Evangelicals: God Sent Trump to Be King

By Paul C | 1 January 2019
Daily Kos

A chilling op-ed in today’s NY Times by author Katherine Stewart, who has extensively studied and written about the Christian right, says that the far right have been pushing a meme for several years now that Donald Trump, conman and egomaniac, has been sent by God to be “a vessel for the purposes of the faithful” in the role of King of the United States of America.

Unbeknownst to people with even a tenuous grip on reality, prior to the midterms a thousand theaters showed “The Trump Prophecy,” a film about a firefighter who, in a blinding orgiastic epiphany, picks up a Bible and turns to Isaiah 45, “which describes the anointment of King Cyrus by God.” Get it, Isaiah “45” — Trump “45”? What more proof do you need, right?

Stewart goes on, saying that evangelical author and speaker Lance Wallnau has said:

I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus [who will] restore … us from cultural collapse.

And in this telling it is not at all paradoxical that Trump is a non-believer intent on wrecking our democracy and government. Apparently the story of Cyrus is of a nonbeliever who becomes the first emperor of Babylon (“Babble-on” — it’s all starting to come together now, isn’t it?) and frees the Jews.

Stewart provides numerous quotations from across the spectrum of the religious right leadership pushing this meme that God sent Trump to be King, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Ralph Drollinger who leads weekly bible study groups at the White House attended by Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet.

In her article Stewart confirms our worst suspicions about what Trump’s core followers see in him:

This isn’t the religious right we thought we knew. The Christian nationalist movement today is authoritarian, paranoid and patriarchal at its core. They aren’t fighting a culture war. They’re making a direct attack on democracy itself.

And, according to Stewart, Trump has been egging them on, goading their preachers for becoming too “soft” — as he openly muses about becoming “President for life”.

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  1. Funny thing. I spoke with my god a few hours ago and she said she had nothing to do with this jerk but she would ask around. Well she just got back to me and said after talking to all their other gods that no one is claiming this flaming ahole. So they all would like an answer….WHAT god are they talking about as they cannot find that one.

  2. Might give more legitimacy to your argument if you would do proper research. Since you call Cyrus, “first emperor of Babylon”, I have to question all your research and points… One false assertion equals flaws in all…it truly demeans all you say.

  3. He is a curse on America, the Christian Right group and taking us Dow the slippery slope to destruction quickly! I am fearful of him and his lifestyle, his immorality,, lying, cheating, foul mouth, womanizing and stupidity!! The churches in America are declining and with the groups like Falwells, Franklin Graham, and multiple others I understand why. Giving him a pass on his lifestyle does not speak well for Christians. His lifestyle does not exemplify Christianity! Recently read his quote that he did not remember ever asking God for forgiveness,, as he did not want to bother GOD, He needs to defect to Saudi Arabia, Russia or North Korea, but they would refuse him, I am sure.

  4. Actually the Bible says in These 3:10 ' If a MAN isn't WILLING to work neither should HE eat. ' Get your myth quoting right Bill. It's gender specific, and says should, a judgment call by others, probably the women cooking men in America that stretches generally think they shouldn't cook. Your bible also tells everyone not to worry about food and clothes and work bc God takes care of lilies and sparrows so people will be taken care of, so which is it, Bill? Which is it, Bill? YOU'RE ALSO TOLD TO FEED THE HUNGRY, SO WHICH IS IT BILL? WHICH ONE OF YOUR BIBLE VERSES IS WRONG BILL?

  5. Well, it looks like god screwed up again. He should have sent Trump to a country with a monarchy and not a constitutional republic.

  6. Trump as "King"? I think he would prefer "Emperor". In fact, he probably already thinks he is; he is out there butt – naked, not realizing that many of us see right through his narcissistic fantasy, loving the adoration of his followers. Maybe he is the Anti-Christ, with his deluded followers.

  7. I certainly don’t believe a born again Christian (followers of Jesus Christ – Bible believing) would believe that, I certainly don’t.
    There are many people who say they are Christians. Ask what their definition is.

  8. I’m a conservative evangelical and I don’t believe ANY of the remarks she wrote!! The ones Rhodes made such statements have about as much stupidity as Cortez and her group of ignorant Nazis!!
    She is mocking to the point of blasphemy! Very offensive to the true Christians! Bet she pats the Muslims on the back! You know the terrorists who murder gays! ( which Btw, christisns DONT DO!!). SEEMS TO ME She COULD Speak Out AGAINST THE REAL MURDERING LYING ENEMY!! Not call Christians names!!

  9. AS A LIFELONG EVANGELICAL I strongly reject and renounce the idea that Trump is God-ordained to be anything in America unless just possibly he is divinely chosen to chasten, correct, and humiliate evangelicals. It breaks my heart to denounce my fellow evangelicals but I would betray the real Jesus if in any way I endorsed anything supporting or exalting Trump.

    • Thanks Stanley for articulating what other Christians believe. It is ridiculous that true Christians would worship a man, much less a corrupt one instead of Jesus.
      “If any one comes in my name speaking a gospel other than of me, I know him not.”

  10. Thanks Stanley for articulating what other Christians believe. It is ridiculous that true Christians would worship a man, much less a corrupt one instead of Jesus.
    “If any one comes in my name speaking a gospel other than of me, I know him not.”

  11. A more likely scenario:
    Revelations 13:5
    And the beast (Trump) was given a mouth (the power of speech), uttering great things (boasting) and arrogant and blasphemous words (lies), and he was given freedom and authority to act and to do as he pleased for forty-two months (3 1/2 years).

    A president's term is 4 years (48 months).
    The beast (Trump) gets 42 months(3 1/2 years).
    That means Trump has until July 20, 2020…THAT was the DEAL…
    Those "christians" supported the WRONG guy…ooops!
    Hey, but on the positive side, this also means Trump won't get a SECOND term and he won't FINISH this one… ;)

  12. when George Washington our first president was elected the congress want to name him king and he said no he was not going to be king but the president.trump is a con man ,he wants to be a dictator like putin and kim jug in.we are americans with a congress and a president.


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