How the “prosperity gospel” convinces poor people to give everything to grifty millionaire preachers

By Rob Beschizza | 30 May 2019
Boing Boing

Joel Osteen is one of the most famous preachers associated with the prosperity gospel.

The “prosperity gospel” (previously) is a religious doctrine that encourages poor people to send specific amounts of cash (usually in the hundreds of dollars) to charismatic preachers, an act the preachers characterizes as “seed giving” — and the preachers promise that God will reward these gifts by making the givers rich.

It’s arguably the most predatory form of mainstream religion in practice today, and it benefits from the US tax code, which enables churches to accept donations without paying taxes on them, like nonprofits do, but unlike nonprofits, the preachers who exhort their followers to send them their millions never have to account for the money they raise, nor disclose how much of it lands in their own pockets and the pockets of their inner circles.

The BBC follows some prosperity gospel donors who gave to preachers (notably the convicted fraudster Todd Coontz, who is out of jail pending appeal and giving Periscope sermons from the front seat of his Mazzerati) out of desperation as their finances were hitting rock bottom — often through a combination of catastrophic health bills, layoffs, and mortgage or rent increases — and then ended up even poorer, sometimes homeless. Then, when they wrote to the preachers they’d sent so much money to, asking for help, the preachers either ignored them, or their flunkies told them to f*ck off (“You know we get six or seven of these calls a week and if we help you, we are going to have to help everyone”).

One factor that has galvanized opposition to these grifters is an excellent John Oliver report on the incredible personal wealth they have accumulated. Oliver got much of his research through the Trinity Foundation, a scrappy religious organization devoted to exposing the con-artists at the top of these evangelical pyramid schemes.

The Trinity Foundation and its founder, Ole Anthony, have been at it since the 1970s, keeping detailed dossiers on the net worth of the top prosperity gospel preachers and sharing them with journalists. Anthony even went undercover, helping Diane Sawyer expose Robert Tilton, leading to Tilton losing his TV show and being reduced to a shoestring operation.

Anthony sounds like an incredible character, stymied by the GOP’s unwillingness to cross the super-rich preachers and the flocks they command. In the meantime, the believers are lambs to slaughter, and the preachers are sitting on millions.

During a four-year investigation, prosecutors dug up all sorts of irregularities, ruling that Coontz had been underreporting his income and exploiting expenses claims.

He had developed various ploys, such as flying economy but sending fake first-class invoices to the ministries he was freelancing for, so he could pocket the difference. He would also claim expenses twice, once from his own ministry and once from his client. He claimed for thousands of dollars spent on clothes (suits are not a permitted business expense) and for 400 cinema tickets, which the IRS also considered unreasonable.

On 26 January 2019, Coontz was sentenced to five years in prison for failing to pay taxes and assisting in the filing of false tax returns. He was also ordered to pay $755,669 in restitution.

He reported to jail in early April, but was freed by the judges, pending appeal.

Coontz did not respond to the BBC’s request for comment, but he has previously denied wrongdoing. On his website, he also claims to have given more than $1m to charity.

His Twitter account is still posting daily (with no reference to his jail sentence) and he has taken to preaching – via the Periscope app – from the front seat of his Maserati.

“Are you calling to sow your $219 seed today?” was the immediate response when the BBC called Rockwealth’s hotline. The operator was not able to share the significance of that figure and would not answer questions about how many people had called to pledge. “Not so many today, but there are several of us answering calls,” she said. It is not clear whether the switchboard was serving only Rockwealth or other churches too.

The Trinity Foundation has recently filed a long report to the IRS, calling for Rockwealth to lose its status as a tax-exempt church. As always, it feels like a shot in the dark and it does not expect to hear back.

The preachers getting rich from poor Americans [Vicky Baker/BBC]

(via Naked Capitalism)

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  1. There are greedy folk in all areas of life, but you cannot lump all these preachers together. There are many preaching the word of God and serving their communities. Cam we hear about them for a change.

    • well maybe if they would speak out against the Con artist who exploit Christianity and The Bible for their own evil agendas, Then we would hear about them more. But when you got someone who is holding office like Trump saying the bible is his favorite book and Phony Christians like Pat Robertson and the biggest crook of them all Jim Bakker conning people AGAIN they will continue on being in the spotlight

      • Boy you will find a way to blame Trump for everything. He has nothing to do with this. These idiots were there long before him and no one blamed Obummer for them, so leave him out of the equation.

    • The religious leaders who are preaching the word of God and serving their communities don't have their own TV shows. They aren't looking for media attention. They are too busy doing God's work. Some of their churches are so small that people don't notice them when they drive by. In other instances– especially the mainline Protestant denominations in abandoned neighborhoods– the church might be a grand old cathedral, but there are only a few dozen regular attendees and they're just praying that the roof will hold up for another year.

      The small, local churches like these are the ones that really could use donations. Or better yet, go to one of those churches and get involved with the work they are doing.

  2. If people are stupid enough to send these phoneys money, Who cares. They are both getting what they want. The phoney is getting money and the fool that sent him the money is getting false hope bestwed upon him.

  3. Everyone has responsibility but those who are wolves in sheep's clothing are especially so. They're predatory

  4. The essence of the Pospetity Gospel is rhetorical twisting of Biblical concepts while preyin on the ignorant. Phrases such as: “Jesus loves me. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to prosper. God the father wants me to find happiness. All ya gotta due is plant the seed of prosperity by tithing.” It all sounds so Biblical, so easy, and so righteous. But so twisted. The Devil sounds so good but he is such a liar! The desire for easy money is the downfall of all greedy fools. And con artist preachers know how to take a fool’s money without remorse.

  5. People in the church are not perfect……….all mature Christian believers understand that……..but I will NEVER trust a worldly news organization to start calling out the sins of individuals in the Church when the world is nothing but a heap of sin, wave after wave after wave!

  6. The only people you need to work hard for is your kids and family. Seriously I don't feel bad for anyone it's 2019 people should know better.

  7. Humanity will be much better served when the majority accept the fact the Bible is based on a fictional 6,000 year-old Earth where Neanderthals never existed. In the real world, most people have some Neanderthal DNA because our human ancestors mated with Neanderthals. But religion still thrives because of its very real attributes for its many powerful, wealthy vested interests i.e. mega cash-cow and powerful tool of political control. Plus, the fact no evidence is required by believers to support religious claims. Tragic for truth, facts, justice, peace, humanity.

  8. how many of these well off ministers are over in the Bahamas right now, giving and helping…Don’t see “Rev” Sharpton and Jesse, so many wealthy complaining movie stars, can they help out. Nope,….too busy only to the places where they gain more wealth and recognition…, nothing new here….

  9. BEST ARTICLE OF THE CENTURY!!! VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE FOR CHRISTIANITY IN OUR TIME. All the way from the UK. The article points out some factors of why most of Generation X , my generation, is misguided. The reason why most of Generation Y (the 20s year olds) do not attend church and why half of Generation Z is committing suicide. The American Dream and the American Way that was preached to us in the 80s and brainwashed us in television programing has blinded my generation and set us up to hoarding greediness and selfishness. Modified faith and modified works. So dangerous. Finally someone wrote an article on this! It happened in my town and sadly I was their greatest victim. Everyone in town know my story. Took advantage of me when I was in my baby steps into getting my life straight with God. This article is a must read. Thats why I do not attend prosperity churches. If I do not attend your church, its not nothing against you for inviting me. It just that I only go to Gid fearing churches that offends my flesh and help me to correct myself. All that prosperity stuff is for people who put their heart into materials. God always provide or let you longsuffer for a reason of divinity purposes. Its okay to have nice things, but God is not an ATM machine. There is a group of 33 churches that made millions off of the poor and vote Corporate Republican. You would be suprise that even one of the most famous black pastors in the world is the same. Just saying. Someone need to start a Christian reform movement to challenge these types of pastors.

    Read this article Shantell North. Its the best article i ever read. We discussed about this in a talk once. You will love this article.

  10. This is all apart of the decline of faith hope and trust in GOD because ppl who claim to be doers and believers are deceiving GODs ppl this has been going on forever it’s time for a spiritual reform take back the pride integrity and power to the ppl who truly believe God and not those who try to use GOD to deceive the ppl who do believe…


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