Evangelicals: God Sent Trump to Be King

By Paul C | 1 January 2019
Daily Kos

(Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

A chilling op-ed in today’s NY Times by author Katherine Stewart, who has extensively studied and written about the Christian right, says that the far right have been pushing a meme for several years now that Donald Trump, conman and egomaniac, has been sent by God to be “a vessel for the purposes of the faithful” in the role of King of the United States of America.

Unbeknownst to people with even a tenuous grip on reality, prior to the midterms a thousand theaters showed “The Trump Prophecy,” a film about a firefighter who, in a blinding orgiastic epiphany, picks up a Bible and turns to Isaiah 45, “which describes the anointment of King Cyrus by God.” Get it, Isaiah “45” — Trump “45”? What more proof do you need, right?

Stewart goes on, saying that evangelical author and speaker Lance Wallnau has said:

I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus [who will] restore … us from cultural collapse.

And in this telling it is not at all paradoxical that Trump is a non-believer intent on wrecking our democracy and government. Apparently the story of Cyrus is of a nonbeliever who becomes the first emperor of Babylon (“Babble-on” — it’s all starting to come together now, isn’t it?) and frees the Jews.

Stewart provides numerous quotations from across the spectrum of the religious right leadership pushing this meme that God sent Trump to be King, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Ralph Drollinger who leads weekly bible study groups at the White House attended by Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet.

In her article Stewart confirms our worst suspicions about what Trump’s core followers see in him:

This isn’t the religious right we thought we knew. The Christian nationalist movement today is authoritarian, paranoid and patriarchal at its core. They aren’t fighting a culture war. They’re making a direct attack on democracy itself.

And, according to Stewart, Trump has been egging them on, goading their preachers for becoming too “soft” — as he openly muses about becoming “President for life”.

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  1. The bible warned us not to be in mindset in God not in man. God’s gets angry to hins people’s that worship those politician in powers or seeking powers. Our responsibilities is to pray to God not to make those people’s in powers their heart’s to be dulls. But for us to pray for those leaders to fears God. Specially at this time’s in America both side parties being controlled by spiritual forces if darkness. Our prayer whose God put in powers as leader’s to pray to God personally as king David read book of Psalms how David bassusely attacks of his politicals and spiritual forces enemies. Those false prophet’s evangelists will not prosper if we are pray for president to get on his knees to God asks for help to overcomes his politicals enemies in congress and senates. This moment’s of our time we cannot respond of fears but have a sound minds. It looks like is the ending time’s pray to God so his anger to his people’s and to the corruption for his anger to slowly down. If we all respond with fears no one can think straight. And that’s what the Devil’s want us to acts. Fear God instead by earnestly prayer of humble spirit repent to your sins for God to manifest in your spirit heart soul and mind. America is now being attacks by cabal cabal spiritual force’s. Pray for president to have wisfom and a sound minds. God bless you all and God bless America.

  2. Donald tRump is the second harbinger for America, 9/11 being the first. There is a judgement upon America for turning from God’s Grace. It is quite possible that he will bring down the democracy and turn it into exactly what the evangelicals want: a theocratic oligarchy with tRumpler at the helm. America will resemble Nazi Germany and all trump’s enemies will be incarcerated or executed. It’s no joke

  3. TRUMP was prophesied in 2011. He is the King in America right now. You all think Democrat y was good.. Well, democracy tells a kid that he or she can choose which gender they want. Forget what’s dangling under there.. Believe what you want.. That’s OK.. But know this.. A TRUMP will be in that White House for 24years….Cry some more..

  4. Katherine Stewart is full of proverbial BS. Donald Trump’s supporters do not see him as king of anything. I do do believe he was sent by God to fight that mess in Washington. We evangelicals already have our King and it is not Donald Trump. This Stewart woman is an arm of the demonic democrats to spread lies. They cannot defeat him with the truth so they have fought him with lies since before he was elected. Well let me tell you, you cannot defeat God and I would be leery of even trying. HE is patient but they may see the end of HIS patience. The NY Times is probably already feeling some of it since they are letting Satan use them.

    • Helen
      It is not wise to seeking the spirit of the darkness. No one has move more racism that trump, God is love not hate, so believe what you want, I’m a daughter of the Most High God, the Bible said and I quote “ Curse is the man that trust another man”

    • If you really believe that G-d needs fielty and believe in sin that is not harming other humans in some way. You can not see G-d as all powerful and perfect. Demanding fielty is a fault.

      You can fear G-d if you wish for yourself. Just don’t push that requirement on others. Fear is a harmful and useless emotion.

    • Helen, don’t blame the Democrats for this. They didn’t put Trump in the WH, Republicans did. He is LITERALLY the antithesis of Christ and has said publicly to Frank Luntz that he has not asked God for forgiveness; he’s done nothing to ask forgiveness for. (I almost fell out of my chair.) If you’re a Christian, you know you can’t be a Christian without asking for forgiveness, ergo Trump is no Christian.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKLVIm7Q0IQ Having said that, why would God put him in the WH other than to show us what we’re doing wrong? We, myself NOT included, have put the almighty dollar before anything else. “Thou shalt have no other god before me.” Exodus 20:3 America’s god is the almighty dollar #1, guns #2, and somewhere waaaay down the line comes God Himself. So yes, in that way, I agree. He put him there – not to drain any swamp but to MAGNIFY what the swamp actually is. Donald Trump is swamp on 100 mg of prednisone x 50 years. Literally the filthiest person I’ve ever read about. I can supply honestly hundreds of verifiable articles of litigation against him – WON – showing how disgusting and detestable he is. How he ever made it this far is beyond me. He has THOUSANDS of lawsuits pending spanning from rape to unpaid bills and he has documented over 12,000 lies in 2.5 years. Top that off with taking the American people for $110 million for GOLF TRIPS in 2.5 years, yeah….. that’s one heckuva godly man. NOT.

    • The true conservative Christian would be against all of the so called evangelical right that are following Trump. Why? Because the true Christian follows Christ and His teachings as explained in the Holy Bible. Further, the Scriptures heavily speak against their association with such an immoral person. Donald Trump said the he never needed forgiveness, nor ever needed to ask for forgiveness. We are all sinners in God’s sight, that’s why Jesus is needed, however, Trump has become their god. Therefore, those that claim to be faithful Christians and die hard Trump fans at the same time are LIARS! God is not the author of confusion and He does not Contradict Himself. Trump himself is not a Christian!
      BTW, if indeed God sent Trump to be king, it would be done as chastisement to the world for being disobedient to God. Tumult and trouble will follow as Trump would be the servant of Satan to bring chaos in the world, ushering the beginning of sorrows.

  5. I always thought when evil came to this countries front door it would be Evangelical Christians who would call it out for what it was. But when evil did show up, evangelicals voted for it at a 81%-19% margin. PSALMS 94:16 "Who shall rise with me against the wicked? Who shall stand beside me against those that practice inequity?"


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