challenging religious privilege in public life



National Security Study Memorandum 200: World Population Growth And U.S. Security

President Nixon understood the grave dangers of high rates of population growth – more than any other president.

Papal Power: U.S. Security Population Directive Undermined by Vatican with ‘Ecumenism’ A Tool

In an earlier article appearing in this journal, I described why the very survival of papal authority is threatened by population growth control...

How the Laser Happened: Adventures of a Scientist

Excerpt from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Charles Townes's book, "How the Laser Happened: Adventures of a Scientist".

Brain and Visual Perception: The Story of a 25-Year Collaboration

Excerpt from Nobel Prize winners David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel's book, "Brain and Visual Perception: The Story of a 25-Year Collaboration".

Embryos, Cloning, Stem Cells, and the Promise of Reprogramming

Excerpt from Nobel Prize-winning cancer biologist Harold Varmus's book, "The Art and Politics of Science".

Climate Change, Free Markets and the Cold War Legacy

Environmental deterioration is driven by economic activity, so we must consider if there is a fundamental flaw in our economic system.