Evangelicals: God Sent Trump to Be King

By Paul C | 1 January 2019
Daily Kos

A chilling op-ed in today’s NY Times by author Katherine Stewart, who has extensively studied and written about the Christian right, says that the far right have been pushing a meme for several years now that Donald Trump, conman and egomaniac, has been sent by God to be “a vessel for the purposes of the faithful” in the role of King of the United States of America.

Unbeknownst to people with even a tenuous grip on reality, prior to the midterms a thousand theaters showed “The Trump Prophecy,” a film about a firefighter who, in a blinding orgiastic epiphany, picks up a Bible and turns to Isaiah 45, “which describes the anointment of King Cyrus by God.” Get it, Isaiah “45” — Trump “45”? What more proof do you need, right?

Stewart goes on, saying that evangelical author and speaker Lance Wallnau has said:

I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus [who will] restore … us from cultural collapse.

And in this telling it is not at all paradoxical that Trump is a non-believer intent on wrecking our democracy and government. Apparently the story of Cyrus is of a nonbeliever who becomes the first emperor of Babylon (“Babble-on” — it’s all starting to come together now, isn’t it?) and frees the Jews.

Stewart provides numerous quotations from across the spectrum of the religious right leadership pushing this meme that God sent Trump to be King, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Ralph Drollinger who leads weekly bible study groups at the White House attended by Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet.

In her article Stewart confirms our worst suspicions about what Trump’s core followers see in him:

This isn’t the religious right we thought we knew. The Christian nationalist movement today is authoritarian, paranoid and patriarchal at its core. They aren’t fighting a culture war. They’re making a direct attack on democracy itself.

And, according to Stewart, Trump has been egging them on, goading their preachers for becoming too “soft” — as he openly muses about becoming “President for life”.

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  1. First off – learn to spell. It even has a spell check button. He doesn't make things happen, he spews hatred. He lies, he sexually assaults women. He cheats on his wife. He has cheated on all of them. He sexualized his daughter for crying out loud. There is no improvement. There are more mass killings under him than any other sitting president. He doesn't care about the American people, all he wants is more money for himself and his cronies. He said Mexico was going to pay for the wall and is now literally holding America hostage because no one wants to give him 5 billion dollars to build a stupid wall that will not keep anyone out. It will just come down like the Berlin Wall and the American people will be out 5 billion dollars. This article literally describes the anti-Christ. Go ahead and follow blind sheep. I'll be laughing when you call over the cliff into Hell.

  2. Anyone who believes this is no Christian. There is nothing good about Trump. He cares nothing for anything but himself.

  3. I can’t believe the Evangelicals are so enamored with this awful man. He has done some of the most awful unChristian things since taking office as President of our country. It is very embarrassing as well as being immoral. Funds for taking care of the less fortunate, laws and edicts for taking care of wildlife and Endangered Species have gone by the wayside. It is just awful. He has done everything to put money in the pocket of big corporations while pulling money out of the poor mouths. He is the devil incarnate and the religious just don’t seem to mind. They have blinders on. But with the Democrats now in control of the House of Representatives, already an Impeachment Directive has been posted. 63% of the population hope to see him in prison before the end of 2019.

      • what?? are you saying Lynn is wrong? you are the delusional lemming kool aid drinker here! your ignorance and stupidity are enraging! do not speak another word – ever! read your Bible and pray for God to open your heart to what it says. not what loony evangelicals tell you it says.
        you bring humanity down ever time you utter a syllable.

      • Lynn is 300,000% correct in every point made against and about Drumpf ( the family.real ‘Nazi” name.before illegally entering the USA. Read. The details about Fred drumpf, Sr. Are easy to.find along with pictures in his KKK costume! READ

  4. The words of God he is not the author of Confusion number one-number two he does not drewell in an unclean place.This Administration should be hope and joy to all of our lives in America.What and awesome Country this would be if the President /Congress allow God to get involved in every decision and circumstance.When their eyes are fixed on Jesus no matter what difficult circumstances we face as a nation God will bless America and that is a confidence we can have today……

    • Do you recall why we left Europe & came to America? You know way back in our history?? TO SEPERATE CHURCH FROM STATE !!!! Wow the constitution means absolutely NOTHING to so called ” Christians”

    • I can’t fathom the level of stupidity that inhabits your brain. Your ignorance is only matched by the hubris you display by posting such dribble. Our founding fathers recognized the danger of allowing the church to influence policy and governance. Hence the division of church and state regardless of the shenannigans the so-called Christian Right to destroy that vital distinction. Coupled with the fact that the CR supports Trumpet and his action only proves how hypocritical they are. Thank God I’m a pagan by your definition. Why should God bless America? You and others with your belief system are the ones dragging this country down. Trump needs to go and go now, you might join him.

    • Which version of the Christian god are you talking about Barbara? Because the only thing Christians hate more than "the gays" and "the libtards" are all the other Christians who don't ascribe to their version of Christianity. The Evangelicals don't believe Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Presbyterians, Methodists, Mormons, Episcopalians, et. al., are Christians. Each one of those denominations also thinks similar things about all the others. They all teach very different versions of doctrine and different versions of Jesus. Speaking in tongues Evangelicals don't believe those Evangelicals who don't speak in tongues are "saved" and vice versa. So which god, Barbara?? Choose wisely or your version will be left "in outer darkness weeping and gnashing teeth."

  5. I believe that God should be in control. He is not.
    The Republicans believe A “god” (small g) should be in control.
    FYI ….Satan is a “god”..(again small g)…..according to the Bible.
    Therein “lies” Trump.
    The Bible says “they shall see and not SEE, hear and not HEAR..”
    This describes Trump minions PERFECTLY!
    Get ready people!!

  6. First there is only one king An that’s God he maybe called by God because I can’t even understand any of you can say he is king God will used Trump but not for the reason you say An don’t think you are the only ones that God talk to it say in the last days there will be many false prophets yes God will use Trump but is to bring this nation to it in this world to end so when you stand before God on Judgment Day he will know if you are fake and you will know you are fake or not I pray for Trump because that’s what I’m supposed to do like God you Sampson to destroy the city he’s using Trump to God will use anybody to get the job done only God can restore destination trump can’t how can you allow young babies did die God created us all equal now we are called black immigrants that God created this world just fuck white people no he didn’t but owned a great day when we all stand before God we were answer for our sins an Trump
    Will be right there only evil can see good in evil God used me An many others to see the truth I’m praying for you all who believe Trump is call to be king he might be president but God is king of kings

  7. Doesn't God say we should be humble and do good for all people? and not to boast about ourselves? The way he talks about people and makes fun of people, the way he talks to people like they're dirt. Its like he has no respect for people. It is hard for me to believe that God our God would put someone like him in charge. We need to pray and pray relentlessly for peace we live in great darkness, disobedience, and indifference.

  8. As a Christian I believe Trump resembles the antichrist much more than any so called Savior. Satan is called the father of lies! He continually spouts lies who do they come from? It pains me to think that many of my Christian brothers & sisters are standing behind this man. Jesus said many will be deluded (my paraphrase) in the last days. He at least embodies the spirit of the antichrist. Just my opinion. I haven’t hardly been to church since he was elected.

  9. These people do not represent the majority of Christians…these people are nuts! They remind me of Heavens Gate, the cult that committed suicide so they could catch an alien space ship following the Hale-Bopp comet…fanatics!

  10. Revelations 13:5
    And the beast was given a mouth (the power of speech), uttering great things(boasting) and arrogant and blasphemous words(lies), and he was given freedom and authority to act and to do as he pleased for forty-two months (three and a half years).

    A president’s term is 4 years(48 months)
    The beast (Trump) gets 42 months…
    That means Trump has until July 20, 2020…THAT was the DEAL…
    Those “christians” supported the WRONG guy…ooops!

    On a positive note, at least Trump won’t get a SECOND term, and he won’t be finishing THIS one either…


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