Christian TV Host Rick Wiles: “We Are Going to Impose Christian Rule in this Country”

13 May 2020

Founder of TruNews Pastor Rick Wiles. (Screen grab via Right Wing Watch)

Far-right Christian TV host Rick Wiles, who is deeply anti-Semitic, has declared that Christians are going to take back America from the Jews “and we are going to impose Christian rule”.

Wiles blames Jews for the legalization of abortion in the US and declared that “we would not have abortion in America if it was not for powerful, influential rich Jews in America”.

Right Wing Watch reports:

On Wednesday night’s episode of his “TruNews” program, during which he praised Alabama’s radical new anti-abortion law and warned that those who support reproductive rights will spend eternity being “aborted continuously forever” by demons in Hell, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles also found time to blame Jews for the legalization of abortion in this nation in the first place, declaring that “we would not have abortion in America if it was not for powerful, influential rich Jews in America.”

Wiles returned to that theme on last night’s program, where he read from an op-ed in the Israeli paper Haaretz written by Debra Nussbaum Cohen, in which she argued that Alabama’s law is “a threat to my religious freedom as a Jew … because according to classical Jewish text and most rabbinic interpreters, a developing embryo or fetus is not ‘an unborn child’ or ‘person,’ but has the legal status of an appendage of the pregnant woman. It is part of her body, not a separate person, until the moment that a majority of a viable baby capable of independent life has been born.”

Progressive Secular Humanist has transcribed Wiles’s rant:

We Christians are standing up and pushing out Zionism. That’s what we’re doing. Zionism brought the slaughter of 65 million babies to America and we’re going to end it and we are going to impose Christian rule in this country.

Why are you imposing Judaism on me? Because that’s exactly what’s been done in America since 1973 with Roe v. Wade. Judaism was imposed on me, on my Christian nation and we became a Jewish nation that kills babies. That’s against my Christian beliefs.

Judaism became the law of the land in America. That’s precisely what the courts have ruled. They have based their rulings on the Zohar, on the Talmud, and now we have Zionistic Talmudic law ruling this country and resulting in the death of millions of babies.

We Christians are standing up and we’re telling you that we’re done with Zionism, we’re done with your values. We are going to impose Christian values in America again, whether you like it or not.

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  1. I’m not in any spiritual or religious but I read as much material on all types of faith that I can and probably know more about some doctrines than adherants themselves, there is no point in getting into a debate unless you’re informed. Many people have ‘blind faith’ without having a clue about their full doctrines. From what I have read it would appear most Abrahamic religions including Christianity dont believe a human has a ‘soul’s or viable existence until it has taken its first breath, i.e. The Breath of God. !!!

      • This is historical Christianity – not recent, but it is what was believed.

        Just as Adam and Eve had been fashioned by God, but did not come to life until God breathed life into them, a spirit only entered into a baby when they took their first breath.

        Not did Christianity have a problem with abortion; in fact, causing a woman to abort was a sanctioned punishment for infidelity. A husband who suspected his wife was having sex with another man would take her to the temple, and the priest would make this concoction that she would be forced to drink. If she was unfaithful, she would abort.

        One can say what Christians believe based on what an individual Christian might believe today, but that’s not the same thing as historic Christianity and Christian orthodoxy.

        It goes hand in hand with the myth of biblical marriage being between one man and one woman. Maybe women could be married to one man, but men could have many wives – just about as many as they could pay for, or capture in battle.

  2. Just because there is an abortion clinic in town doesn’t means I have to use it….
    Stop the spread of hate…

  3. You, sir, cannot do that without changing the Constitution. All you can do is vote for candidates who stand for what you believe in.

    First, three very salient points:

    1. Jesus and our Blessed Virgin Mary were Jews!

    2. The United States is a country made up of people of all Faiths, including Jews, Muslims, Christians of many denominations who don’t all interpret scripture in the same way, and more, including those who do not believe in God, and those who do believe but do not belong to or follow any religion.

    The worst possible way to evangelize is to impose a belief on others under the law, as Spain did with the Inquisition, or as China does with Communism and Atheism, or as Muslim countries do.

    3. In the United States, there is not only Freedom of Religion to follow or not follow any Faith, but also a Separation of Church and State.


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