challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump’s Vast Incumbency Advantages For Reelection In November

It will not be easy to overcome the incumbent's natural advantage and his willingness to use any means to gain his 2nd term.

Biden could rise to greatness by recognizing COVID-19’s urgent significance: the looming danger of overpopulation

Biden could point out that without offering all women the right to regulate their fertility we are on the precipice of world disorder.

Lessons from Ethnicity

The massive cooperative diversity of US reaction to our viral crisis should give renewed verity to Winston Churchill's definition of democracy.

Six Reasons Why Humans Should Return to the Moon

Let’s take a look at some prime examples of how humanity’s expected return to the lunar surface could help life here on Earth.

The Ides of March

Does COVID-19 mark another turning point for the world? And, if so, in what direction are we heading?

Frequently Asked Questions on the Ethics of Lifespan and Healthspan Extension

Is life extension theoretically and technologically possible? Is it desirable for the individual and society? What actions should we take?

As Population Expands, Techies Beware As AI and Big Data Could Take Your Job Away

The supposition that techies are going to be okay is belied by an article which appeared in Electronic Engineering Magazine recently.

Is It Too Soon to Consider Genome Sequencing for Newborns?

Parents and clinicians have their own ideas about newborn genome sequencing. How much weight, if any, should patients’ perceptions carry?

Why Nobel laureate David Baltimore doesn’t support moratorium on CRISPR babies

Do you envision a day when gene editing will be safe and effective enough to use for germline modifications? Baltimore: I do.

How Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact You

Would you rather take a chance on riding the wave of technology to success or ignoring it and risk being left behind?