challenging religious privilege in public life



An ecologically sustainable future requires addressing both population and consumption

Changing the 'status quo' to properly address both growth in human population and consumption is a difficult challenge.

The lugubrious time of life

We are now in what might be dubbed the lugubrious age - defined here as a sorrowful time for many places in the world.

Startling progress in brain simulation

Brain simulation is the idea of imitating and hopefully emulating the natural brains connections and processes using a computer-based model.

A philosophical quest for our biggest problems

The first big problem is death. Roughly 90 percent of everybody who has been alive has died by now.

How to address the world population crisis

Women around the world would like either to have no more children or not to have more children in the next couple of years.

How FDA Keeps Safe Birth Control Options From Women

The FDA has arbitrarily impeded a well proven, safe way for women to do very early medical abortions in the privacy of their own homes.

Human-animal hybrids are coming and could be used to grow organs for transplant – a philosopher weighs in

Is the use of human-animal hybrids to resolve the perpetual lack of organs for transplant the right thing to do?

Population growth, pollution and global warming need more cooperation, less hate

What present US Presidential candidate could possibly lead us in the direction of more cooperation not less?

Women Have Fought to Legalize Reproductive Rights for Nearly Two Centuries

Women beginning in the 1840s openly deplored women’s subjugation before the law - which, of course, was created and deployed by men.

Respect “The Population Bomb”

Some people feel that our planet has unlimited resources, and that our greatest resource is people - thus, the more humans, the better.