challenging religious privilege in public life



How better education has built a more secular Britain

The current British education system values critical thinking. The acceptance of something “just because” is not enough.

Religious Group Speaks Up for Secular Freedom on Abortion

When clergy gather at an abortion clinic, it’s usually in protest. Rarely are they inside the clinic to bless the procedures that happen there.

From Commonplace to Controversial: The Different Histories of Abortion in Europe and the US

For most of Western history, aborting an early pregnancy was considered a private matter controlled by women and was not a crime.

Both Parties May Prove Open Border Advocates as DACA Debate Looms

40 million people voted for Donald Trump, many of whom a few decades earlier would have been card-carrying union members.

National Prayer Breakfast: What does its history reveal?

The National Prayer Breakfast has grown steadily over the years – from 400 attendees to close to 4,000.

Revisiting the legacy of Jerry Falwell Sr. in Trump’s America

Falwell Sr. reached to groups that were in agreement with the conservative, pro-family, racial agenda of the Moral Majority.

“Losing the Abortion Wars”

The abortion rights movement must insist that the anti-abortion-rights forces are engaging in Religious Authoritarianism, before it is too late.

What Do Men Have To Do With Women’s Reproductive Rights?

Here is one reason we need men on board: millions of women report not using contraceptives because of their husbands.

From censorship by government to censorship by terrorism

The west has a long history of people getting into serious trouble for speaking ill of objects of religious veneration, even before Christianity.

The Catholic Church and its Hypocritical Approach to Politics

America has been moving in a dangerous divided direction, in large part because of the politicians the Church has supported.