The Concept of God or the Intelligent Creator Is an Extremely Stupid Concept. Here’s Why

    By Ammad Naeem | 4 May 2019

    Ignorance leads to belief in god and that belief in god leads to further Ignorance.

    Ever since the development of the human brain to a certain intellectual level, the concept of god or a higher being was conceived which gave rise to hundreds of religions. Although the written history of religious text dates back to nearly 5000 years, humans have been worshiping many forms of gods and deities for a much longer time period. And almost all of these gods have been conceived as all knowing and all powerful with unlimited resources and unlimited knowledge.

    But the real question is → Are We Really Living In A Just And Intelligent Design Filled With Properly Distributed Resources?

    The simple answer is No.

    But lets talk more about what could have been improved on this design if lets say a truly intelligent deity with unlimited knowledge and resources had to create it.

    Lets talk about what could have been improved and what flaws this design has.

    1. A Food Chain Based On Suffering & Bloodshed

    If a creator has unlimited resources then why should any creator let its creations be killed to feed some of its other creations. Why involve bloodshed in the food chain when the idea of unlimited resources means one can provide all the creations with food without the need for any bloodshed. At least i would have never done that if i were in this creator’s place. Also, if populations of a certain species are to be controlled then they can easily be controlled by having longer gestation periods, longer intervals between pregnancies and smaller litter sizes. With unlimited designs at hand, a creator could have done better.

    2. Why Let Your Creations Be Eaten Alive

    If letting one’s creations to be killed for food was not enough, many of them are eaten alive in nature. Why would any designer make a design where sentient beings would be eaten alive. Only the worst of designs can have this feature.

    3. Why Bring Horrific Natural Disasters Upon Your Creations

    One other big issue with the current design is the natural disasters that take so many innocent human and animal lives with them. Many of the animal species drown, burn, starve or get buried alive as a result of these disasters.

    4. Why Create Birth Defects

    Every living being should be given a complete and fully functioning body at birth. It is already an injustice that some are born with fully functional bodies while some are born disabled. An intelligent and just design should not have this feature of birth defects.

    5. Why Create A Universe With Trillions Of Galaxies And Not Utilize Them

    Trillions of galaxies spread billions of light years across so that living species can live on a small planet? Makes no sense. What a huge waste of matter and space.

    6. If The Supposed Creator Has Unlimited Resources Then Why Do Animals Die Of Hunger And Thirst In The Wild

    So the supposed creator has unlimited power and unlimited resources. But the reality says the opposite. If the creator has unlimited resources at hand then why do millions of animals die of hunger and thirst in the wild every year. Why would a god waste so much of its unlimited resources to create the unused matter and space in form of galaxies but wont be able to feed its creations properly on time and let them die of starvation. Again not the best of designs.

    In conclusion we can easily say that the concept of all these all-powerful, all-resourceful and all-intelligent gods being conceived throughout history is just a stupid concept created in order to give answers to the difficult questions of philosophy and metaphysics raised by human intelligence.

    Reprinted with permission from the author.

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    1. The reason that stuff if happening is to control overpopulation. And, even though god has made the world, every single human being makes their life the way it is by themselves. Birth defects, punishment for people who did bad things in their previous life and did not regret it. Animals eating other animals, a cycle so the world isn’t full of zebras, deer, lion, and everything else.

      • Overpopulation wouldn't be a problem with unlimited resources. Or with limited resources it could be managed by matching birth and death rates to produce a stable population. We are also talking about other species here, not just humans. Punishing people for things they did in a previous life that they can't even remember? Yeah, that makes sense. Remind your parents to punish you for things you did when you were a kid that you don't remember, and see if that seems fair. You are really grasping at straws with your arguments.

    2. Yes, I have wondered the same thing. There should be some form of nutrient that comes from sunlight or the air (manna) so as humans/creatures aren't as dependent upon their food source. There should also be some forms of prolific nutritious vegetation that grows back very rapidly for both creatures and humans. Predator animals (if there is no away around having them) should have been programmed to kill their prey first instead of eating them alive. I feel sorry for the animals because to me they are like innocent children. Perhaps some birth defects are unavoidable, but as a person who has had to wear glasses since I was 11, I've wondered why it would be permitted that a certain % of the population have bad eyesight – that wouldn't have boded well in times past. Then there is my issue about females as I am one myself. Why is it that animals usually give birth quite easily whereas the human female is at risk in childbirth. I read that childbirth and rotten teeth were the 2 most common causes of death in the past. If propagating life is so important to evolution, then why not improve the chances of mother and baby surviving. Lastly, given the power struggle of the sexes being inevitable, why not give women a little more muscle in their upper body so that she can more easily fight off 'predators' and be seen as at least a little more equal to men.

    3. Uh, one issue: “sentient” beings aren’t being eaten alive.

      As far as we – that is, humans – are aware, humanity is the only species in existence that possesses sentience.


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