challenging religious privilege in public life



Regulation Too Often Shackles the Hands of Innovators

The sad fact of the matter is that those most interested in the regulatory process tend to be motivated by politics and ideology.

Lab-Grown Mini Kidneys Are Bringing Science Closer to Custom Organs

Tiny versions of perfect custom organs are already serving as useful research tools and stepping stones toward full-fledged replacements.

UN Planetary Conference Time?

Be assured that an increasing number of the nearly 8 billion humans alive today know something is desperately wrong with Planet Earth.

Norman Borlaug’s 1970 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Warning Us About The Urgent Need For Population Limitation

Borlaug's wise advice should continue to challenge us to ensure birth control supplies and early access for young women to education.

Religious beliefs shape our thinking on cloning, stem cells and gene editing

It is difficult to examine society’s acceptance or rejection of key biotech developments without considering the role played by major religions.

The 47th State Panacea or Perversion

We have the technology to potentially add a 47th chromosome. The implications are enormously consequential.

Creating Superman (and woman): Who benefits from human enhancement?

From any combination of a number of approaches, real-life human enhancement is looking ever more achievable.

The Catholic Church and contraception

Much of the papal document Humanae Vitae was written by the future pope John Paul II, and Paul VI later came to regret the text.

Genome Sequencing for Healthy People: Is it Time?

More of us are asking this question: why not also use genome sequencing to help seemingly healthy people screen for all sorts of conditions?

Building a Positive Genetic Future for All

Human genetic science is one of the most important advancements of our time, but the benefits of these technologies could be overwhelmed by fear.