challenging religious privilege in public life



Brain-machine interfaces as a challenge to the “moment of singularity”

We cannot flee the challenge of delaying or avoiding Ray Kurzweil's prediction. We must embrace it. That is our responsibility.

Is Immortality Possible?

If you define immortality as living forever and being indestructible like in a comic book, then, no, it is highly unlikely.

The most incredible technology you’ve never seen

How are we as a species going to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence can do more even than our best minds?

The Supposed Dangers of Techno-Optimism

There is no risk-free way to proceed into the future. In the end, only science and technology properly applied have the power to save us.

5 Lies About Abortion – and the Truth Behind Them

To win the rhetoric war, the left must continue to push back against the right’s lies. Forced birthers have never cared about human lives.

America’s Functional Atheism

Fundamentalists are shriveling to an unappetizing fringe, while the rest of America increasingly lives by functional atheism.

What we know about abuse by clergy – for starters, gay priests are not the problem

Catholic leaders have variously blamed homosexuals, a modern culture of excessive sexual liberty, or even the child victims themselves.

When I Am Eighty-Five

The major causes of age-related death today will be largely controlled and cured in the 2050s, at least for those in wealthier regions.

How socialism helped to seed the landscape of modern religion

Early socialists sought to create a ‘synthesis’ of religion, science and philosophy to counter the Enlightenment.

AI Built for the Future Exploration of Space

Being weak and fragile, it stands to reason that sending AIs to do the looking for us saves both time and blind hope.