Catholic priest says Democrats are going to hell – and Texas bishop endorses him

9 September 2020

Bishop Joseph Strickland. (YouTube screen grab)

A video by a Wisconsin priest in which he condemns Democrats as “godless” and warns Catholics not to vote for them has gained the approval of a Texas bishop. Newsweek reports:

A Texas bishop has backed a Wisconsin priest’s claims that Catholics who support the Democrats are going to hell due to the party’s “godless platform.”

James Altman of St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse said, in a message since viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube, that those who back the Democrats should repent or “face the fires of hell.”

He referenced “godless politicians” and said the Catholic church is a “moral power,” which justified him commenting upon political issues if lawmakers acted in an “immoral way.”

“Here is a memo to clueless baptized Catholics out there: You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period,” Altman said in the video posted on 30 August. “The party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches, so just quit pretending that you’re Catholic and vote Democrat. Repent of your support of that party and its platform or face the fires of hell.”

Among the other claims in the video, Altman says no real Catholics voted for Barack Obama and that Catholic church leaders are “hypocrites” and “gutless cowards” for not getting more involved in politics and taking a stronger stance against certain issues.

Bishop Joseph Strickland, who heads the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, tweeted his endorsement of Altman’s statement.

“As the Bishop of Tyler I endorse Fr Altman’s statement in this video. My shame is that it has taken me so long. Thank you Fr Altman for your COURAGE. If you love Jesus & His Church & this nation…pleases HEED THIS MESSAGE.”

Fr. James Altman: You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period.

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  1. As I read what the LaCrosse bishop stated, that Fr. Altman’s points were basically true, it was in how he chose to make his point in a divisive manner, I took the Bishop to mean that what Fr. Altman said was okay, but HOW he said it was not. I couldn’t disagree more! We all know what a morally bankrupt person DJT is. How the church can condone his actions for the sake of possibly (and I do say possibly because the abortion rate was lowest under the Obama admin. when Planned Parenthood was helping to educate women about their health and birth control options) eliminating abortions is hypocritical at best. Religion has been co-opted into organized, institutionalized faith. Time to take out the middle men who focus on money making. Have a one to one relationship with God by living the golden rule: do onto others as you would have done onto you.

  2. When does religion have to do with politics. The Catholic Church needs to stay out of it, they are too many hypocrites that say one thing and do the opposite. I can’t believe that they want you to vote for a man that cheats on his wife. What happened to the ten commandments.

    • Yes. People of religious beliefs will do anything for their religion like preach it, die for it -everything but actually LIVE their religion and it’s beliefs.

  3. I walked out in 2008 when they told us a vote for Obama would be mortal sin. Mortal bullsh*t…for a priest to be preaching politics. I havent returned since, and pray at home instead.

  4. As Catholic I am so offended by the way these 2 priests are talking to us. I don’t know if Jesus ever told us to keep cheating on our spouses and others like Trump has been doing. He never told us to be selfish and self centered like Trump is. He never told us to cruel to each other like Trump is. He never thought us to hate & dehumanize the poor like Trump is doing right now. Jesus himself was welcoming and help those people. Jesus himself was at so many occasions an illegal immigrant. What is Trump doing right now to illegal immigrants? Put them in cages, separate them from their kids, put those kids in cages as well. What refusing to address racial injustice that brought protesters on the streets, but keeps talking about the few riots that resulted from the protests? And the list goes on and on with those endless lies. If what Trump is doing is what you call Catholic, then I will no longer be a Catholic because that that’s not what Jesus teachings are. He wants to “LOVE” each other. Not HATE each other. How can you cast some of your countrymen as your enemies as Trump keeps saying on TV about journalists, Democrats, Muslims and Immigrants. So shameful
    I am disgusted.


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