challenging religious privilege in public life



Life on Mars? Will we find it? Will we colonize the Red Planet?

The planet Mars has been the focus of two ambitious projects: the search for life forms native to the planet and human colonization.

We Embrace the Greedy Food Miracle at Our Peril

This growth is a form of madness engineered by greed not charity. But if this unsustainable growth collapses, everyone loses.

Body part regeneration: How science can make the jump from fantasy to reality

Regenerative medicine is promising and exciting to hear about, but reports on limb regrowth should be taken with caution.

History Accounts for the Children

Whether we admit it or not, our government's immigration policies condone an immoral callousness against migrant children.

‘Rebooting the brain’: Our fight to bring people back from the dead

A striking feature of medicine over the past few centuries has been our growing ability to bring people back from the "dead".

Econogenomics: The Economics of Genomic Testing for Health

Suppose you could buy your health by the day. How much would you be willing to pay for each year of perfect health?

Powerful Religions Need Their Secular Power Eliminated With Women Leading The Charge

The defrocking of religious power will be the primary job of future generations. If we fail to do that the results will be disastrous.

Human gene editing is too transformative to be guided by the few

We are not remotely ready for what’s coming. Yet we must be, to optimise the benefits and minimise the potential harms of genetic technologies.

Gene editing of human embryos

Although repairing embryos is yet another step forward in a miraculous and ever-accelerating genetic revolution, it is only the beginning.

Sign the Real Fix to Save the Earth Petition

Tens of thousands of women have been studied leading to scores of peer reviewed scientific articles that attest to the QS method’s safety and efficacy.