New Florida Board of Education Chair: “I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”

By Mark Frauenfelder | 2 August 2019
Boing Boing

A surefire way to tell if someone is a liar and/or ignorant about science is if they say a scientific theory is “only a theory,” like it’s a guess or a hypothesis and not a factual framework. That’s exactly what Florida’s new Board of Education chairman, a citrus farmer named Andy Tuck, said about the theory of evolution when he was the vice-chairman:

“As a person of faith, I strongly oppose any study of evolution as fact at all. I’m purely in favor of it staying a theory and only a theory. I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”

Tuck was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott.

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  1. This religious crap has got to stop!

    They refuse to prove their gods – knowing full well that they cannot – so they deflect by attacking the sciences – which have no need of any gods!

    • This atheist crap has got to stop!

      They refuse to prove that god does not exist – knowing full well that they cannot – so they deflect by attacking the religion. Evolution is not a fact and not 100% proven.

      • 1. The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim (i.e. if you claim your god(s) exists, YOU must prove it).

        2. It is not the responsibility of somebody else or an opposing group to disprove your claim.

        3. There are hundreds of thousands of gods offered by various religions, and by your logic you would have to disprove every single one individually,

        4. Every idea, movement, ideology, religion, etc. must be subject to skepticism and scrutiny. If you do not allow others to freely criticize your religion you have no right to criticize their beliefs or lack thereof.

        5. Evolution is a scientific theory, from it is: "a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through experiment or observation". You cannot simply propose a hypothesis or half baked theory and have it readily accepted as fact, it must undergo rigorous study, testing, troubleshooting, criticism, etc. for an adequate amount of time before being defined as scientific theory and even then new scientific discoveries can and will modify the original theory for the sake of truth and honesty, scientists do not dogmatically defend old and outdated data.

      • You christians have the burden of proof. The reason you don't know this is the same reason you don't know evolution has been proven. If you spent a little time reading up on evolution you would discover that it has been proven. DNA

      • For a start, evolution has evidence backed. Secondly, the burden of proof is on people who believe there is a god. You can’t disprove the existence of many things (including all other gods besides the one you worship) but that doesn’t mean they are real.

      • You moron- you just made our point. A theory is something that can’t be proven false. It is something that fits into a framework of facts. Calling something “just a theory” is a stunningly ignorant thing to say. Gravity is a “theory.” It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      • You don’t have to prove a negative: this is how ignorant you and your cult is. Imagine the time it would take to prove that everything that doesn’t exist: doesn’t exist. Your god is not a fact: in fact, no gods are facts and therefore (and for the same reason as Santa and the Easter Bunny) the burden is not on proving that they don’t exist.

        If you could prove your god existed, you would be the very first to do so and “Faith” would not be necessary .

        Science, on the other hand, doesn’t not require faith , since it can be proven and that proof is testable and repeatable .

        Finally. Stop thinking that your doomsday cult should share the stage with Science in Public Schools unless you are willing to concede this to ALL religions and not just yours.

      • Do you subscribe to a belief in any of the following:
        Artemis, Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, Buddha, Horus, Isis?

        We’re all atheists…. I just don’t believe in 1 more god than you.

      • The burden of proof falls on you, how about you tell us what method you used to dismiss all the other gods that exist and have existed and we will put your imaginary friend through the same scrutiny.

    • The Bible says God is love. You must not believe in love either. You can’t prove love exists. It’s just chemicals and physiology, nothing else?
      The love and God I have experienced give me faith/trust it’s real. It’s a choice based on experience and free will. The absence of God is Hate.
      You’re choice.
      Last, proof of God removes free will.

  2. I have no problem teaching the theory of evolution as a theory
    So long as science is taught and explained and students understand the difference between a scientific theory and a fairy story

      • No scientific theories are theories, it doesn’t mean the evidence isn’t overwhelming in its proof. Scientists rarely if ever stage that something is proven but rather they say that evidence supports a particular scientific finding. Theories can be close to fact, but it’s all about the care that science uses to not overstate something that is almost certainly truth and fact as 100% fact. Science is dynamic, rigorous, and careful. Hence the use of “theory” even for almost undoubtedly true phenomena.

    • Just a heads up, but when referring to scientific theory, the word "theory" doesn't actually mean it's a guess, idea, hunch, etc… that's called a hypothesis. Theory is what happens after a hypothesis is peer reviewed, found to be factual, and can't be disproved. In light of that, your statement is kind of embarrassing for you.

  3. I am targeted by FB!

    7 times x30 days immediately following each other,
    FB blocks me stating that I am offending religions
    (3 times within seconds by an algorithm)

    (FB states that it will defend religions automatically for respectful discussions in religions.

    [share this..!]

    ''Action Blocked
    You're temporarily restricted from performing certain actions on Facebook. This is because there's been some unusual activity detected on your account. Your account will be limited until …''

    This is a result of my reporting religious sites for lies, spam and fraud!


    • Encourage folks in Puerto Rico to move to Florida. They're getting no support from this abomination of a government and they can't vote for president… but if they are residents of Florida…

  5. It is, or should be, a moral crime for adults to be able to make decisions for what the children in the schools they control based on their personal beliefs and not what they need to be learning to be able to make it in the world they will have to encounter after graduation. There must be some oversight on this man that is so misguided or it will be the children and society that suffers.

  6. If it was a fact it would be a scientific law, not a theory.
    Strange, a Christian writer beleivng faith/trust can be proven.
    That would remove free will.

    • You do know that in science the word theory has a rather different meaning to that used by the general population? Science works on the basis that people have ideas about how things work which are called hypotheses. If these are supported by being experimentally or observationally validated then they become the accepted basis of science a theory.

      So a scientific theory is established fact. How is the creation 'theory' going?

  7. Please, we are sending undereducated young adults into a world full of science oriented professionals who will laugh them off the hiring charts. Some are schooled in FL from preK thru college, never even given the choice to hear of anything other than evolution theory. Please!

  8. yet another evangelista, spawn of devil worshippers like franklin graham, bakker, jefferss.reed, the beat goes opn.
    will be so much fun watching them roasting in hell forever

  9. Religious people try to undermine evolution by saying its just a theory. Well religion is not even that, come on… A story of the first man made of dirt whose rib was used to make a woman who got duped by a talking snake into eating a magic wisdom apple is probably the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and for someone to claim that is more credible than evolution is hilarious.
    Incidentally it must have been a bit of a shock for the ancient Sumerians when your invisible friend got round to making the heavens and the earth 6k years ago given they had been around for a while and one of their Kings had already drafted many of the religions laws you supposedly attribute to your so called God.

    • Worse yet, the snake was telling the truth: it told Eve she would not die the day she at the fruit of knowledge. The god had told Adam that "in that day he would surely die," yet they each lived hundreds of years. Then the god said that from then on humans would live a maximum of 120 years. And yet, Methuselah.

      The story is showing that the god lied to keep us ignorant and amoral.


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