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Investigation: U.S. Catholic Church Dumped Predator Priests in Mexico

The Catholic Church allowed or aided dozens of priests to serve abroad as priests after being credibly accused of abuse in the United States.

Inside the Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing to Reelect Trump

UIP was crucial to Trump's evangelical vote in 2016, and promises to be one of the most vital weapons in his reelection arsenal this year.

Taxpayers fund schools that deny evolution, endorse slavery and indigenous genocide

These are not crazy ideas; these are lessons from textbooks and workbooks being taught as facts in private and charter schools.

Right Wing Hate Group Urges Churches To Reopen

The Liberty Counsel, a religious-right hate group, has launched a campaign calling on churches to open again on Sunday, May 3.

The real victims of the COVID-19 pandemic: conservative evangelical leaders, apparently

A core premise of the evangelical far right is, after all, that they are oppressed. They are more oppressed than anyone else.

Endless growth is planetary suicide

Coronavirus has given us Mother Nature’s verdict and we better embrace it or face even worse continuing situations in future.

The conservative lurch toward propagandism and conspiracy theory now turns deadly

There are specific demographics that appear to be especially resistant to public health advice during a crisis. We will call them the Fox News demographic.

The worst right-wing conservative Christian responses to the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the response of right-wing conservative Christians is outrageously damaging.

In times of climate crisis, how many children should you have?

The duty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions places a limit on the number of children that one can have.

The racist origins of the ‘pro-life’ abortion movement they never talk about

The pro-life movement has been very good about hiding its racist origins. That's because it exposes the true goal of the movement.