Every Christmas tradition is pagan in origin

By Gerald McWilliams | 27 November 2019
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Christmas Tree: It is a 17th-century, pagan, German tradition, of bringing greenery into the home, as a symbol of the spring yet to come.

Yule Log & Mistletoe: The Celts and Gaels burned logs as a druidic solstice ceremony to cleanse the past year and welcome the new. And they gathered mistletoe for the festival of Alban Arthuan (or Yule) ~ First described in writing by Roman historian Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus AD 23 – August 25, AD 79).

Father Christmas or Santa Claus: He is a mashup of the tale of the Turkish Saint Nicholas and the German, Kris Kringle or the Dutch, Sinterklaas.

Midwinter festivals: “If you happen to live in a region in which midwinter brings striking darkness and cold and hunger, then the urge to have a celebration at the very heart of it to avoid going mad or falling into deep depression is very, very strong.” ~ Ronald Hutton, a historian at Bristol University.

Christmas Day: The Bible gives no reference to when Jesus was born. It was marked on at least three different dates: 29 March, 6 January, and sometime in June. It wasn’t until Pope Julius I, in 340 AD, who moved it to 25 December. This was conveniently used to convert pagans, since it coincided with two major pre-Christian festivals: Roman Bacchanalia, or Saturnalia, and various Yule celebrated by the Norse, Gaels, & Celts.

Stockings and Gift-Giving: A mashed up tradition of St. Nicholas tossing coins down the chimney of the needy families and of setting out shoes with hay in so Odin’s horse Sleipnir would leave them treats.

Caroling: It started in Victorian England, every holiday had door-to-door singing well-wishers.

Every, single, Christmas tradition was taken from a pagan tradition or religion. For fun, read about Isis & Horus; Devaki & Krishna; and Anahita & Mithra…all which predate Christianity, and detail immaculate births of a savior. And, 16th Century Protestants in England and New
England even forbade celebrating the holiday.




Reprinted with permission from the author.

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  1. Watching evangelicals could cause people to be atheists I've never seen so much corruption and wickedness, its shocking how people use church and god to hide behind. come out and admit you don't believe you just use it for your own advantage! (money is the root of evil) preachers use god to fill their pockets!!

    • That's people in general; the tory /republican /right-wing base selfishness of human nature, 'Me 1st, fk everyone else' mammon worship- It's genuine Christianity (& other religion's) 'Golden Rules' of Treating others as you'd want to be treated, respect – & that greed is NOT good – which differentiate & elevate them. Religion too often gives God a bad name.
      *It's the LOVE of money is the root of evil' – Tho' doesn't allow for misogyny, racism, ageism, & homophobia – maybe it should be 'love of money, & fear / insecurity are root of all evil'?

  2. You might want to do some more research.

    I'll address just two points.

    The Christmas tree likely came from the Christian reformer Martin Luther who may have been the first to put lit candles on an evergreen tree. This may go back to the tree of paradise from medieval mystery plays, which were Christian.

    "Father Christmas or Santa Claus: He is a mashup of the tale of the Turkish Saint Nicholas and the German, Kris Kringle or the Dutch, Sinterklaas."

    Actually, I believe these all go back to Saint Nicholas who you mentioned, a Christian saint.

    • No. Erecting a tree and decorating it was done by the Pagans and whether Martin Luther started it for the Christians or not, it was still a Pagan tradition first.

      And while Santa Clause gets his namesake from Saint Nicholas, pretty everything about him was taken from the Pagan God Odin.

    • Also theyre incorrect about Santa Clause

      He came from Odin


      Thats how the chain of it went. He also never wore red. Dont quote me on this part but im fairly sure that started with Coca Cola.

      But im sorry to derail your Christian stance. Youre celebrating a Pagan holiday.

      • You are quite right with the Coca Cola link to red clothing. Usually he was in either green or browns, sort of “forest” colours.

      • Christmas has always been celebrated on a pagan holiday. My understanding is that Rome forced the change from one of the longest days of celebration (23rd May) to the shortest pagan holiday (25th December)

  3. Man it’s cool how smart most of you are ! :) simple read, simple bullet points, comments are much more informative lol. I am a believer, but I really wish Christians would stop using the phrase, “reason for the season” just bc it rhymes doesn’t make it true… a lot of hard truths out there about history but we can’t be afraid of information and history. It doesn’t take away from our belief but instead opens the door for more truth and a deeper realization of our faith. #James1
    With love


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