challenging religious privilege in public life



How Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact You

Would you rather take a chance on riding the wave of technology to success or ignoring it and risk being left behind?

Resist, persist and take the long view

Here’s the thing: We actually are making progress on abortion. There are signs, for example, that religion is diminishing as an oppositional force.

The Forgotten Father of the Abortion Rights Movement

Bill Baird's aggressive, often illegal form of activism can teach a new generation about combating anti-abortion forces.

Possible Futures: Exploring Deepfake and Neuralink

Two recent articles highlight the dilemma faced in this era of rapid innovation: the potential to enhance humanity, and the opportunity to diminish it.

Could climate change fuel the rise of right-wing nationalism?

Two trends have defined the past decade and both have been on display at this year’s session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Has AI ethics got a bad name?

It might help if instead of talking about Artificial Intelligence ethics, we talked about beneficial AI, and AI safety.

The word Church can define our pending human demise

The trends are clear and the evidence mounts that human survival at population numbers now present will prove highly unlikely!

Trump Continues His Assault On Poor Women

The Trump administration has punched a massive hole in the US family planning programme by driving out many health care providers.

Anti-ageing drugs are coming – an expert explains

It has recently been suggested that humans could live to 150 by 2020 simply by taking a certain supplement.

How a Generic Abortion Pill Could Revolutionize Abortion

For women who want to get around their state’s telemedicine abortion bans, there may be another option.