaving very similarly (if not almost exactly like) radical Islamic fundamentalists.

Hell, neither right-wing radical Christians or radical Islamic fundamentalists trust the American government at all.

Now granted, there are some differences, but isn’t the core of what each of these groups want essentially the same?

Because when I say that I know of a group of people who:

  • Oppose equal rights for homosexuals.
  • Don’t trust the United States government.
  • Believe abortion is murder.
  • Want a nation based on theocracy.
  • Believe women should be subservient to men.
  • Think our education system should be based on religion instead of science.
  • Want to oppress the religious freedoms for every religion besides theirs.
  • Oppose access to contraceptives.
  • Aren’t opposed to a violent overthrow of the federal government.

I’m not talking about radical Islamic fundamentalists – I’m talking about the beliefs of millions of right-wing Christians.

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column.

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  1. Bull. No matter how you paint it, todays' Christians (of ANY denomination) do not SLAY the people who do not believe the way they do. The Radical Fundamental Muslims Have and Do Kill other people who do not believe their way.

  2. I wonder how a right wing extremist who supposedly believe in bible teachings like love your enemy , pray for those who persecute you and to turn the other cheek be like the nonsense this pseudo-journalist Christophobe believe. Christian extremism produce people like mother Theresa or Fr Mychal Judge, but islamic extremism produce people like Osama Ben Laden and Abou Baker Al-Bghdadi ….how both categories are equal ? The pseudo journalist is driven by his hatred of Christianity and want to equal it to ant evil he get in his mind. He neither know what is Islam or what is Christianity. Complete ignorance.

    • You obviously lack the intelligence to understand the essence of this excellent piece of journalism. Open your mind and shake yourself from the shackles of religion…. And read some history while you’re at it, you may learn something.

  3. Do the murders of at least 1,000,000 non-Christians during the Christian Crusades ring any bells? How about the murder of innocent women judged to be witches by the Puritans? The Catholic assassination attempt of Protestant King James I in England, which some historians consider the beginning of modern-day terrorism? Guy Fawkes justified his actions as beingled by Christ. Surely you’ve heard of the bloody Catholic–Protestant bloodshed in Northern Ireland and the Russian Orthodox–Christian violence in the Ukraine? How about the orthodox Christian pogroms in Romania? The Catholic anti-Islam massacres in the Philippines? The Indonesian Christian Red Group murders, including the assassination of at least 165 non-Christians in the Walisongo School Massacre? Then there’s the murderous Christian terrorists in Algeria who staged Christ-fueled mob murders and lynchings. And surely you are aware of the millions of Jewish and LGBT and ethnic minority populations that were murdered by the Third Reich during their ethnoreligious cleansing campaign? What about those Baptist Christian terrorists in Nagaland and their bloody assasinations, forced conversions, and efforts to transform the region into a sovereign Christian nation? Or the quasi-Christian Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and its horrific mutiliations, massacres, and other crimes against humanity? What about the paramilitary Catholics in Spain and all their Christ-fueled violence, or the Christian militia massacres in the Central Africa Republic? Then there’s the Chinese Christian Eastern Lightning terrorists who gouge out the eyes of their victims, cuts off their ears, and leave lightning marks on their feet. Ming Yongjun, who stabbed 24 people in Henan province, was one of those Christian zealots.

    The Ku Klux Klan is a well-know Protestant Christian terrorist organization with a long history of lynchings, bombings, murders, torture, and racial and religious intimidation; the Klan’s stated goal is to, in part, “reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible.” they consider their actions to be “Christian morality.” And what about the Christian terrorists in India’s violent Manmasi National Christian Army and the many violent acts they committed in service to their Christ? Or that right-wing Catholic group that detonated an acid bomb in that Paris theater? Or Robert Dear, whose far-right Christian convictions led him to commit mass murder at a Planned Parenthood, even though NONE of his victims—whom he described as “sinners” he wanted to “burn in hell”—were even there for an abortion. Dear’s Christ-fueled killing spree was triggered by a false conspiracy theory about Planned Parenthood selling “baby parts.” (Can you say “stochastic terrorism”?) And let’s don’t forget the 800+ other bombings, assassinations, and other acts of violence committed by members of the Christian Identity, Christian Patriot, Lambs of Christ, Christian militia groups, and anti-choice Christians based on their religious views. Shelley Shannon, who was imprisoned for her role in the murder of Dr. George Tiller defended her actions as “justifiable” Christian force. Then there’s Peter James Knight, the Australian Christian extremist who attacked a Melbourne abortion clinic.

    Does the name Eric Rudolph ring any bells? He’s another murderous Christian terrorist. So are the fundamentalist Williams brothers who murdered a gay couple in California. And what about the Maronite Christian genocide in Lebanon? (Do the Karantina and Tel at-Zaatar massacres ring any bells?) The murderous, raping Maronite Christians wore crucifixes as they committed their atrocities. Then we have the murderous Christian guerrillas in Myanmar who describe themselves as “Jesus Warriors” and “Jesus Commandos” in “God’s Army.” And what about the Christ-fueled Norway massacre? 77 kids lost their lives on that island and that religious zealot killed another 8 people with a bomb. Anders Breivik was, he said, waging a “Christian Crusade” against the multiculturalism that he viewed as destroying “Christian European culture.” Then there’s the Hutaree “Christian warriors” who got caught stockepiling guns and explosives—they were plotting to kill US cops and civilians; the weapons-stockpiling Christian Nationalist minister Robert Doggart, who was plotting the mass murder of Muslims in the US; the Christian Crusaders in Kansas who were plotting to bomb and shoot up an apartment complex that housed Somali refugees. These so-called Christian warriors idolized Tomothy McVeigh—another Christ-fueled mass murderer who counted himself among God’s chosen people. And this short list doesn’t even include the near-daily hate crimes and violent murders commited against LGBT people as a result of Christ-fueled stochastic terrorism.

    • You're citing ancient history with the Crusade's and the KKK. And Eric Rudolph? A drop in the bucket compared to Muslim terror around the world today. Islam refuses to Reform unlike Christianity.

  4. How many Right – Wing Christians are tossing gays off rooftops or beheading them? How many Right Wing Christians are stoning adulterers. How many Right Wing Christians are marrying nine year old girls and treating all women as chattel, forcing them to be covered head to toe. How many Right Wing Christians are attacking Muslim villages and killing all those who refuse to convert and enslaving the children and women. The list goes on. This is BS. There is a difference.


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