Film made by evangelical leaders warns that the world will end if Trump isn’t reelected

7 July 2020

(Image: YouTube screen capture)

Evangelical and social conservative supporters of President Trump have made a film warning that the world will end if Trump isn’t reelected. It’s called Trump 2024: The World After Trump and it’s “a long political ad to convince gullible religious voters” to re-elect Trump, states LGBTQ Nation.

The conservative Washington Times reports:

Evangelical and social conservative supporters of President Trump are producing a film warning of a “one world government” based on socialism, the rise of the anti-Christ and other end-times calamities if Mr. Trump is not reelected in November.

“Trump 2024: The World After Trump” features interviews with a diverse group of Christian and conservative commentators, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the Rev. Franklin Graham, syndicated columnist Star Parker and Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, among others.

On Monday, the Christian movie company Resurrection Pictures released a trailer for the film and announced a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to distribute the movie to as many as 1,500 theaters in “key markets” nationwide.

Resurrection Pictures calls the film a “who’s who of Trump-affiliated Evangelicals and other conservative commentators to reveal in their own words why they prefer President Trump”.

And from the Kickstarter crowdfunding site:

America is at a tipping point. What will our country become in 2024 if Trump is re-elected, what will it become if he isn’t? It’s up to you…

Hear from the incredible conservative and faith leaders that are on the front lines fighting daily to keep America the greatest country on earth. Releasing fall of 2020 with your support, this powerful new documentary examines the Trump presidency and how our country and the world have been influenced and impacted by his unwavering determination to keep the United States a prosperous, free and sovereign nation.

Socialists, globalists, anarchists, and those with hatred for our country are dismantling America’s liberties. They are forcefully silencing our voice in religious, economic, and corporate realms around the world. They are calling for the downfall of the United States at any cost.

William Harrity, the founder of Resurrection Pictures, says, “Donald Trump’s supporters, especially evangelicals, are tired of others pontificating about why we prefer Trump. They’re tired of bigoted activists blaming them for everything from the coronavirus to America’s long struggle with race. So we decided to create a motion picture to allow many of the leading voices of evangelicalism and conservatism in America to say in their own words why they overwhelmingly support President Trump and will continue to do so.”

Here’s a 4.5-minute preview, warning of the rise of socialism and other calamities should Trump not be reelected.

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  1. This entire article is a logical fallacy, a strawman argument: presenting a misrepresented claim and attacking that, as if you were attacking the actual claim. The film does not present a case from the evidence available that the world will end if Trump is not re-elected in 2020. The film is Literally titled Trump 2024, it’s about what the world will look like after Trump, regardless if he is re-elected or not. It’s a warning (whether you agree with it or not) about the advent of globalization, and how Trump has temporarily halted it, but how it may continue after Trump, regdrdless if he is re-elected or not.

  2. Are they on drugs or what? He is disliked by many retired generals, loved by despots such a Putin and Kim Jong Un. He has hoodwinked so many Americans. The evangelicals present a clear and present danger to America. They need to be stopped.

  3. None of the “Christians” in this article remotely resemble Christ or the road he traveled.
    These “Christians” worship an idol and put him before the Lord.


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